If someones asks about stocking Bows this year!

I think this year at the Kelvin AGM, if someone asks about stocking Rainbows I should plant someone to shout “..and can we stock Great White’s”

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  1. Alan Atkins · January 22, 2006

    Hi Alistair, happy new year and all that . I have not managed to contribute to website for a while due to the stresses of new job. I did not manage the AGM , but was wondering if anyone knew if the Kelvin ever had a population of grayling and if so could we stock and give us the potential of winter sport. The gravel and stone bottom of most of the river would provide good habitat, and the streams and glides would provide ideal bugging condiitons. I9 know that the River Nethan Association are looking into supplimenting their small native population with grayling reared in the hatchery. Just a thought , does anyone have anyviews? I will be starting my spring fishing on the Teith next month, you should really have a go for the silver tourists this year. Now thast i have got to grips with single and double spey casting i hope to improve on last years total of 4 salmon !!

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