I need a New Computer !

You may have noticed that the old postings have lessened recently, this is due to my comp being jiggered. Thus I have carefully selected some nice components from ebuyer that will be specifically for a high quality multimedia fishing pc . It is made with a rather nice snazzy case with media slots on the front alowing me to slip in memory cards from my camera rather than fiddle about with cables and such like at the back.
I have a credit card bill the size of the war on Iraq’s missile budget. It was like “Shock n Awe” the last time I looked at my minimum payment so I am hoping there is an extremely rich eccentric reader that is willing to donate cash to my pc fund and thus keep me blogging.

Here are the components for my new comp

  • Antec Aria Cube Case Black/Silver – With 300W PSU
  • MSI RS482M4-ILD SKT939 Radeon XPRESS 200 (RS482) Chipset Dual DDR400 PCI-E MATX
  • Western Digital WD2000JD 200GB SATA/150 7200RPM 8MB Cache – OEM
  • Corsair (VS512MB400) 512MB, DDR400 / PC3200, non-ECC, 184 DIMM, unbuffered, CL2.5, 32Mx8 DRAMs

It comes to about £300, I will get the cpu myself, I have at least some respect. Donations welcome through paypal…there is a handy little paypal button to the right there.

If that does not work I will shamelessly ask people to sponsor me (as if asking people outight for cash was not shameful enough).
Everyone that donates gets to take me fishing, cant say fairer than that ! Generously I will supply the cigars !