So Emmanuelle and I met Mike and Steve on our other river for a spot of evening action from around 6pm onwards.
We got off to a slow start with only a couple of smaller trout caught, however Steve powered ahead picking up trout consistently on a deer hair Sedge.
Emmanuelle caught this corker of a brown trout on a size 14 olive parachute from a special little pool that we discovered. If Mike had not been around with his net it may have managed to escape the camera. We are still pretty unsure of the weight; it went from 2lb to 3lb, leave a comment if you are good at guessing weights?
For some reason even though we knew Steven was picking up trout all day on a sedge we did not change to one until much later on when it started getting a little darker. Possibly dues to over confidence in the one fly- more probable bloody mindedness.

This was my first proper trout of the evening at around 2200.
I cast up a tiny little riffle and kept just going a little too far to the left. I think I did this 4 times. When I corrected myself and managed to get the drift down the middle of the flow the trout took first time. That was when the fun began. I knew this trout was going to need the net as there was a big riffle behind me going into a new pool. Also it gave a rather spectacular jump. I reached up behind me to pull the net away from the magnetic release on my waistcoat and nothing happened, it just stayed stuck. At this point the trout decided to go down for a spot of sightseeing after all, shooting past me and rolling around in the pool behind. I scrambled over some rocks and behind a bush, still pulling frantically on the magnetic release, still it would not come away. Turns out I had attached the magnetic release completely wrongly so no amount of pulling would have solved my problem. As it was the trout was now laying quietly in some slack water as it had wrapped itself in nylon. After a couple of quick photos I held it in the water, after a tense couple of mins it gave an indignant kick and was off.

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  • Bryan McLean

    Why do you keep this other river such a secret. I thought us fishermen were suposed to be freindly people shareing good spots and tips with one another. Seems a little childish on your part to be honest.

  • Bryan,

    I don’t think its childish not printing directions and naming places that I fish, hell I write the odd thing about my wife- do you want some nude photos of her while I am giving you directions to my favorite secluded fishing spot ? 😉

    Do you not think that I give you enough, I tell you sweet spots on the Kelvin, tell you when is good to fish, what flies to use, will freely meet up with people for a fish and give advice on tactics. I would have thought rather than childish I was being very generous.

    Tell you what, once we meet up a few times, you share approx 10% of the info that I have shared (think about just how much that is) with you and then we can talk about sweet spots 

    Looking forward to it!


    ps. Dont think you ever let me know about that hill


  • Bryce Scobie

    Emmanuelle’s trout
    To hell with the exact weight, I would have given my eye teeth to have caught a trout like that when I lived in Scotland.
    The Glaswegian Latin for the a fish like that is trutta-bigstotterius.
    (I don’t have my eye teeth anymore so I suppose I am SOL)
    Bryce Scobie.

  • What a trout! That’s a corker!

    Glad you all had a good day! That’s a belter of a river you have there too!


  • Alistair

    Hi Bryce,

    Usually we are not too bothered with weights but I think we are going to put this fish in for a fish of the month competition so must have an accurate guess at the weight 🙂

    Hey Gareth, its a lovely spot, th egood thing is that it is basically just half a mile of pocket water that people find much too difficult to fish. In fact it is hellish to fish a the drag is pretty difficult to cope with 🙂


  • mike

    Childish? hmm.. that’s a triffle harsh for a man who has shared so much great info for many many people. Respect where respect is due I’d say.

  • Bryan McLean

    Fair enough.

    Still haven’t had a chance to fish it yet went up one night and there was a troop of neds jumping around the water so thought agaist it. God only knows how they got there as there was no pimped up cars around.

    Anyway had a good weekends fishing Friday was on the Lake of Menteith doing the Wateraid Fly Fishing competition. Caught an absoloutly stunning 6lb7oz Blue trout that put up a hell of a fight. Sunday was at my usual spot on the Kelvin start quite slow then there seemed to be fish everywhere. Hooked a couple of smaller fish before landing one jsut over a pound.

    Do you know how i can post a pic of the trout from Friday if your interested to see it?

    Also have you or anyone reading this heard about the Gadloch angling club? Its based in Lenzie jsut up the road from me and I was thinking about joining if the fishing is up to much.

    Sorry about the rant on Saturday just itching to fish new places!!!!

    Cheers Bryan

  • Alex


    crackin’ fish there! I would guesstimate Emmanuelle’s trout to be 2.25lb. Looks in top condition too.

    Bryan, if this site didn’t exist would you still be accusing Alistair of being secretive? doubt it- you are getting something for nothing!!
    I believe the Gadloch is a privately owned syndicate water.


  • mick

    Hi alastair, how are you? with regards to the enquiery about the gadloch, i’m a member and if anyone wants some details they can leave them in this post if you don’t mind.



    ps. the fishing is pretty good

  • Alistair

    No problem Bryan, Where abouts is it you live anyway ? I mind you saying it was Kirki or Torrance ?

    Hey Mick, good to hear from you, long time no speak. I take it you are doing a fair bit of loch fishing now ?

    Good of you to pass on info to Bryan 🙂


  • Bryan McLean

    Hi Mick

    I spoke to the guy Gerry last night but i am not sure about the boat situation? Can you shed any light on this? Is it natural fly fishing or is it more along the line of lure stripping stuff?

    I stay in Bishopbriggs but I fish the Kelvin in Torrance. I have tried to find some new spots but only come across messages written on trees to keep out and no fishing!! I think we should be allowed to fish anywhere afterall we do pay for it!

    Any of you have comment on this???


  • Alistair


    I dont know of any places on the kelvin where we are not allowed to fish. Keep out signs are not worth the paper they are written on due to the new right to roam act. Tell you what, you have two choices, iether give me a list of places that have these signs and I will bring it up at the next commitee meeting (sometime next month) or give Dougie Brown (the secretary) a telephone and ask him about it. Dont be nervous at giving him a phone as you will get a good bit of banter from the old coot and he has a wealth of information about the river. His number is on the ticket 🙂


  • That is a very nice trout! I’m no good at estimating weights from pictures though.

    One thing I noticed is the amount of sunlight you still have at 10PM! I’m in Southern Ontario, around this time of the year, it is dark at about 9:45PM. I’d have to move quite a bit further north to enjoy sunlight until 10PM or later – but then, there are way too many blackflies, mosquitoes, and no jobs!

    And the winters are brutal.

  • Iain Hammerton

    I whole heartily agree with Alistair’s stance on sharing info. He shares a huge amount but also bear in mind how public a forum this is. If the ‘sweet spots’ were clearly identified then how long before they sour from over fishing and those that don’t practice catch and release? Talking about which I think you should put forceps down under the essential tools.

    As for Emmanuelle’s fish, it’s a stouter! No wonder he looks like the Cheshire Cat!

    By the way Alistair, those Dirty Duster’s worked a treat for me the other Friday night at the place that suffered that attack of the cables!

  • mick

    still fishing the rivers alastair,nothing to beat them, that other river of yours looks pretty good, i’ve been up to the ericht at blairgowrie quite a bit but its wet fly city, they don’t seem to like the dry very much.

    bryan, the gadloch is excellent for dry and buzzers, the smaller the better some nights and the old traditional 3 cast loch style also works well, never use lures myself. on the boat subject you can either hire the club boat for a couple of quid or put on your own.

    if you want more info email me at

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  • David carr

    Iam one of three keepers on the gadloch it is stocked with rainbow trout and has a wild stock of brown trout the sport is good you can wade of most points of the loch and there is 2 club boats availible free of charge you can put your own boat on for a small anual charge there is also blue trout in there to hope this is of help to you
    ifo is on the web