Milton of Fonab Campsite- a poor result

Going up to fish the Tummel next week and looking for a campsite in Pitlochry, I found the Milton of Fonab Campsite which looked ideal so emailed them. I explained that we are a group of anglers, fishing from dawn till dusk but the answer was nope, they do not accept groups of single sex parties. It was a very polite email, but still, pretty rubbish that a group of law abiding anglers cannot get a pitch on a camp site just because we are male………its a pity the law is not on our side….oh hang on it is..
UK Law on Equality and Discrimination

I think the pertinant line is

Currently, there is direct legislation dealing with discrimination on the grounds of sex, race and disability that applies in a number of fields, including employment, education, housing and the provision of goods and services.

Anyway, I have mailed them the link so will wait and see what they say


Having looked at some reviews, most notably here I am glad I got somewhere else. It seems a little cramped and a bit of a money making excercise with a busy road running past it….ugh avoid !!


  1. mike · July 6, 2006

    Just offer to be respectable and only take the 5 kegs of beer and half the block of hash.

  2. Alistair · July 6, 2006

    I did , I did….in fact I said we would keep you in check as well 🙂

  3. Fishin Dog · July 6, 2006

    What a story. Maybe someone can wear a wig next time.


  4. mike · July 6, 2006


  5. TC · July 6, 2006

    Yes – this is clearly unacceptable, and my first thought was to wonder which of you lot has the legs to wear a skirt.

    I could understand not wanting to rent to a bunch of fly fishers – as a rule they’re a sorry bunch with a prediliction for satanic worship and sexual atrocities against livestock – but a blanket rule against groups of men is simply unacceptable.

    I’m pulling for you from the states.

  6. James Munro · July 6, 2006

    Report them to Visitscotland, if they are listed as one of their accommodation providers….

  7. Alistair · July 6, 2006

    Hi James,

    Nah, I have just looked- they are not listed !

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