Not long now!

A couple of weeks left trout fishing, the weather has grown cold and I will be starting a new job shortly as well. I would like to say that I will be fishing every day until the season closes but I doubt it as wedding plans are being made (and seemingly I have to do a lot more). This week I want to get down to the Kelvin at least a couple of times and to one of the tributaries at least once. At this time of year you should be expecting trout moving up river into the tributaries so sport should be pretty good.

I am also thinking of having a bash at catching a Salmon on the fly (if any are actually surviving) at the tail end of the season, I would be grateful of anyone out there that fishes for Salmon on the Kelvin (without a net and a pair of flippers) to tell me how productive they are.

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  1. IAIN · September 25, 2005

    I fish for salmon on the clyde, I know you were looking for some info on fly fishing for salmon on the Kelvin, but if any of this is any use to you then great(if not just ignore it).
    This season on the clyde (i fish at daldowie crem) June and july were very quiet I didnt catch a thing. However August was great, 12 fish all on the fly, mostly grilse averaging around 4-5lb , september has been poor (probably due to the well known problems with fish deaths)
    But Friday there i got a 15lb cock fish which was coloured and thus returned alive (i killed one fish this year but have returned the rest)
    The way i fish for salmon is fairly unconventional, as the river is narrow there is no need to cast across and down to give a natural presentation as you would do for a trout.(what is natural to a salmon as they dont feed in the river? ). What i do is pick a run which has fast water running into a slower deeper stretch , cast upstream into the fast water with a tube style fly (red or yellow if the water is clear. black if its coloured) and strip back as quick as you can.

    Works for me
    Or failing that flying c’s do the trick as well if you want to up your chances

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