Attack of the Fibre Optic Cables !!

So I fished for a few hours yesterday and caught nothing. I am beginning to think that the easy to get to sections of the river are gubbed, then again it might have been the conditions. I caught lots of those Sea Trout that were stocked, tiny little two inch long silvers but that was about it.
I have also found that for some reason several large rolls of fibre optic cables have found there way into the river. I noticed one down in the Maryhill area and found another 3 much further upstream, where the heck did they come from? Anyone know anything about them?
The effort that must have went into getting them in the river must have been great, unless they were swept in when th eriver was in spate. Whatever reason, they make the river look an eyesore.

My new wading boots are also gubbed, the sole is starting to come away at the sole. Grrrr


  1. Ian Scott · June 18, 2006

    Wow.. spools of fibre optic cable in the river! That isn’t cheap stuff, either.

    Sea trout…. one of these days, I’ll make arrangements to fly back to the UK, where I can fish for those! Hopefully you’ll have better luck in finding the larger ones though 🙂

  2. TC · June 18, 2006

    I’m amazed at the crap we find the Upper Sacramento River (railroad tracks run alongside the whole of the river), but I can’t remember finding huge wooden spools.

    Still, here’s your chance to recover them, thereby taking possession of a pair of cool new footstools…

    As for your wading boots, I gather “gubbed” isn’t a good thing? It certainly sounds unpleasant.

  3. alistair · June 18, 2006

    Hey TC, “Gubbed”

    One of our many unique Scottish words. Have a look here


  4. TC · June 18, 2006

    Interesting, but the keeper looks a lot like David Seaman. Wasn’t he English?

    Sometimes I think you lot have trouble telling the two apart…


  5. Alistair · June 18, 2006


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