The Highlander Way

You know, I don’t think I have ever written about this little site although I have it in my links list on the main site. There are some lovely little gems of websites out there and this is one of them, I like little sites off the beaten track (a bit like my own) – something to do with the underdog maybe…
In the authors own words..

“No “look how big a fish I can catch” No name dropping, no blonde bimbos hanging on my arm & no I don’t do competitions, sell cigars or fine wines. What I do “sell” is a gentler time when fly fishers treated their quarry with respect. Where fly fishers could sit & pass the time of day without mentioning, bag limits boobies & blobs.
Traditional tactics & flies are my weapons of choice. If this is for you then scroll on”

If you like the sound of that, you will love it.

Check it out- The Highlander Way
And check out some of the authors flies here

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  1. George · July 14, 2006

    Hey ” Almighty One ”

    What’s all these digs about ” boobies ” ?
    Is this a wee afrodian slip maybe ” you starting to grow man boobs and wanting to tell the world about it ?? :o)

    Sorry to hear about your sore throat and having to pull from your fishing/camping expedition.

    News for you … I caught my 10th rainbow the other night. And, it wasn’t caught on the booby :o)
    This time, I caught ” this nice 2lb 6oz beaut ” on an olive damsel, NO BEAD, just a nice red head built up from thread .. Lovely :o) .. and to round it all off … I tied the damsel myself … cool as a cool thing on national cool day !! .. too far maybe ? ;o)

    Have you read ” Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley ” .. no joke, serious question ?? .. I know IT’S RATHER OLD .. so is that joke as well.
    I got a copy off ebay, HB printed in 1991 .. got it today, looks for like an Arthur Ransom story than anything else .. but I’m sure a good read for a miserable night.

    Right, offski for now.

    Catch yi later

    George ;o)

    (ps … will have to work on those 🙂 things )

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