I enjoy looking through my logs and seeing what new sites are linking to me, I now count quite a few.  Everyone who has a website or blog should take the time to do this as well as have their own links page. It is only good grace that once you have checked out someone that is linking to you that you reciprocate that link. Anyway, I came across this site:


….who in their discription of me states:

Enjoyable blog by some guy who fishes a lot in/around the River Kelvin in Scotland. I assume his first name is Alistair, but except for splashing photos of himself around he’s pretty cagey about his identify.

SPlashing my photo about???? very rarely do i SPLASH my photo about… fact now that I come to think of it I have like next to no photees of myself on my blog, all the pictures are in fact of other people. Thats a point actually, all the people I fish with dont have cameras, and the one person that does I had to give them it (e vi prevedo le buone immagini l’anno prossimo)
Anyway, seeing as how he has a very well designed and informative site (better than my flung together piece of crap anyway) and he has taken the time to put me in his links list not once but in fact TWICE…..I think people should toddle on over check out his site, click on his google ads as it generates poor bloggers cash and then have a nice cup of tea !


  1. Emanuele · January 5, 2006

    I promise to take lots of pictures of you landing fish next year….big fish…and I will also document the naked ladies tying on flies for ya…

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