Fish Kill on the Kelvin!

So I took a wee stoat up to the Vet School today as it looks like the last day fishing for a bit as the rain is about to come. I met a guy from SEPA who asked me if I had seen any dead fish. It just so happened that I had seen two but had not thought much about it. It turns out because the water is so low and it is so hot the amonia levels are rising in the river causing the trout to die. I seen a couple of rising trout but decided not to go after them as if I had caught them it would have taken them longer to recover……if at all.
I walked down the river coming across more and more dead fish.
Some looked nice as well.
I allso found a large plastic bag full of maggots next to a porno mag …
scud nag
Kelvin fishers eh?? cant take those buggers anywhere!! tut tut!!

I have seen a remarkable amount of snails this year, seems I have not seen this many ……..well ever in fact now that I com eto think about it!

Here is one stuck to a nettle bush!


The rain started today. I only hope that it starts bucketing down and gives the fish plenty of oxygen!

Evening session, could have been worse!

Hiya, so I got a text at around 6pm asking me if I wanted to go for an evening session on another river. It was roasting hot, not a cloud in the sky, no wind and I thought why the hell not. I was supposed to go to the Kelvin commitee meeting but could i resist an evening session to go and sit in a dank room……..nah!

no clouds
There was absolutely no clouds in the sky, well…..there was some hot air baloons drifting by overhead…….
Not too many fish were rising untill there was a large blue winged olive hatch…….This was a nice trout I caught before all the action started..

Later when the hatch started I caught another one, hooked a really nice fish for around 10 seconds and missed around 10!!

Glad I went!!

River Tummel!!

This River Tummel starts its life 60 miles to the west of Pitlochry on the windswept Rannoch Moor close to Glencoe. It begins as the River Ba and runs east passing through numerous lochs including Loch Ba, Loch Laidon, Loch Eigheach, Loch Rannoch, Dunalastair Water, Loch Tummel and finally Loch Faskally, until it reaches the main stem of the River Tay at Ballinluig.

Two friends and I decided to head down on Saturday, have an evening session and then fish possibly another river on Sunday, although we ended up back on the Tummel. I had a great time, it just goes to show that you dont actually have to catch fish to have a good time fishing. It was roasting hot with blinding sunshine!!
Here is a rather nice Thistle for my American friends that I have been ordered to put on the blog

The Tummel is a big river, on Saturday evening when we first started fishing Emanuele and I scared all the fish away to the other side of the river…

Well, its not strictly true about catching no fish. I caught a nice fish, even if everyone else said it was an utter fluke, Alberto announced “he wasnt even looking at the fly”!!!
me na na fish
Alberto did the right thing, having a snooze and sticking to the shadows…

On the Sunday I lost everyone and walked a power but found this rather nice mushroom…..
On the Saturday evening I caught another few smaller trout as well…….

I will be creating an album in the misc fishing trip where i shall be putting up the rest of the photos if anyone is interested

After seeing no fish at all on the Sunday we decided to stop off at the Kelvin to have a look at the river. Trout rising everywhere. Was going to go down at Dusk but decided to spend some time with my betrothed instdead!!


So I had a wee few hours down on the Kelvin today, uttrely blanked!
Ran into one of the regulars..

who fishes bait and he was blanking as well. Like most guys who have moved from course fishing to trout he easily transfers those skills. He trots the bait down making sure that he is actively looking for any indication of a take. As soon as he sees one he tightens and the fish is on. He has got to be careful as when fishing bait there is always a danger that the fish will be undersized so if the bait is left a long time then it can swallow it resulting in the death of the fish. He practices catch and release. Like me he doesnt understand why people fish with static bait iether!

Tried out my new underwater camera…..
So if you thought all my photos have been pretty crap in the past they are about to get a whole lot freakier!
freaky photo

Off up North tommorow for a bit of fishing. Will have possibly lots more wonky pictures to show off.

Ta ta!

In the bad books!

So I had some visitors around tonight, my step sister and her husband. They were the reason that I had to hump a kilt a couple of thousand miles around the world so that they could have a “traditional” Scottish wedding in Sri Lanka!
Anyhow, we were sitting and chatting about myself and my good ladies impending day and discussing the cost involved. There is the cost of the venue, the meal, the buffet, the dress, my good ladies and the women’s nails etc and it is all fairly mounting up. We got around to the subject of the cake and the cost of that. We are looking at around 400 pounds; yea that’s right 400 pounds for a fucking cake!!! Anyway, I suggested that we go down to the local ASDA and pick up some sponge cake for like a fiver and cover the damn thing with icing but seemingly im “being stingy”
Anyway, my step sister turned to me and said “it’s going to be the best day of your life and that is why you are spending so much money”

I thought for a moment, looked at her and then my good lady and said “I don’t know, it’s got some pretty good days fishing to beat”

She’s away to be early and im tying up flies in the kitchen!

