Happy new Ear ! (you heard me)

happy New Year!

Compfused.com – Easy Fishing

Compfused.com – Easy Fishing

I have heard of people getting a boat full of fish but this is plain silly 🙂

Boxing day Pike, or not!

So it was at around 10pm on Christmas night when I got a text message from an enthusiastic fisher Charlie.
– Want to go fishing tomorrow?
I replied
– Why the hell not!

I had read something somewhere about going Pike fishing on Boxing Day being traditional so we decided to go to the local canal.
The theory behind this was that it was free and if it got too cold we could just do a bolt back to the house for a cup of tea.

Anyway, too cut a long story short we fulfilled two traditions, we went Pike fishing on Boxing Day and in grand traditional style we blanked. Hell, we even used big rattling plugs. I had asked Alex if he wanted to join us but he was up North spending time with his folks. Freezing cold, hungry, no fish, he would have loved it I said to myself as I thumped my freezing cold feet in an attempt to heat them up.
There was lots of “Ha , would you rather be out here, battling the elements trying to catch Pike, or sitting in your house drinking mulled wine watching Crimbo telly”
The packaging reads:
…run the lure between and over reeds, be prepared for explosive takes

By God, I was prepared!!
Secretly, we all wanted to be back in our beds.

Charlie had brought Scott his girlfriends brother who had only fished a couple of times before, asked if he would want to go again he said “definitely, ask me again in May will you”

Outwardly promising we would meet up again soon for another Pike session and inwardly vowing not to answer any more fishing text messages we parted freezing cold and wanting to die !

Still fancy Pike on the fly though!

Happy Christmas, Winterfest etc !


Field & Stream – Adventure: Flyfishing Gone Mad

Field & Stream – Adventure: Flyfishing Gone Mad

Shark on the Fly anyone ?

Must hold on !

It is almost time, we are half way through. The 21st was the Winter solstice, the days are growing longer and the nights are growing shorter.

We shall all soon be on the river once more !

Guestbook fixed

Someone mailed me a while ago as my guestbook was not working. A quick chat with web host I-web solutions quickly sorted it out. If you have not already head over and sign it.

Trout Grass

When I got back from my honeymoon sitting on my doormat was a rather nice surprise, a DVD entitled Trout Grass. Written and narrated by David James Duncan. Featuring Glen Brackett, Hoagy Carmichael and Thomas McGuane. Shot on location in Southern China and Montana, Trout Grass documents the transformation of bamboo into a split-cane fly rod. It is beautifully shot with some memorable spoken words. Basically, it is the journey that every bamboo rod takes from being a strong bit of grass cut down to being on a river catching a fish.
I think even if you do not use a bamboo rod you will still enjoy this lovely journey, story and cinematography.

You can buy it through the Trout Grass web site, it costs 29.95 dollers. I will give a shout when it comes out on Amazon !

My Wedding Cake !

You might remmember when i was in the bad books about moaning about my wedding cake. To get my moneys worth here is a picture of it….

My wedding cake 🙂

wedding cake

Obviously without the writing !

CollapsAbel Rod

CollapsAbel Rod

A collapsable fly rod? comments ?