Fly Tying at home !

So seeing as how the old diet started yesterday I thought that today I would start my other New Year resolution and get my fly tying gear out. I set up my rather nifty mag lamp and tied up a few Knlinkhammers and some CDC Blue Winged Olives.


Needless to say I am out of practice.

black klink


  1. George :o) · January 3, 2006

    Hi Alistair,
    Just a wee hello and all that.
    This black klinkhammer looks really good, wonder what the CDC blue winged olive’s look like ?? :o) .. wonder what the body of the klinker is ?

    I’m on a diet as well, as I ate too much , drank not enough and still getting the draw’d jaws from my home made prawn cocktail … too much lemon juice :o(

    Speak soon .. George :o)

  2. Alistair · January 3, 2006

    Hi George,

    The body is simply black superfine dubbing with a rib of green thread.

    I put my work trousers on this morning and realised I probably have a longway to go yet 😉


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