Just one of those nights!!!

I realised almost instantly that I had made a wrong decision.
Ordinarily it would not have mattered I would just give my better half a phone but this time it was different: I had lent her my mobile phone as she was going on a night out. I had arranged for my future mother in law to come and pick me at quarter to nine and it was around 6pm. In this little tributary the water was too low, it was too bright and the action would be happening just when I was packing up and in the morning I had banged the side of my head off a door meaning I could not wear my cap to keep the sun out of my eyes…..all in all I was not happy.
I could see Omens everywhere…
So I started my get out plan, there is a wee pub near the river that I was sure would have a phone, I phone my better half who would come back and pick me up (she would not have left yet) and drop me off at the Kelvin. That was where I should be this evening, I was pretty sure it would have cleared as well, in fact in my minds eye it was looking absolutely great, in fact when my better half comes to pick me up I would get her to bring my cap….bugger the pain!!!
I dismantled my stuff and headed up to the pub, they were not amused to see me tramping in with wet waders and dark sunglasses looking like some kind of deranged fishing commando.
“What are you after Sir?”
“Um, where is you payphone?”
“We don’t have one Sir; most people have mobiles these days!”

Damn and blast, that was me stuck here until later, and I hadn’t caught any fish either. I made a determined effort to make the best of a bad situation and went looking for deeper pools, finding a couple and spooking all the fish, the Omens were getting worse as well.
welly boot

Finally I managed a couple of teeny troot and sat outside the pub on the grass wondering what kind of mushrooms were on their grass, people gave me odd looks but bugger them.

I developed a very sore head, when I got home I decided on a large pizza and went to me bed with a gin & tonic.

EDIT….almost as soon as i wrote this post I then checked my mobile phone that my other half had taken out with her…….there was a text from another kelvin fisher that said….“The kelvin is looking fishier than billingsgate market! Probably in as good condition as its been all season”


Raining!!! Caught at the last min…

It’s now pissing down with rain out there. It has been warm and overcast all day, I suppose threatening it really but I thought like yesterday it would not come to anything. I was supposed to be fishing the River Gryffe and was going to get the train but my better half decided to give me a lift (just as well as it turned out) As we were approaching where I was to be dropped off there was a few spits of rain….then the clouds opened and it has been miserable ever since. Damn, I am working tomorrow but I suppose I may get a few hours in the morning if I get the chance, although saying that this rain might cloud the river.

Ach well, it will do the river good!
It will also mean the Salmon fishers will be out in full force. I had am email off someone telling me about the bunch of guys heading up with a couple of bait rods each to a popular bit for Salmon. Ah well!!

Camping in the Lake District

So I went camping with my sister, brother in law and my better half to the Lake District. For some bizzare reason I did not throw a rod into the back of the car thinking that I would not be able to get any fishing done, how annoyed then was I when we camped here around a few yards from this little burn..
little burn
What made it even worse was the fact I could see little rises every time that I walked up to check it again.

Anyway, we did some walking and nearly got blown off the top of a hill..

Fantastic Small Stream Action! + some pretty good news!!

So I went along to one of the Kelvin tributaries for a little evening session, after that heavy rain it was up around a foot and a little dirty. There was fish rising so I knew it was worth a bash..
I was using my little Tea Stick rod which is absolutley perfect for this type of fishing..
tea stick

Unlike one of these green bubble floats which I found hanging from a tree..
I honestly have no idea why people use such things to try and catch perfect little trout like this..
little trout

I caught around 7 perfect little trout and would have got more if SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED had not turned up to get me……managed to get my hands covered in nettle stings getting out.

On and I received a phone call from my university tutor as well, it might interest my long term readers to know that I am now a fully qualified Social Worker. I am thinking of putting a little sign up outside my house “no problem too big, no problem too small”

Awright Muckers!!

Not being one to slag off anothers fishing atire I noticed this picture on a forum that I visit..
ned fish

The DAZ clean shell suit, the matching cap, a cigarette at jaunty angle and the rainbow held like an OUZI…….Bring back the days of tweed jacket and tie…..ach maybe Burberry would be the new tweed.

I am GAGGING to go fishing!

Thats a weird expression isnt it, gagging to go fishing? Yes it is!!

Anyway, it has now been raining pretty hard for a couple of days and the Kelvin is unfishable. There is a possibility that one of the tributories will be fishable as long as their is no more rain but I suppose it is all down to whether it clears quickly or not. I may ask SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED if she can take a wee drive past to see what level it is at!

