Glenn Yoshimoto’s Zen Fly Fishing

Glenn Yoshimoto’s Zen Fly Fishing

Lovely site about fly fishing for Perch. Its all about the Zen apparently!

Wonky Fish Photees!!

You may have noticed recently that I have not been posting pictures of fish very much. That is because trying to take a good photee of a trout whilst holding a rod in one hand, being thigh deep in water is damn hard. Add the fact that the fish rarely smiles and sits still for the photo opportunity the results can often be pretty poor.

Ta Da!!



Quote…..which pretty well sums it up!!

A. K. Best: “The Fishing was good, it was the catching that was bad.”

Windy Day!

So for a little stress relief I went down to my little tributary for a couple of hours. It was at a good height but was a little cloudy. It was very windy so I was kind adaft using my 3wt but when I did manage to get a cast everything was fine. I did not manage to land one fish however. I hooked maybe around 5 or 6 but they quickly got off. I thought I would have a wee wander up the river to where the pools kind of get longer and the water slows down……I floated a little dry fly over some deep holes and was rewarded with a nice fish of maybe about 8 or 9 inches………it got away before I could see it for sure.
I got changed in a little car park next to a pub… better half told me I looked like a right geek with my waders, waistcoat, Polaroid’s and rather cool cap! Grumpily I told her that down by the river side I looked rather dapper and to pass my thermometer….speaking of which I took a reading of the water and I could hardly see the damn thing as it was so low of the little gauge. It was less than 8 c anyway. I am going to start taking regular readings to see how it corresponds to trout and fly activity !!

Squirrel Fishing

Squirrel Fishing


Dawsholm park has a good head of Squirrels…maybe I should try this on those dog days!!



Hans van Klinken talking about the arising of the Klinkhamer special.

Sorting out tackle!

So the last time I went to a little stream I used my little 3 wt that I had not used before. One of the first things that I noticed was that the sections kept coming apart. It is a little custom made rod so all I had to do was put a little wax around the ferules and that should hold it nice and firm..
rod wax
I did not use any special kind of wax ……just plain old Ikea candle wax…..does the job just fine. The second thing that I had to do was strip off all the line from my 3 wt reel and put on some more backing. I did not put on enough backing so I found that the line was coiling pretty bad……I just added around 25-35ys and that was it just prefect..
Finally I went through my fly box and took out all the flies that I use regulary and put them into my new fly box. When I have time I am going to tie up some more knlinkhammer specials…
fly box
You can see the ones that I use down on the left. I have been tying them up in different colours for a bit of variation…..should help with matching the old hatch. Saying that the guy that invented them recomends just sticking to the same pattern as he has found that it is the best!!

Ladies in red seek biggest fish

An interesting read.

May 24 2005

Moc Morgan, Western Mail

IT IS accepted that women are very, very good at catching big fish. So much so that some male anglers have tried hard to work out a reason for it.

Read the full article

ThE RaIn

Great, prime time Dry Fly action is here and so is the rain. I wake up this morning to heavy rain which means the Kelvin will be out of action for another couple of days. Not that I have been getting my usually every day stints in as I am at University Placement full time now untill i qualify (fingers crossed).
I think later I will tie up some knlinkhammer specials and post em here……


It is funny how some days can go so well and other so bad. After my success yesterday I decided to head down to the Kelvin for some “keli” action. There was none. The water was at a good height but was a very dark chocolate colour. There was also a crowd of guys sitting with bait rods out listening to the rangers/celtic game……rangers won by the way….i could tell as once the match was over they started cheering, whooping and singing up and down the bank…..ah bless em’

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