Damn the Luck!

So the rain has made the Kelvin and its tributaries become coloured. I now have 2 folk to check the condition of the river for me. One of them lives right next to the Kelvin and is clued up enough be able to tell me whether it is high or low or coloured or whatever…….great. When Claire used to work in the hospital she was hopeless. I said “look at the colour of the water, see if its brown or tan or clear, look and see if it is high, does it LOOK like a raging torrent!. Look at the reeds at the side are they in the water , things like that, and report to me in the morning”
Aha I said to myself……im a genius!!!

In the morning when she came in I asked her how it was …“its flowing” she said.

The second person is an angler, it turns out he goes by one of the tributaries that I fish in the morning on his way to work. Mwa Ha Ha.

I astound even myself on my genius sometimes.

First fish on bamboo!!

So I have a bamboo rod that I have been keeping quiet about. At some point over the next couple of weeks I will go into the details but at the moment all I am saying is that I have a 7 foot 4 weight bamboo rod from a company in the states called Tea Stick Rod Company
It really is rather nice…..but I digress; I will tell you all about that in a week or so….the other evening I went to try it out!

I had not ventured out the house in a couple of days as it has been so hot here and I
have very bad sunburn on my arms and neck. Took me a while to actually start to get the hang of casting with a bamboo rod. One moment I would have it and then the next it would go….I caught a few wee trout and I was impressed with the fight they put up.
I was fishing this little riffle..
Last season when the water was low I found that fish congregated here because of the running water and easy access to food. I caught this lovely little brownie..
smaller one

The real test was yet to come. As it was getting dark there was a massive hatch and trout started taking flies off the surface “you dancer” I thought and started to cast to them……I still was not used to the rod and kept missing the fish……suddenly a fish took my fly and the fun began. At first I thought it was because the bamboo was just so responsive and that was why the fish was taking out line, the rod and a fairly large bend in it and I was getting a little panicky…………at one point the fish nearly took the rod out my hand……..as usual I had left my net at home and had to beach my nicest brown of the season….the photo really does not do the fish justice……it was very dark by this point and could not fit the whole fish in the picture!
nae justice
There has beens some rain last night so I am hoping that this evening will be just as good 🙂


So it seems I have a mild touch of sunstroke or heatstroke…….something like that anyway! I got all dizzy going down to the local supermarket and generally feel quite bad.

I shall hit the Kelvin tommorow!

I am now a statistic!

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Boy was it HOT!

I think we were being a little optimistic to think that we could start fishing at 10am and then continue right through to 10pm in the evening. If the conditions had been ideal then it would have been tough, however it was boiling hot, the water was low (good), no wind(great) and the trout were acting like fussy buggers. My usual chuck it and chance it with my parachutes were not working so I had to take advice and move down to flies that I could hardly see……taking into account how hard it is anyway spotting your fly in this kind of water…
It made for a hard but enjoyable days fishing………..although for some people it was a little too hard…

Anyway, I sit here with burnt arms, burnt neck a splitting headache and think I may have sunstroke.

I may go fishing to the Kelvin later!

Up since around 5am!

So I woke at around 5am with the phone ringing. Had to put up a distressed relative a little worse for booze. Seeing as how I can not get back to sleep I tied some size 24 parachutes in preparation for my day away fishing. I hope that by 2pm I am not absolutely shattered. I tied some beetles yesterday as well; They are good for those moments when there are no flies on the water.

I go to drink coffee.

Rainbows in the Kelvin??

So I have been getting a few emails about rainbows being caught in the Kelvin. So far as I can make out it was just an isolated occurrence. It probably got in from Carbeth Fishery, I mean it certainly wasn’t stocked intentionally or anything.
The good thing is that I reckon Carbeth would not want to be losing any of their fish anyway so the hole will get plugged toot sweet

A post and picture just for the sake of it!

Been a bit slow as of late due to the amount of Uni work I have been doing. I have a days fishing planned for the Tummel on Sunday and then a couple of evening sessions next week. I will of course be having a couple of sessions down on the Kelvin.

trolley dolly

The Lincoln Tribune – News

The Lincoln Tribune – News

PETA Employees Face 31 Felony Animal-Cruelty Charges for Killing, Dumping Dogs

Oh dear, just look at what this animal lovers have been up to now !

A wee bit stress relief!!

So I decided to go for a wee walk along the banks of the Kelvin today for a bit of stress relief. It just so happened that I took my fishing rod and was wearing my waders at the time. It was only for a couple of hours, I did not think I was going to catch anything as the water was quite murky after all the rain but did manage to tempt this one too my hand…
wee troot
All the dates on my pictures are wrong by the way, I have never got around to fixing it properly. I seen a bit more action as I found a few fish rising, managed to scare one away and hook one….it was a nice fish too………..it got off when it was a few feet away from me!!!

Ah such is life 🙂

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