I am away for the weekend, I am going down to the Lake District to do a spot of camping and hill walking…..yippeeeee!!!

Fishing the Leven

In a smilar vein to my Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin site we have a website entitled “Fishing the Leven”. Some nice images of the River Leven, for my American readers the Leven is a river that runs out of Loch Lomond into the Clyde. The Kelvin also runs into the Clyde but is much smaller and not as heavilly fished for Salmon as the Leven.
Some people say that the reason The Kelvin gets a run of Salmon is because the Leven salmon got a bit lost one year and now keep coming back :)

Stung on the face with nettles whilst being rained on!

So after praying for rain for weeks it finally came, just as I and Alex arrived at the Kelvin. It was pissing it down and to make things even worse I had forgotton my lucky hat! We were doomed from the beginning. Alex even fell in but by this point it did not really make much diffirence as the rain was so heavy anyway.

What made it even more galling was that the conditions had been perfect all day, overcast/warmish.

In between heavy rain I put on a little dry fly and managed to rise one fish which promtly spat the fly out! When we started fishing the water was crystal clear, after a few hours it was very coloured with bits of weed tangling up on our flies.
To get out of where we were fishing we had to scramble through bushes which is where I got stung on the face with nettles.


Ah yes, urban angling at its best!!

Looking forward to my next outing already!!

The Baton!

So General Ape passed me the baton which is “…a less-irritating-than-usual web log quiz meme all about music, but, somewhere along the way, it morphed into being all about books”

Books Owned
I have a lot of books; a lot of them are kept now in storage up in my new attic. They are a mixture of sci fi/fantasy…..crime…..fishing books….horror and social work text books. I hoard books and to be honest I think some books can be judged my their cover, but then again some covers look crap and are still good……but hey that’s life :)

When I get Amazon gift certificates through people buying books that I recommend i get damned exited as it means I get a free book. When that happens I take great pains to choose a book that actually has something to do with fishing, it’s like a little gift from my website to me ….weird eh?

Last Book Bought
Now that I come to think about it, hmmmm possibly the last book I bought may actually have been a social work text book horrifyingly enough. I have been bought a lot of books by people for my birthday and at Christmas so usually have a vast collection of books waiting to be read…..actually in writing this I think I remember what the last book was…..I bought “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. It was later made into a terrible film called “The Omega Man” with Charlton Heston.

It is a much better book! It also has a rather good cover!

Last Book I Read

A book I have just finished after reading for around the 10th time is “Consider Phlebas”

A fantastic book and the first in the “Culture” series. One of those books where you are thinking who are the goodies and who are the baddies :)

The war raged across the galaxy. Billions had died, billions more were doomed. Moons, planets, the very stars themselves, faced destruction, cold-blooded, brutal, and worse, random. The Idirans fought for their Faith; the Culture for its moral right to exist. Principles were at stake. There could be no surrender. Within the cosmic conflict, an individual crusade. Deep within a fabled labyrinth on a barren world, a Planet of the Dead proscribed to mortals, lay a fugitive Mind. Both the Culture and the Idirans sought it. It was the fate of Horza, the Changer, and his motley crew of unpredictable mercenaries, human and machine, actually to find it, and with it their own destruction. Consider Phlebas – a space opera of stunning power and awesome imagination.

Which is about as far away from fly fishing for trout that you can actually get!

I am currently reading “Otherland” by Tad Williams which is actually turning out to be quite good……a kind of matrix meets anti racism fantasy novel :)
I am trying to stay away from fishing books until the close season so that I have a few to read to keep me occupied in those long winter nights……eak!

Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me

My first John Gierach book and still the best! Also one that I stole from the library…..well I didn’t actually steal it I just did not take it back……it wasn’t even my card that I borrowed it on!

I read it and did not really “get it”. Then when I started fly fishing pretty much full time I read it again……fantastic

Consider Phlebas…see above…my first Culture novel!


Not so much a book but a collection of poems by T.S. Eliot….contains “The Waste Land”


The fourth is Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”…..if there was ever a reason for me wanting to work with vulnerable people this is it!


I really couldn’t pick a fifth book out of all my favourite books……if i have a favourite book it means something to me :)

I’m passing this on to…

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and finally

Jason at Ahoyhoy.org


“I got a new fly rod and reel for my wife…best trade I ever made.” – Thomas Horan

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