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I have upgarded my blog and now have a completlet different layout. It is in fact rather nice. I may keep it for a while, or chop and change. I dont know yet 🙂

Advice for the Love struck angler!

Should have posted this on valentines day but what the hell…..

head over here and read it!

A book from ebay!

I bought a book off ebay a while ago. Its a book called Dances with Trout by John Gierach.

Anyway, it had an inscription. It was stated in the auction so I was not bothered but the more I read it the more I wondered.
It reads::

Dear Dad,
I hope we can find some time to dance with some of those infamous english trout. ? this spring.
Love Chip

It intrigues me. Why did the dad get rid of a book from his son? especially as it was inscribed. When it comes to books I can read them over and over again……… a bit like listening to a good song time and time again but this is kinda different. Maybe the father died and all his books were sold off or something. I mean it seems like a “loving” kind of inscription doesnt it? I think it does anyway…..its memories. Maybe the father and son had fallen out and the son had bought the book as a peace offering. It was over 10 years ago that the inscription was made.
Who knows?

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke

coughing, sore throat, sore chest.
Im ill. Off placement.
I feel awful. Like really bad. Bloody awful in fact.

Ice Fishing

Wouldnt mind a shot at that ice fishing malarky. I have a friend over in Sweden who talks about it and says that it is most fun 🙂


Oh yea, people ask me why I dont like people bait fishing. Actually I dont mind people fishing bait. It is people fishing with a SET LINE that I do not like. I regulary talk to guys fishing bait down on the river, generally that use floats and maggots/worms.wasp grubs. Pretty skillful guys and do well.
I would just like to point this out

Fishing by rod and line
Section 24(1) of the 1951 Act, as amended by section 8(6) of the 1986 Act, defines rod and line as:

“single rod and line with such bait or lure as is lawful at the passing of this Act and, in the case of fishing for salmon in an area to which and at a time during which regulations made under section 8 of the Salmon Act 1986 apply, is not specified in such regulations in respect of that area and time”.

This definition has been taken to mean that the use of double rod fishing, cross line fishing, set lines, otter fishing, burning the water etc is actually illegal.
So if you use two rods and are set lining it is actually illegal. Even though this is down on the permit anyway doesnt matter a jot as all it means is that guys disregard it anyway /

Moan over.


I am experimenting with the layout again. If anyone has any comments please let me know what you think!
So far I like this layout although I think it needs a little more colour……maybe a picture or something.
Some feedback would be nice 🙂

EDIT:: my new template totally buggered up the whole blog so changed back to the old one. Stressed out my head with Uni just now as well 🙁

Some people are alive only because it’s illegal to kill them

Hey, have a look at this

Ohhhhhh the irony!

Not being one….

Not being one to blow my own trumpet but I got a mention in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper on………er Sunday! He was talking about Bob Wyatt……but mentioned the blog 🙂

You can view the scanned article here which was kindly sent to me by Tom over at A View From the Bridge

AGM Nonsense (God must love stupid people; He made so many)

So the AGM of the Kelvin was last night.
I wonder sometimes, I really do. First of all we had the proposition to make the stretch at the vet school fly only. This I admit was mostly my idea. That part of the river is pretty much hammered not just by the odd guy but by groups of guys that leave a large amount of mess behind after them. Empty cans beer, buckfast bottles the lot. Lenghs of Nylon and empty crisp bags.
The confirmed bait fishers refused outright saying that there are a lot of disabled anglers, in wheelchairs, that fish down their regulary. Now, you know that I pretty much fish down their all the time and I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone in a wheelchair in the good few years that I have fished. Anyway, the proposal was thrown out. It was amended with the rule that bait fishers will give way to fly anglers. Oh yea, like THAT will work. We could have had an amendment saying that disabled anglers could use bait but nah!!

Wait till you hear these two startling suggestions………

Can we stock with rainbow trout

I mean honestly, you have a wild brown trout river and these buggers want to turn it into some kind of fish pond. Saying that, we could fence off the vet school and stock it with rainbow trout, that would keep em happy!!

Can we extend the season into November for Salmon and Sea Trout

Fantastic idea, we are talking about limiting the anglers fishing at the mouth of the Allander because they are killing all the fish, and these anglers want to extend the season to kill more fish. Now lets think about it, well I suppose the thing that is standing in the way of this is like………I dunno……..THE LAW for one. Jeepers, I ask you!!!

Essentially, the AGM consisted of people wanting to know how they could catch more bigger fish for longer. One person did ask how clean the river was coming along and that was that. Did anyone ask about conservation?? trout habitat??? Nah, kill em all and then moan about the crap fishing.
If this is the general attitude of people fishing the Kelvin then it is fucked!!

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