Rainbows in the Kelvin??

So I have been getting a few emails about rainbows being caught in the Kelvin. So far as I can make out it was just an isolated occurrence. It probably got in from Carbeth Fishery, I mean it certainly wasn’t stocked intentionally or anything.
The good thing is that I reckon Carbeth would not want to be losing any of their fish anyway so the hole will get plugged toot sweet

A post and picture just for the sake of it!

Been a bit slow as of late due to the amount of Uni work I have been doing. I have a days fishing planned for the Tummel on Sunday and then a couple of evening sessions next week. I will of course be having a couple of sessions down on the Kelvin.

trolley dolly

The Lincoln Tribune – News

The Lincoln Tribune – News

PETA Employees Face 31 Felony Animal-Cruelty Charges for Killing, Dumping Dogs

Oh dear, just look at what this animal lovers have been up to now !

A wee bit stress relief!!

So I decided to go for a wee walk along the banks of the Kelvin today for a bit of stress relief. It just so happened that I took my fishing rod and was wearing my waders at the time. It was only for a couple of hours, I did not think I was going to catch anything as the water was quite murky after all the rain but did manage to tempt this one too my hand…
wee troot
All the dates on my pictures are wrong by the way, I have never got around to fixing it properly. I seen a bit more action as I found a few fish rising, managed to scare one away and hook one….it was a nice fish too………..it got off when it was a few feet away from me!!!

Ah such is life 🙂

Spot the tent

the first person to spot the tent gets a magical suprise prize.
you get to buy me a bottle of Gin!


So I and my lovely assistant/fiancé decided to get away for a night at the weekend. As it was lovely on Saturday we got in the car and belted up to a little Glen we know just before Glen coe. We pitched our tent, opened up the red wine, I had a cigar and then decided to fish for some tiny trout in the spate river we were beside! I found a lovely little pool where the water was gin clear (incidentally my favourite tipple at the moment) and the trout almost suicidal
me fishing
I was casting to the head of a little pool with a little dry fly and it would nearly always get splashed…
Great fun, I doubt there was any big fish in the water as not a lot of fly life on the river…
tiny troot
I was having so much fun that Claire wanted in on the action…
claire fishing
As we did not catch anything very big it was sausages and bacon rolls on a barbeque for tea!
Claire was not smiling the next day as she had food poisoning and was violently sick!!!

I had loads of sausages and I was fine……..funny thing that!

A nice fish but a frustrating evening!

So I had a nice evening session down at a different river the other night and very fine it was too. It was also damned frustrating as I just couldn’t seem to keep a fish on……I was standing below around 3 fish who were all taking tiny flies…..if you look at this photo here…they were down the middle of the channel where the foam is. We just call this THE POOL as no matter what is happening on the rest of the river there is always fish rising here. Generally I get there first, fuck it all up and then my fishing buddy catches all the fish.
I did actually finally hook one, a big fish, a lovely fish, I felt a heavy thrumming weight for a split second and then it jumped out the water, it looked long, over a foot long and then it landed back in the water with a splash……..gone.
Later after buggering up a few more casts and frightening fish away…look I am out of practice OK!!……I split up from my fishing buddy who stayed up the river as I wandered down……casting aimlessly as the light was going I got into a nice fish…..landed , phew I was doing something right. Then I was suddenly into a bigger fish. It took my parachute grey duster home tied on a size 18 Klinkhammer hook…I called my fishing buddy’s name…….jeepers it was a nice fish, I called again……hells bells why the heck am I calling his name, he is like half a mile and about a twenty minute scramble away! Decided I was man enough not to use a net and got the trout in in. Quick wonky photee opportunity
lovely fish
And then that was me happy, a few nice fish and one stonker…..a content man!

Those slow stretches!

A couple of weeks ago I took a walk along the Kelvin to scout out some of the slow deep stretches. The water was pretty murky and there was the inevitable cars and trolleys..
kelly dark car
After my success of catch trout on dry flies on these stretches like those I think I will be having another little bash soon. Another part of the reason I was scouting out areas was that I had forgotten my scissors and fishy pliers’. This meant if I managed to catch a fish and the fly was in the mouth I would have difficulty in getting it out!!
Oh the dilemmas!!

Glenn Yoshimoto’s Zen Fly Fishing

Glenn Yoshimoto’s Zen Fly Fishing

Lovely site about fly fishing for Perch. Its all about the Zen apparently!

Wonky Fish Photees!!

You may have noticed recently that I have not been posting pictures of fish very much. That is because trying to take a good photee of a trout whilst holding a rod in one hand, being thigh deep in water is damn hard. Add the fact that the fish rarely smiles and sits still for the photo opportunity the results can often be pretty poor.

Ta Da!!



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