eBay: Blue Front Amazon Multi Colored Feathers Huge Lot (item 8223862060 end time Oct-11-05 15:35:19 PDT)

eBay: Blue Front Amazon Multi Colored Feathers Huge Lot (item 8223862060 end time Oct-11-05 15:35:19 PDT)

Something about this made me smile 🙂

My next purchase? Tea Stick Reel??

I think I just found my next purchase. I have enjoyed using my little bamboo rod a lot this season and I see the same company is now producing reels. I have got to say they look mighty sweet…
sweet reel

It is funny how fishing with bamboo rods is not as popular here in the UK as it is over in the US. I get a lot of mails asking me where I got my rod…….I also get a lot of people asking me on the riverbank where I got my rod….I think I might be the only person on the Kelvin that uses one!

Check out Tea Stick Rod Co’s reels!!

News Story- Murder inquiry on the banks of the Kelvin

News Story

A sad story indeed!


” The boy reached into the net and cleared the hook and leader from the trout and lowered the net back into the water. ‘ Thank you’, said the boy. ‘Thank you very much. I hope you live forever. ”

David Seybold
Waters Swift and Still

BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Weight flies inside angler’s eye

BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | Weight flies inside angler’s eye


Eh what??? its the end of the damn season???

Where the hooey did the season go?
One minute we were all moaning about the hot weather and dead fish and the next I am walking down to nice little part of the Kelvin and suddenly not only is it autumn it is also the last day of the season.
I caught nowt by the way but I gave it a damn good bash. The first thing I noticed down in the park stretch that the recent spates have done a fair bit of damage to the banks.
I eventually seen one fish rise, a big splashy rise. Unfortunetly it did not come back. I had a mighty go at it though..
Met a couple of anglers fishing bait and got into long conversations about where they fish etc…was nice!

I shall be going for a couple of trips on the hunt for grayling, one at the weekend and maybe one other will wait and see what happens.

I am also hatching plans for some pike expeditions, been looking out my spinning rod and plugs. All I need to pick up is some wire traces and some long forceps.
Watch this space!!

Wedding Invitations!!

So my wedding invitations are away winging there way to people near and far. Of course the whole wedding was handily organised for the end of November! About the only other thing I got a say in was the choice of buffet food for the evening guests: mini pizzas!! I am getting hungry already!

My step sister is refusing to wear a Chewbacca outfit which I am annoyed about seeing as she made me lug a full kilt thousands of miles around the world to have a traditional Scottish wedding in Sri Lanka. I should have been wearing a grass skirt or something.

At least a pair of Speedos!

on beach kilt

Last fish caught?

You know, I might just have caught my last trout of the season today, well from the Kelvin anyway. I fished one of the tributaries and it was pretty dour, the water was at a good height but there was just no action at all, no fly life and no rises. I headed down to the Kelvin and watched some guys spinning for Salmon, in fact got talking to one guy who has caught a few salmon this season….returned them he says…good stuff! I eventually got a little desperate as it looked like I was going to be walking home without catching a fish so put on a little wet fly to see if I could pick up a Sea Trout, got a little trout.
The water was quite big and very, very cold.
big n cold
I also met someone who I have been mailing for a while; it’s always nice to put a face to a name  . We had a chat about weird things we have found in the Kelvin and it just so happens that today I found a word processor whilst wading up the river, it was in the middle. Possibly a writer decided to pack it all in or a uni student decided to bugger that essay……who knows?
word processor

Last minute fishing!!!

Sometimes last minute fishing trips can be quite good, anything can happen, you can turn up and there is a lovely hatch or you are there just at that point when the trout just seem to want to eat just about any old fly (generally any old fly is the one I use anyway). The water could be at just the correct height and the wind not too bad. This is why when I got a phone call to ask if I fancied a bit of last minute tributary fishing I said yes.

It was in fact miserable, it rained was windy and we caught nothing.

To cap it off my friends waders leaked which at least gave us a comedy moment even if he did call me an evil bastard for taking it.
waders hahaha

To cap it off I left my reel in his car, thats karma for ya!

Fly fishing in Iraq!

You have got to hand it to this guy. Whilst working and fighting in Iraq fly fishing would not be in the forefront of most peoples minds, but hey… he packed a fly rod and it just so happened Saddam Hussein’s former palaces have lakes packed with fish so what are you going to do?


Yup, you would get your rod out and catch some Baghdad Carp!


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