Ah yes, its all coming back now!!

So after spending around 5 hours working on an essay I decided to head down to the Kelvin for a few hours stress relief. First things first I ran into some people from the East End Angling Club who were down for a few casts. Unfortunetly I was not fast enough with my camera to get a picture of one of them slowly toppling over backwards into the water…….awwww bless!
Fished my usuall little riffle bit…
riffle bit
and caught some nice trout…
Later there was a nice hatch going down but again was having little luck in getting them to go to my fly. Eventually after raking around I found some tootsy F flies that I tied up last year.
f fly
Thats not one of mine that is one I stole off another site………..shhhhh!!
They caught me 2 fish. Unfortunetly after each fish they were then buggered…..I spent some time tonight tying more up for a little evening session tommorow night!

Incidentally I am having a bit of a punky type revival at the moment listening to some mighty fine Stranglers tunes………fantastic!!!

Yeargh, frustrating evening

So I went for a wander along to the Kelvin last night as the rain came to nothing. It was a bit windy but the river was at a good height and there were flies on the water. I knew things was going to be slow as soon as I didn’t catch anything in my wee ruffled bit of water that almost guarantees a fish.
I went downstream to where I caught that nice big fish the other night and there was plenty of fish rising, just none to my fly. Eventually I had to step down to a size 24 Klink to get fish interested, damned annoying…….but still fun 🙂
Annoyingly people kept telephoning me and if i don’t answer my phone beeps at me every few minutes


Small Stream fun!!

So after giving my new Bamboo rod the once over on the Kelvin I thought I would have a wee bit small stream action. There was not many flies moving on the water but it was overcast with just a little wind so the trout were feeling quite safe 🙂
My first fish came to hand……..on a little …..Well a size 14 parachute…

Walked on for a good while until I was next to a field of cows…I was feeling brave as there was a fence between me and it so I took its picture….

lovely trout!!

I am hoping that it does not rain again today so that I can have a wee session on Monday evening. In fact with a bit of luck I should be able to head out to the Kelvin tomorrow.

Damn the Luck!

So the rain has made the Kelvin and its tributaries become coloured. I now have 2 folk to check the condition of the river for me. One of them lives right next to the Kelvin and is clued up enough be able to tell me whether it is high or low or coloured or whatever…….great. When Claire used to work in the hospital she was hopeless. I said “look at the colour of the water, see if its brown or tan or clear, look and see if it is high, does it LOOK like a raging torrent!. Look at the reeds at the side are they in the water , things like that, and report to me in the morning”
Aha I said to myself……im a genius!!!

In the morning when she came in I asked her how it was …“its flowing” she said.

The second person is an angler, it turns out he goes by one of the tributaries that I fish in the morning on his way to work. Mwa Ha Ha.

I astound even myself on my genius sometimes.

First fish on bamboo!!

So I have a bamboo rod that I have been keeping quiet about. At some point over the next couple of weeks I will go into the details but at the moment all I am saying is that I have a 7 foot 4 weight bamboo rod from a company in the states called Tea Stick Rod Company
It really is rather nice…..but I digress; I will tell you all about that in a week or so….the other evening I went to try it out!

I had not ventured out the house in a couple of days as it has been so hot here and I
have very bad sunburn on my arms and neck. Took me a while to actually start to get the hang of casting with a bamboo rod. One moment I would have it and then the next it would go….I caught a few wee trout and I was impressed with the fight they put up.
I was fishing this little riffle..
Last season when the water was low I found that fish congregated here because of the running water and easy access to food. I caught this lovely little brownie..
smaller one

The real test was yet to come. As it was getting dark there was a massive hatch and trout started taking flies off the surface “you dancer” I thought and started to cast to them……I still was not used to the rod and kept missing the fish……suddenly a fish took my fly and the fun began. At first I thought it was because the bamboo was just so responsive and that was why the fish was taking out line, the rod and a fairly large bend in it and I was getting a little panicky…………at one point the fish nearly took the rod out my hand…… usual I had left my net at home and had to beach my nicest brown of the season….the photo really does not do the fish justice……it was very dark by this point and could not fit the whole fish in the picture!
nae justice
There has beens some rain last night so I am hoping that this evening will be just as good 🙂