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On a similar theme to the last post I see I have just sped past the 10000 visitor mark. That is 10000 unique visitors, not to be confused with “hits” which can essentially be just a bot bumping into your site 🙂

Thats against ::Total Page Hits: 28948 in the last couple of months!

Seeing as how I have just discovered I am dyslexic its a wonder that any of you actually understand anything that I write !

Hey WOwzers!!

Just noticed that this little blog is sitting at number 30 of the top 100 blogs with regards to total hits from blogpatrol.


A stat post!!

Another one of thos posts where I tell you how people get here from the search engines

Last 20 searches to get here::

26/03/2005 11:33:47
fly fishing for carp (Yahoo)

26/03/2005 10:58:06
kylie glasgow (Google)
26/03/2005 10:05:47
hummingbird Smartcast (Netscape)
26/03/2005 09:33:38
“Czech Nymphing” (Google)
26/03/2005 09:07:27
fly tying storage (Google)
26/03/2005 08:33:45
Jamie Olivers 15 restaurant (Google)
26/03/2005 07:47:26
wild trout (Google)
26/03/2005 06:50:23
kelvin fowl (Yahoo)
26/03/2005 04:41:52
vision flyfishing (Google)
26/03/2005 04:37:44
fishing in glasgow (Google)
26/03/2005 04:34:21
jamie oliers restaurant (Google)
26/03/2005 01:27:40
kirki (Google)
26/03/2005 01:03:18
GSm@rt D35 (Google)
26/03/2005 00:55:43
kylie in glasgow (Google)
25/03/2005 20:12:14
gm flyfishing (Google)
25/03/2005 17:56:44
2005 season trout pictures uk (Google)
25/03/2005 17:07:14
bob wyatt fly fishing (Google)
25/03/2005 17:02:03
flyfishing (Google)
25/03/2005 16:39:20
Hugh Falkus (Google)
25/03/2005 16:23:47
jamie olivers restaurants (Google)

New Gierach Book!!

There is a new Gierach Book!! out……..


Looks very very nice, over the winter his books make you want to tie flies, grow a beard and fish bamboo!!


As soon as I posted that I may go fishing this week for the first time this season the rain started.

Typical……..bloody typical!!

I’m not a complete idiot — some parts are missing


Red wine, lovely…..I seem to be going through bottles of the stuff lately, it’s like rocket fuel (you will get that joke I you actually LIVE in Glasgow)
Anyway, the old emails from people seem to have trailed off from the usual suspects in the last month or so, I can only imagine that you are all busy fishing or something…..or quite possibly I have been making no sense whatsoever.

I am off for the next week and will be having my first session down the Kelvin. I do not think I will try out my new little six foot rod until there is actually going to be fish rising……much more fun that way. I am also trying to decide whether to over line it with a 4 weight line for the much closer work that I envisage.

Populour Fly Tiers…

Flies you just dont want to fish!!

Some peoples flies just look too good to fish!! It made me think what makes a populour fly tier. In the states you have people like AK Best who are obviously masters at what they do but when it comes to the UK I was trying to work out how many there actually are. The first two that immediatly spring to mind are Charles Jardine and Oliver Kite.
I watched Charles Jardine at two demonstrations now at a fly tying club I drop in and out of and he is very very good I must say….certainly full of the patter. I didnt manage to catch Oliver Kite however.
Someone who in years to come will become to be one of those tyers who will build up a big reputation is going to be Roy Christie. He usually posts under the name of “reversed parachutes” on the various boards that he visits. he calls himself reversed parachutes for a very obvious reason……..he um reverses his….er parachutes!
Here is his Avon Special….
Avon special

have a look at this mating midge…

parachute mating midge

A nice article by Roy can be read over at sexyloops

For more flies by Roy Christie head over here !!!!

Kylie is in Glasgow!

It is a lovely day. It is warm outside and if I was at the river I could probably catch a trout on the dry fly. I am pretty sure there would have been a hatch of flies at around miidday. Instead I had to clean out all the junk that has accumulated over the last 7 years. Moved heavy wardrobes and beds just to be told that they must go back to the same place as before!!
This is probably the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far and it is probably something to do with Kylie being in town

Oh its darkish now…….I think red wine is called for!

New Season, new Stuff Dammit!!

So the new season has now started and new stuff had to be bought. First of all I have ditched my system of using a tapered braided leader and will now be using a tapered nylon leader and will stick with it. Secondly I went out tonight and bought myself another fly box, a rather cool lightweight simple one from the Glasgow Angling Centre (more on THAT in a moment). Thirdly I have had to sadly buy myself another pair of polaroids. You might remmember how exited I was with my last pair of sunglasses but sadly they got rather squashed in my bag and and are now as they say in the trade “squinty”. So I bought a nice new pair from GAC for the princely sum of 15 bucks. They fit rather nice actually and they are good for low light conditions, well it says “average” light on the little lable so that is good enough for me. I was going to take a picture of myself in them but the old ball n chain told me to take them off.

I kinda sorted through all my flies into two piles…….flies I use and flies I might use. I then took the one fly that I do actually use all the time and stuck it somewhere safe. I then noticed that I have around 20 variations of that fly in different sizes with darker or lighter body hair. First person that guesses what it is gets to pick me up, go fishing with me and then buy me a pint at the end of the day

Oh yea, bought a house as well. Was getting a bit panicky there as we had been looking at houses that were not within walking distance of the river. However we are now buying a house that is within casting distance of where I am sitting just now. Well, I mean casting distance if you were one of those pretty amazing power casters that can cast into the middle of a reservoir and still somehow manage to be just out of reach. Not the kind of caster who like me can manage maybe 15 feet away and is not in fact up a tree, in a bush or on an irate dog walker.

Here is a picture of a lovely little piece of the river I like trundling a fly down for no other reason than to slow down the page loading…
little bit

Nice Box!!

Here is a real nice fly tying storage box on ebay

Remmember what I said about REAL men MAKING their fly tying boxes……..Ta DA!!!!!


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