A joke!!

Kiwi bloke walks into the bedroom with a sheep under his arm. ‘Darling’, he says, ‘this is the pig I have sex with when you’ve got a headache’. Girlfriend lying on the bed says, ‘I think you’ll find that’s a sheep, not a pig’. The bloke says, ‘and I think you’ll find I wasn’t talking to you’.


eBay.co.uk: Hand Protector for Pickup The Fish Fishing Fly Tool (item 7193141890 end time 06-Nov-05 10:00:00 GMT)


eBay: Hire PETA President

eBay: Hire PETA President as a Personal Assistant for a Day (item 5630325919 end time Nov-10-05 07:00:00 PST)

Pity the UK trout season is over, saying that though she would probably enjoy our PIke sessions, they are more like a walk in the park anyway !

Was looking at some old….

Was looking at some old posts today, for new readers thought it would be nice for you to have a gander through them…

Ahhhh, another day!

A Cracking Hour and a Half Fly Fishing!!

Back in Action!!

Stung on the face with nettles whilst being rained on!

I couldnt help it!!

“Get back to sleep its a damn hobby!!

BBC NEWS | England | Gloucestershire | First wild beavers for 500 years

BBC NEWS | England | Gloucestershire | First wild beavers for 500 years

I actually like the idea of wild beaver. You know what I mean !

Hardgate and District Angling Club

Someone left a comment the other day with a link to the Hardgate and District Angling Club
the other day when I was posting about Greenside.
A nice little site about the Cochno Loch and Jaw Reservoir which I would like to fish next year if someone fancies taking me as a guest ~hint Hint~

Grayling !!

It’s all quiet on the fishing side after the “pike” fishing trip last week. Last week I even missed my fly tying night as I was stuck in the house doing some painting.
Started my new job on Monday, now that wss a scary prospect. I got my new contract through and I see there is a flexitime system to save up hours for important “things” woohoo.

Here is a picture of Emmanuelle with a rather nice Grayling that he caught down at my other special river. It was all action when the wind died down but every time it started to blow it would all stop.
We had gone Grayling fishing and I ended up catching two trout.

Here is a spider that had to be ejected from my house.

Sea Trout Loss Linked to Salmon Farm Parasite

Sea Trout Loss Linked to Salmon Farm Parasite

Surprise Surprise!

Nowt much happening !!

Nothing much to report the last few days. I was going to post a picture of my last trout of the season but for some reason my photo gallery is buggered up so I cannot upload photos. What I will do is point you towards my Flikr account where I keep some photos that I share with some people. You can look at it here or if you look down the right hand side of the blog (over the Tea Stick Rod) you will see a photo stream you can click on that.

I bought some fly tying materials the other day, some deer hair and some more CDC. This winter I am determined to stock my fly box with a meaty selection of flies…..flies that I will show you pictures of at some point.

Over and Out !

I know a great place for Pike!!!

Ah yes, that was what I said…..a deep river…I have caught Pike there in the past…hell Claire caught Pike their in the past…..except now we will be armed and dangerous!!


Where did it all go wrong?

We had wire traces, giant plugs that rattled (mine cost £1.50 but Alex bought Rapalas at 10 quid each) a nice autumn day and a river that was stuffed full of Pike. It had all the ingredients for a major day of predator fishing.
Why then did we end up totally blanking? In fact you could say we had a negative count of fish as allegedly Charlie hooked a Sea Trout (which none of us seen…he had a Toby on as he had sent his girlfriend into town to pick up lures).

We were doing everything right…..like er…casting out and retrieveing slowly….my rattling plug scraping the bottom…its only a matter of time we kept telling each other
a matter of time

Should have gone to the canal!

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