Sorting out tackle!

So the last time I went to a little stream I used my little 3 wt that I had not used before. One of the first things that I noticed was that the sections kept coming apart. It is a little custom made rod so all I had to do was put a little wax around the ferules and that should hold it nice and firm..
rod wax
I did not use any special kind of wax ……just plain old Ikea candle wax…..does the job just fine. The second thing that I had to do was strip off all the line from my 3 wt reel and put on some more backing. I did not put on enough backing so I found that the line was coiling pretty bad……I just added around 25-35ys and that was it just prefect..
Finally I went through my fly box and took out all the flies that I use regulary and put them into my new fly box. When I have time I am going to tie up some more knlinkhammer specials…
fly box
You can see the ones that I use down on the left. I have been tying them up in different colours for a bit of variation…..should help with matching the old hatch. Saying that the guy that invented them recomends just sticking to the same pattern as he has found that it is the best!!

Ladies in red seek biggest fish

An interesting read.

May 24 2005

Moc Morgan, Western Mail

IT IS accepted that women are very, very good at catching big fish. So much so that some male anglers have tried hard to work out a reason for it.

Read the full article

ThE RaIn

Great, prime time Dry Fly action is here and so is the rain. I wake up this morning to heavy rain which means the Kelvin will be out of action for another couple of days. Not that I have been getting my usually every day stints in as I am at University Placement full time now untill i qualify (fingers crossed).
I think later I will tie up some knlinkhammer specials and post em here……


It is funny how some days can go so well and other so bad. After my success yesterday I decided to head down to the Kelvin for some “keli” action. There was none. The water was at a good height but was a very dark chocolate colour. There was also a crowd of guys sitting with bait rods out listening to the rangers/celtic game……rangers won by the way….i could tell as once the match was over they started cheering, whooping and singing up and down the bank…..ah bless em’

Small Stream Fun!

So yesterday I went fishing on one of the tributories of the Kelvin.
It was great dry fly water with long pools with little riffles, lots of fly life with trout rising. I lost count of the fish that I caught and returned. It is not too popular with people bait fishing iether as it is quite shallow and the fish tend to be small. I used my little 3wt but forgot to put some wax on the ferules which meant that every now and then they would slip off producing some comedy moments.
Later I telephoned the old ball n chain to pick me up as we were having people around for a meal and walked up the river a little. It got quite deep and slow but there were fish rising…….the banks were steep with dense vegetation at iether side. I should not have cast…..but come on there were fish rising and i had a few moments before my lift came………..what would you have done???
I cast…….I cast again…… on…..AAAggggrhh!!! it was darting about all over the place and then it got the tippet tangled in the vegetation. It produced a puzzled time of me attached to a stick in the water with the fish attached to that. Eventually I had to haul on my tippet, grab hold of the stick and then the fish……..release!!

I possibly might go again today for a couple of hours!!

6ft 3wt

So I have a little 6 foot 3 wt rod I had kinda forgotton about. I bought a 3wt line the other day and strung it up today. Did not put nearly enough backing on it but somehow that seems ok as I doubt I will be catching fish on it that will be taking me down to the backing anyhow. I think possibly tommorow depending on the weather I may be having a bash at one of the Kelvin tributories……I will wait and see if their is any more rain ……..if there is not then with a bit of luck it should have cleared by then…..if there is then I will be wandering about looking like a trumpet..
To connect the fly line to the backing I used the Albright Knot which I must say is much easier than the needle knot………which to be honest in my fumbling hands turns out crap. The fact that I now have my 3 wt in action means I can lend my 4/5 weight out to guests who want to go fishing……a lot of the people I know who want to have a bash at the Kelvin I think always fish far too heavy. I am not sure whether it is just a preference thing though…

ahhhh too dream…………

Brown Trout Habitat

Was browsing a forum when I came across a post about this report . It is all about trout conservation and really emphasises habitat over stocking.
It gives and example of the three categories that can cause threats to populations of brown trout: harvest, stocking and Environmental degradation. Essentially the Kelvin has threats from all three of these factors what with anglers killing too many fish, the stocking every year of fish and the general erosion of the river…..couple that with very little actual habitat creation by the club and what you will get is year on year a gradual decline in the number of fish caught……which will mean more stocking so the vicious circle will continue!

All set and then….

So I had worked my ass off the last few days so that I could get fishing today and guess what happened?? Yup it started to rain……pfft typical!
Anyway, I spent a couple of hours today tying up some Klinkhammer specials, I have been finding that when a fish took my knlinkhammers they seem to take them very aggressively and they end up well into the mouth. This means that I must do a bit of jiggery pokey to try and get the fly out, and when I do get the fly out I generally find that it is so waterlogged it will not float. So I spent time today tying up half a dozen.
With a bit of luck it will be nice and fresh tomorrow!!

Bright n Sunny!!

So I went down the Kelvin the other day with someone I have been mailing for a while. It was one of those days that it just goes to show you can actually go fishing for a good few hours in bright sunshine and pretty grim conditions while catching no fish and still have a cracking day out. All in all though even though I am saying that we caught no fish when I actually go ahead and tally up the number of fish I find myself with around 5. Now that I come to think about it there was plenty fish rising but I kept missing the takes…….we had a few casts in at a pool that I generally pass by as it is so slow……..hooked a fish for a few moments and then it was away…..just goes to show you that there is always something new to learn about the river!!
No biggies….but still fish all the same!! I was fishing dry as usual and my fishing buddy started off dry and then changed to wet techniques which he is more comfortable with….
Later on as the day cooled down more fish started to rise, there was some sedges and olives on the water…… was very tranquil and pleasant with nice bats on the water…

Need to get stuck in and get some knlinkhammers tied up……..I have been noticing that once a fish has taken on then that is the fly pretty well waterlogged for the rest of the trip!!!!

Need a plentifull supply!!

Tying Emergers: A Complete Guide

Another book, this time about tying emergers. Emerger patterens are pretty good as searching flies and i use klinkhammers pretty much all the time now!


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