You just cannae win sometimes.

So the other night I went fishing with Alex for an evening session. I was sitting on the bus (the number 16) when I got a text “get here quick, trout everywhere” or something like that. Seeing as how I could not get the bus to go any quicker I browsed through my flies for a correct choice of fluff to the bemusement of commuters and grannies going to bingo. As soon as I got to the river all action stopped and it was to be the start of a night skewed in Alex’s favour. I mean, I caught trout, some nice trout actually, just not as many as Alex had on or in fact lost.
We fished a pool where you are pretty much guaranteed a trout, Alex had around 6 and I caught nought, we were using the same flies AND Alex was handicapped by a gammy leg from football.
Still nice, just one of those nights I suppose.
I am now off on holiday for a week, Claire is unfortunately on nightshift all week so I have been filling up each day with places to fish and people to meet, rather considerately I felt but she says I have been selfish, you just cannae win sometimes!
I see Mike is having similar problems with his brother who outfished us all the other day, while we were busy in our walky talkies asking if anyone had seen any trout he was lazily saying “…just putting back my 5th half pounder” (it could have been more but I wouldnt want to swell his head even more)