Last minute fishing!!!

Sometimes last minute fishing trips can be quite good, anything can happen, you can turn up and there is a lovely hatch or you are there just at that point when the trout just seem to want to eat just about any old fly (generally any old fly is the one I use anyway). The water could be at just the correct height and the wind not too bad. This is why when I got a phone call to ask if I fancied a bit of last minute tributary fishing I said yes.

It was in fact miserable, it rained was windy and we caught nothing.

To cap it off my friends waders leaked which at least gave us a comedy moment even if he did call me an evil bastard for taking it.
waders hahaha

To cap it off I left my reel in his car, thats karma for ya!

Fly fishing in Iraq!

You have got to hand it to this guy. Whilst working and fighting in Iraq fly fishing would not be in the forefront of most peoples minds, but hey… he packed a fly rod and it just so happened Saddam Hussein’s former palaces have lakes packed with fish so what are you going to do?


Yup, you would get your rod out and catch some Baghdad Carp!


Getting the willies whilst fishing!

So I decided to do a spot of loch fishing as The Kelvin and its tributaries are completely out of action. I took a walk (a hike?) up into the Old Kilpatrick hills where there is a loch not owned by any club but has some small trout in it.
There was a small burn coming out of the loch that looked quite tasty actually but I decided to head up to the loch as that was my primary purpose. I was using my 10 foot rod with an intermediate 7 weight line
I had a few casts from the dam wall and got some interest from a couple of fish, I would swear one of them was a rather large Perch, both fish swirled at my fly but did not take it. The loch is quite small and knowing that there was a small inlet with a burn around the other side of the loch I headed over.
At this time of year I would expect there to be fish there as they will be thinking about spawning. I had to jump over the burn which was in spate and was rewarded with two small trout that fought hard!

Lovely looking trout, nice color but I thought they looked a bit thin?
I also gave myself the willies as when I was walking through some bushes suddenly the bushes in front of started to shake….I heard a low “Grrrrrrrr” and I hurriedly moved away….I then spent the next hour constantly looking over my shoulder for some kind of monster that would tear my head off and quite possibly eat me!!

I think it was a sheep!

Fly Fishing Retailers Trade Show | Outside Online

Fly Fishing Retailers Trade Show | Outside Online

I do believe Tea Stick Rods were there as well!

Fishing Fly Stuck in Eye

Fishing Fly Stuck in Eye

I am pretty sure most people have seen this link by now, a reason why people shoudl ensure they wear some kind of eye protection.

The fly looks like a Pheasant Tail Nymph, which reminds me that I should rie up some for next season!

Glasgow Fly Tying Evening

The Fly Tying night is starting up again…the venue is:: the Yarrow Club at 223 Anniesland Road, Glasgow G13 1RP. The night will be a Wednesday and it starts on the 5th October at 6.30pm.

I will be there, unless it stops raining, in which case I will be fishing….and then wander in late!

You CAN have too much of a good thing!!


more rain

and even more pissing rain…
fucking rain

Just goes to show that you can in fact get too much of a good thing. The river is like hot chocolate (although cold) and looks to stay like that untill the brown trout season ends. If we have two days respite one of the tributories may be fishable….we shall see!!!

Not long now!

A couple of weeks left trout fishing, the weather has grown cold and I will be starting a new job shortly as well. I would like to say that I will be fishing every day until the season closes but I doubt it as wedding plans are being made (and seemingly I have to do a lot more). This week I want to get down to the Kelvin at least a couple of times and to one of the tributaries at least once. At this time of year you should be expecting trout moving up river into the tributaries so sport should be pretty good.

I am also thinking of having a bash at catching a Salmon on the fly (if any are actually surviving) at the tail end of the season, I would be grateful of anyone out there that fishes for Salmon on the Kelvin (without a net and a pair of flippers) to tell me how productive they are.

The Salmon Farm Protest Group

Press Release


Bogus report from Scottish Environment Protection Agency

More than 300,000 diseased salmon from Marine Harvest Limited fish farms in the Western Isles have been buried in the machair (gobally important shell-sand dunes and fields) at Kyles-paible near Bayhead on the Island of North Uist. Marine Harvest continues to use the site to dispose of their sick and dying fish.
Continue reading The Salmon Farm Protest Group

I am now ill

Or rather I have been for the last few days. It started with a sore throat and has gradually progressed to full on feeling lousy. No fishing being done, but plenty of watching Star Wars!

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