River Test on Ebay

Cant decide whether this is a hoax or not!

World Reknowned River Test, Fishing Rights for Lease

The River Test, an internationally famous fishing river, and the longest of Hampshire’s rivers, enters the borough at Longparish and runs some 20 miles southward, through Stockbridge and Romsey, until it leaves the borough at Redbridge on the outskirts of Southampton, flowing into Southampton Water and the Solent.

Fishing Small Streams with a Fly Rod

Another good looking book!!


Being “over the hill” is much better than being under it!

Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant ……out for a jog with fit better half…..Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…..along the canal tow path…..Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…..I feel bad, my legs are all wobbly……Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…..I look at the canal looking for places I would stop and fish if I were after Pike….Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant……I think I’m going to die, my chest hurts and my face must be red…..Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…”come on come on your slowing down” yells my better half……Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant……There are two guys in front of me, walking towards me, carrying fishing rods…… Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant……..need to keep going…….Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…lucky bastards, using plugs as well….Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…..we draw within looking distance of each other…..there is a moment!!!!! A moment of clear headedness as our eyes met!! A telepathic connection if you will……….

# you should be out fishing mate, do you realise that you look as if you are about to fall over any moment……look at me strolling along ….will probably be catching me some nice Pike later….take a photo and smoke a cigar!!

% aha yes my good man, I am actually a brother of the angle, but I seem to be carrying a slight gut at the present moment in time I am not really one of these obsessive fitness freaks…..I understand the call of the wild and the way the water hypnotises you as it glitters in this springiest evening sun.

# and the call tonight is strong brother, the water is warming and the Pike are moving, enjoy your run

% yegads, I must continue my run and not slow down or I may be drawn into a fishy conversation……may you catch plenty of large Pike, and may you have the same amount of cuts on your fingers as before.

Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant ……….that’s me ten minutes into the jog, only 20 more to go Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant Puff Pant…

Two guys out for a fish in the local canal….after Pike….lovely night. Walking between spots a women jogs by and then a bloke. Bloke looks at them with a pained expression and then jogs on………….one guy turns to the other and says “that guy should relax more……should take up fishing”
“true” says the other!!

Who should I vote For?

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

Labour -9
Conservative -46
Liberal Democrat 72
UK Independence Party -25
Green 48

You should vote: Liberal Democrat

The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

Birthday !!

Its my birthday on Monday. Not doing anything major like last year maybe just going out for a wee meal and a bottle of nice red wine or something. Red Wine……yummy. Funny though…..I have started a bit of a gin and tonic thing the last month or so as well!!

For the sake of my sister here is the page that contains my amazon wishlist

Lobster ‘front’ targets fisherman

A BBC story about an animal rights group that targets a lobster fisherman.

A fisherman has become the latest victim of an animal rights group targeting the Dorset lobster industry.

Former soldier Nick Ford, who has worked out of Kimmeridge Bay for 17 years, has had his nets slashed.

A group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front has since claimed it was behind the Easter Sunday attack.

The group declared “war” on the industry last summer. A police spokesman said the attacks threatened “little fishermen’s” livelihoods.

Read the full story here


Just for fun I entered myself into the OSSCAS competition . = Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards.

Here is a little blurb

There are so many competitions going on around the place that are focussed on design and layout that we thought it might be a good idea to do a backflip, twist to the left and jump down the road of content as opposed to design.

So without further ado, we present the Organic Shadows SITE CONTENT Awards, hereby known as the OSSCAS

What the F$CK we hear you say….

Yes that’s right, we are only interested in content. This may include images of course because some content is hinged on graphical inclusion, but how it is presented does not interest us one iota.

Lets face facts, I pretty much knew I was never going to win any awards for design……yes, yes very droll I can hear you muttering about the crap content as well but seeing as how I have the only actuall fly fishing diary/blog in the competition I may win something by default!!

The winners are announced towards the end of the week.

A poem I remember !

‘Visiting Hour’
by Norman McCaig

The hospital smell
combs my nostrils
as they go bobbing along
green and yellow corridors.

What seems a corpse
is trundled into a lift and vanishes

I will not feel, I will not
feel, until
I have to.

Nurses walk lightly, swiftly,
here and up and down and there,
their slender waists miraculously
carrying their burden
of so much pain, so
many deaths, their eyes
still clear after
so many farewells.

Ward 7. She lies
in a white cave of forgetfulness.
A withered hand
trembles on its stalk. Eyes move
behind eyelids too heavy
to raise. Into an arm wasted
of colour a glass fang is fixed,
not guzzling but giving.
And between her and me
distance shrinks till there is none left
but the distance of pain that neither she nor I
can cross.

She smiles a little at this
black figure in her white cave
who clumsily rises
in the round swimming waves of a bell
and dizzily goes off, growing fainter,
not smaller, leaving behind only
books that will not be read
and fruitless fruits.

Who to vote for? 2

I have found a Tory stance on angling……..youwill need the pdf acrobat reader

Using IE ?getting a funny error messege?

If you are using IE and are getting this messege

a runtime error has occured
Do you wish to debug?
error:’google ad client’ is null or not an an object”

It is not a problem with the blog it is in fact a problem with Explorer. I use firefox so never noticed it. To fix it you need to go to Internet Options > Advanced and change “Disable Script debugging” box!

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