Brown Trout Habitat

Was browsing a forum when I came across a post about this report . It is all about trout conservation and really emphasises habitat over stocking.
It gives and example of the three categories that can cause threats to populations of brown trout: harvest, stocking and Environmental degradation. Essentially the Kelvin has threats from all three of these factors what with anglers killing too many fish, the stocking every year of fish and the general erosion of the river…..couple that with very little actual habitat creation by the club and what you will get is year on year a gradual decline in the number of fish caught……which will mean more stocking so the vicious circle will continue!

All set and then….

So I had worked my ass off the last few days so that I could get fishing today and guess what happened?? Yup it started to rain……pfft typical!
Anyway, I spent a couple of hours today tying up some Klinkhammer specials, I have been finding that when a fish took my knlinkhammers they seem to take them very aggressively and they end up well into the mouth. This means that I must do a bit of jiggery pokey to try and get the fly out, and when I do get the fly out I generally find that it is so waterlogged it will not float. So I spent time today tying up half a dozen.
With a bit of luck it will be nice and fresh tomorrow!!

Bright n Sunny!!

So I went down the Kelvin the other day with someone I have been mailing for a while. It was one of those days that it just goes to show you can actually go fishing for a good few hours in bright sunshine and pretty grim conditions while catching no fish and still have a cracking day out. All in all though even though I am saying that we caught no fish when I actually go ahead and tally up the number of fish I find myself with around 5. Now that I come to think about it there was plenty fish rising but I kept missing the takes…….we had a few casts in at a pool that I generally pass by as it is so slow……..hooked a fish for a few moments and then it was away…..just goes to show you that there is always something new to learn about the river!!
No biggies….but still fish all the same!! I was fishing dry as usual and my fishing buddy started off dry and then changed to wet techniques which he is more comfortable with….
Later on as the day cooled down more fish started to rise, there was some sedges and olives on the water…… was very tranquil and pleasant with nice bats on the water…

Need to get stuck in and get some knlinkhammers tied up……..I have been noticing that once a fish has taken on then that is the fly pretty well waterlogged for the rest of the trip!!!!

Need a plentifull supply!!

Tying Emergers: A Complete Guide

Another book, this time about tying emergers. Emerger patterens are pretty good as searching flies and i use klinkhammers pretty much all the time now!


I love it when a plan comes together!!

So I have spent the last two days moving into my new home. They say that moving is one of the most sressfull things that someone can do but I found it all fairly painless. The only cock up was my cable company not switching on my phnone line. I have spent the last hour winding on another fly line and glueing the end to see if that will make it stop sinking and will be heading down to the Kelvin today for a walk, a fish and a little exploration!
Anyway, it is bright sunshine, no wind, high temperature, there has been no rain in a good few days and therefore little chance of success.

I dont know what I am waiting for !!

Fly Fishing Tactics on Small Streams

I got this book for my birthday………….another little book about fishing smallish streams!


Small stream flyfishing is a rewarding but demanding sport that requires skill, an understanding of successful tactics, and knowledge of the quarry. This revised edition combines descriptions of tactics with diagrams. Topics covered include understanding the stream, tackle, and wet and dry flies.

Lovely, just lovely!!

So I went hillwalking at the weekend. Set out early and walked up Ben Lomond. Ben Lomond is the most southerly Munro and, at 3195ft towers over Loch Lomond
ben lomond
We and it seemed like lots of people were all kitted out in walking gear and jumpers etc. All of us battling against the elements……it took us nearly three hours to walk to the top and the sense of achievement was great. It was only slightly dampened by a race that was going so on the way down we were passed by men and women running up and down it in shorts and t shirts
Very fit people, they ran up and back down in like an hour or something……puts you to shame really. There was some American tourists doing the hike as well and they were pretty impressed that the Scots were so tough that they were running up a mountain in the snow whilst everyone else was in hiking boots 🙂 As I passed I mentioned I had forgotton my shorts and T shirt !!

For stress relief I prescribed a few hours fishing down the Kelvin on Sunday. There were plenty of flies on the water -olives -but there was also a cold wind.
As much as some bits of the river are nice other bits are pretty grim…
car in river

Additionally I did not want to get too close to this thing…
It was leaking something …every now and then I would get a whiff of diesel. I think I will continue to try and track it down, will give SEPA a wee phone next week as well.
No photos of fish I am afraid but I did manage to catch around 4 but missed a fair few 

New Fly Line Time!!

To be honest I am disapointed with my Snowbee XS floating line. It lasted all of half a season before the tip section started to sink like a stone… is very very annoying. And it is not just a small amount I am talking about here, it is like around a yard and a half that sinks after around half an hour of fishing. I emailed Snowbee but because I do not have a receipt they will not exhange it. Which is kind of fair enough but then the more I think about it , it pisses me off. Anyway, maybe I will get a snowbee line again in the future but then again maybe not. The thing is with myself as a consumer is that once you have got a hold of me with a good product then you will have me for life. I think it is different over in the states when it comes to customer service as they pretty much realise this………over here it is all money money money!!

Pah!! will let you know what line I buy tommorow!!


It seems that noone can make up theire mind about who to vote for. The last google searches that have brought people here have been about who to actually vote for…..”who should i vote for” being the last 20 or so searches.


Internet TV

So I was messing around with Winamp the other day when I noticed that it has a way to view internet tv. Winamp is a piece of software that you can use to stream music and listen to CDs for those of you that do not know, its a bit like media player only better 😉
Anyway, if you go to file and then internet TV you get a whole range of channels. There is a search function and if you type in fishing there is a rather nice fishing channel. Sometimes it is someone speaking in another language showing you how to tie flies but also sometimes it is people catching some rather nice trout. Well worth the look if you have broadband!!

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