Watch the Kibble…

Here is a webcam of KIbble Palace glasshouse in Glasgow’s Botanic gardens being dimantled and removed for cleaning.
The Kelvin runs through the botanic gardens.

I am looking forward to it finishing , it was always a nice sleepy place


The otter surprise……

A rather nice article from Scotland on Sunday

My self-diagnosed minor ailment seems to affect the unfortunate angler when grayling fishing is on the wane, the chance of a spring salmon is relatively remote, and when the start of trout fishing remains tantalisingly out of reach

Reads like poetry!!

Stuck with yer Knots!!!

If you only know 2 knots like me then this little web page might be of help

Orvis Knots

Angler stuck in mud to his neck

An angler who became stuck in mud which rose up to his neck is being treated in hospital for hypothermia



I know there is a line of code at the top of the page, I am working out where it is coming from ie i have asked someone. If you refresh the page you will allso see different header pictures…….oh and if you use firefox and hover over the word kelvin you will see a picture of my face….its just something in testing out!

Wild trout or stocked trout?

Here is a post from a forum I frequent
It was made by a gentleman called John Gray who has a website over at Grays of Kilsyth
Essentially it seems like the little problem at AGMs also effects other clubs…….here is Johns post in full

The dangers of introducing farmed trout into wild waters

This subject was debated recently at the AGM of the Allan Water Angling Improvement Association, following a letter from fisheries biologist Dr Colin Bull, an association member, in which he expressed the opinion that the stocking of farmed fish into the River Allan was detrimental to native stocks, migratory fish and the river in general.

I believe that there are very few circumstances where the introduction of farmed trout into a river or loch can be justified. Such an introduction may be necessary, for example, where a river is recovering from an incidence of severe pollution that may have wiped out the natural stock. In general, though, in a healthy river with a good stock of wild fish, artificial stocking is likely to be counter-productive and might, in the long term, have a serious, and perhaps irreversible……………………

Read the full post here

Colin Bull incidentally is a a biologist specialising in salmon issues. He was also on the infamous Trout n About programe about the Kelvin.

I think that work done in conservation on the Kelvin is essential in its continual improvement and regeneration. As it is noone seems to bother much about it. It appears that most of the anglers that fish it only want to catch big stockies and be damned with any consequences.

A shame!

The River Why!

Looks like an interesting book.


Since its publication by Sierra Club Books nearly two decades ago, The River Why has become a classic, standing with Norman Maclean’s A River Runs Through It as the most-read fiction about fly-fishing of our era. Duncan’s protagonist, Gus Orviston, is an irreverent young flyfisherman – a vibrant character who makes us laugh easily and feel deeply, and who speaks with startling truth about the way we live. Leaving behind a madcap, fishing-obsessed family, Gus embarks on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery along his beloved Oregon rivers. What he unexpectedly finds is man’s wanton destruction of nature and a burning desire to commit himself to its preservation. The River Why is a tale that gives a contemporary voice to the concerns and hopes of all living things on this beautiful, watery planet. It is the story of one man’s search for meaning, for love, and for a sane way to live.

Another one to add to the list !

Out of my mind. Back in five minutes

For some stress relief I had a gander through some of my old posts. After all this blog is a diary for myself to remind me of nice times in the past…
He He….jeepers…I mind that hot day I was stuck doon a ditch…or the day everything just seemed to go right and I caught a lovely lovely brownie on the dry fly…. here it is
Aaaahhhhhh a better time, a better time!!
I must go down to the river at some point and see if my name is still carved into the tree ….it should still be there unless someone has spraypainted over it or burned it down.

Awwwww bless. I have not seen one of these for a while!
burnt oot car

Ahhhh, they are like old friends now!!

Forest walking machine (2)!!

You might remember a while back I posted about a forest walking machine and how badly I wanted one. Well there is pretty much no way that I could afford to get one but there is something I could get..
Yes, its a mini walking machine. They only cost a tenner as well. I say only as if I actually have ten bucks.

Some more photos!! Loch Lomond

As ever when I go out for a wander and take some photos I always end up showing some here.
Here is a picture of a rather nice fallen tree on one of the little beaches on Loch Lomond

and here is a washed up log…
we found lots of things actually. There was a dingy that had burst and washed up as well as a divers foot sock thing.

I put up more phots here if you are interested

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