New Fly Line Time!!

To be honest I am disapointed with my Snowbee XS floating line. It lasted all of half a season before the tip section started to sink like a stone… is very very annoying. And it is not just a small amount I am talking about here, it is like around a yard and a half that sinks after around half an hour of fishing. I emailed Snowbee but because I do not have a receipt they will not exhange it. Which is kind of fair enough but then the more I think about it , it pisses me off. Anyway, maybe I will get a snowbee line again in the future but then again maybe not. The thing is with myself as a consumer is that once you have got a hold of me with a good product then you will have me for life. I think it is different over in the states when it comes to customer service as they pretty much realise this………over here it is all money money money!!

Pah!! will let you know what line I buy tommorow!!


It seems that noone can make up theire mind about who to vote for. The last google searches that have brought people here have been about who to actually vote for…..”who should i vote for” being the last 20 or so searches.


Internet TV

So I was messing around with Winamp the other day when I noticed that it has a way to view internet tv. Winamp is a piece of software that you can use to stream music and listen to CDs for those of you that do not know, its a bit like media player only better 😉
Anyway, if you go to file and then internet TV you get a whole range of channels. There is a search function and if you type in fishing there is a rather nice fishing channel. Sometimes it is someone speaking in another language showing you how to tie flies but also sometimes it is people catching some rather nice trout. Well worth the look if you have broadband!!

Lovely fish!!

So as usuall on a Sunday I headed down to another river with a fishing buddy. The day was pretty miserable with showers on and off……generally rotton weather. Anyway, turned out to be one of the best days fishing in a loooooong time. We both had good fish but my friends fish was by far the biggest…
big troot
It just so happened that I was having a moment of changing flies when we seen a tiny little rise….I said go for it as I was going to take a while and he did………….the result could not have been better!!

I was going to post a rather longish video of him playing the fish and then the Joyous moment as I netted it …………but instead here is a video of the fish getting the upper hand and darting for freedom!!
I myself caught a few nice trout but alas did not get my camera out until far too late !!!!

Tying Small Flies

Another book for your collections …..

Features: Midge larvae and pupae, tiny parachutes, floating nymphs, micro scuds, tiny ants; Choosing the right hook, thread, wire, and amount of weight for small flies plus 75 patterns, including Brassie, RS-2, Renegade, Gold-Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Griffith’s Gnat; Foreword by John Gierach. Taking trout on lightweight rods with flies as small as size 20 and 30 is a challenge. Learn to imitate midges’ trailing shucks and drowned adults, tie tiny parachutes and white-winged Tricos, and create patterns that mimic microcaddis and micro scuds. Engle covers small-fly history, tying tools, and materials. Tips on fishing techniques come from Ed Engle’s 30 years of experience fishing small flies on the South Platte River.


Most enjoyable…..kinda

Lovely afternoon down at the Kelvin today. The day was warm with plenty of flies on the water…the only problem being that there was not a lot of fish moving. Still managed to winkle out a couple of brownies and what looked like a little sea trout……..well it was silvery anyway.
Met two absolutley sound guys who were shiftily drinking beer under a tree wearing chest waders with their fly rods all set up. Stood chatting for around an hour and would probably still be there now if I hadnt actually wanted to get some more fishing done. Had a good chat about the virtues of fishing the fly against bait and they were generally two of the most enthusiastic guys I have met.
Anyway, seeing as how I had my “Warden Badge of Power” I asked a few folks if they had their permits……….nope. That makes 4 people fishing down at the vet school without permits. Makes you wonder doesnt it :/

Some website in Poland

When I logged onto my stats thingus today I noticed I was getting an extraordinary amount of visitots from some forum based in Poland. Anyway they are talking about vision waders ……..although I have no idea what………I have pretty much decided it is because they want to lnow about them and put Vision waders into google…………my blog comes up maybe number 4/5 on the list !

Anyway, If anyone reads polish it would be nice to know what they are saying 🙂

Anyway, I had a wee gander through the website and even though I did not understand it the pictures are nice……….go and have a look

Why Catch and Release ?

Lee Wulff: “Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once.”

Glasgow Angling Centre (again)

So I had to go into the Glasgow Angling Centre to buy some new felt soles. Now most of my readers are aware of how much I moan about the place having no soul……..and also how I felt that the service was poor. All I can say is that in the last wee while and my last two trips it has been great. My last visit found the assistant asking me how my fishing had been doing. This I might add was the first time that I have ever been asked !!! fantastico This led to me talking about a little small stream action and then him bringing up the Kelvin. At this point I had a choice…..I could either say that this was my website or just say that I heard the fishing was good. Anyway, I said that he should check out my website and the guy said he had already checked it out and liked it ………..and here was me thinking that they would ban me or something 😉

My second visit went just as well …..I was taking the felt soles back and the guy came up and actually helped me to choose what ones should fit. Pretty damn good I thought!!!

Coming from someone who usually slags of the GAC…………..I was impressed!!

A nice days fishing!

So I had a day down at the River Gryfe. Confidentiality forbids me from telling you exactly where. Anyway, myself and my fishing partner managed to talk a friend into actually going fishing. The friend feels that he has lost the spark for fishing or some shite like that……….he now plays tennis for goodness sake 😉
Anyway, we managed to convince him that he had to get back to his roots (he does far too much loch and competition fishing) so we headed down to a small stream. He was using his new little bamboo rod and it was an absolute stunner I must say. It is really making me want a little bamboo rod for the Kelvin…..
Anyhow, we had a good day out but I nearly blanked if it was not for perseverance at a little pool next to a waterfall.
Here is a picture of my fishing buddy looking rather intense…
Got home and found my first birthday present waiting for me. Actually it was my second as on Thursday I was given a book called “Somewhere Else” from the staff on my placement……I am gagging to start reading it. My birthday is actually on Monday but seeing as how I tanned a couple of glasses of wine I was intrigued as to what it was. Anyway, I opened it…….and found this
hardy waistcoat
Yup its a Hardy waistcoat……….very very nice!! I have been hunting around for one of these now for a while , not that one in particular but a new waistcoat…… old one is getting a bit tatty and seeing as how I think it is unlucky to actually wash a fishing waistcoat then some of the fish slime makes it look weird. Oh and it has FAR too many pockets!!
Anyway, my new one is GREAT!!

It is just a pity that I may not actually get much fishing done the next wee while as I will be so busy………………pfft!! Oh yea and the felt sole fell off my wading boot and is now lost nowhere to be found. Must pop into the GAC (shudder) and get some new felt soles for my birthday to fit em before next week.

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