Eyelash Creatures….

Found this interesting
eyelash creature
Creatures living in your eyes….swimming about…eating.UGH!!!!

Rain and muddy water

I might have known. I have had a good few people email me to say that they did exceptionally well at the weekend, great hatches of flies and when I eventually get my ass into gear today this is what i find
muddy water
Thats right, the water is the colour of mud and up about 3 feet over usuall. But aha, the Gods were not against me as I did not have my fishing gear with me I was just out for a walk, so at least I was not all ready to go as it were 🙂

Went for a walk, still seen some flies on the water, well that is not strictly true….I seen one fly.
There is always tommorow

Very Industrious Fly Tying!!

If I cannot get out and actually go fishing I have decided to pull my gear out and tie some flies….
Seeing as how my better half now uses the kitchen as an office I have had to use a tiny little table to tie up some flies….
Deer hair emerger

Later on this evening I am going to tie some beetles and smoke a cigar. !

Gagging to go!!

So I have still not been out this year. I dont know what is holding me back seeing as howI am now actually off for a week. The last couple of days were pretty cold so I did not see much point but I got a text off someone who seemed to have a bit of a bonanza on the dry fly. Vowed to go out today but when I woke up it was pouring with rain…..

Typical…..absolutely typical. I am going to go to the Glasgow Angling Centre and wave about the sage rods instead. Then possibly go out for lunch. Spent a while yesterday in tying mode and tied a few dirty dusters in preperation for a hatch of olives…

10000 unique visitors

On a similar theme to the last post I see I have just sped past the 10000 visitor mark. That is 10000 unique visitors, not to be confused with “hits” which can essentially be just a bot bumping into your site 🙂

Thats against ::Total Page Hits: 28948 in the last couple of months!

Seeing as how I have just discovered I am dyslexic its a wonder that any of you actually understand anything that I write !

Hey WOwzers!!

Just noticed that this little blog is sitting at number 30 of the top 100 blogs with regards to total hits from blogpatrol.


A stat post!!

Another one of thos posts where I tell you how people get here from the search engines

Last 20 searches to get here::

26/03/2005 11:33:47
fly fishing for carp (Yahoo)

26/03/2005 10:58:06
kylie glasgow (Google)
26/03/2005 10:05:47
hummingbird Smartcast (Netscape)
26/03/2005 09:33:38
“Czech Nymphing” (Google)
26/03/2005 09:07:27
fly tying storage (Google)
26/03/2005 08:33:45
Jamie Olivers 15 restaurant (Google)
26/03/2005 07:47:26
wild trout (Google)
26/03/2005 06:50:23
kelvin fowl (Yahoo)
26/03/2005 04:41:52
vision flyfishing (Google)
26/03/2005 04:37:44
fishing in glasgow (Google)
26/03/2005 04:34:21
jamie oliers restaurant (Google)
26/03/2005 01:27:40
kirki (Google)
26/03/2005 01:03:18
GSm@rt D35 (Google)
26/03/2005 00:55:43
kylie in glasgow (Google)
25/03/2005 20:12:14
gm flyfishing (Google)
25/03/2005 17:56:44
2005 season trout pictures uk (Google)
25/03/2005 17:07:14
bob wyatt fly fishing (Google)
25/03/2005 17:02:03
flyfishing (Google)
25/03/2005 16:39:20
Hugh Falkus (Google)
25/03/2005 16:23:47
jamie olivers restaurants (Google)

New Gierach Book!!

There is a new Gierach Book!! out……..


Looks very very nice, over the winter his books make you want to tie flies, grow a beard and fish bamboo!!


As soon as I posted that I may go fishing this week for the first time this season the rain started.

Typical……..bloody typical!!

I’m not a complete idiot — some parts are missing


Red wine, lovely…..I seem to be going through bottles of the stuff lately, it’s like rocket fuel (you will get that joke I you actually LIVE in Glasgow)
Anyway, the old emails from people seem to have trailed off from the usual suspects in the last month or so, I can only imagine that you are all busy fishing or something…..or quite possibly I have been making no sense whatsoever.

I am off for the next week and will be having my first session down the Kelvin. I do not think I will try out my new little six foot rod until there is actually going to be fish rising……much more fun that way. I am also trying to decide whether to over line it with a 4 weight line for the much closer work that I envisage.

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