Points to keep in mind

Well, you learn something new every time you go fishing. I think I learned two things last night.

1. Don’t bother going fishing in this crazy heat until it is even approaching dark (ie afer 6pm)
2. If you have difficulty in tying on a size 22 CDC fly when it is light it will be next to impossible when it is dark.
Oh and a third thing- when you get your fly stuck in a tree and you pull it out, you might think it is a good thing the fly is still attached but n actual fact it is not. I noticed that when I was tying on another fly. When pulling tight the knot would break, I think this was because the nylon had been stretched so much. I use that Frog Hair nylon and usually find it very good. AT first I thought it was a faulty batch but after a while I realised it was the whole tree/pull/knot thing. Point to remember that.
sanitary towlel pool

Oh you might have noticed a couple of days ago a discussion that took place of naming places that I fish, most notably was the other river. It just so happened that I was on the phone to the person who first took a pal of mine there and he commented that he was a bit nervous I was introducing so many people to it. I pointed out that it was only a few and they were all trusted characters who would not exploit the spot, he then mentioned about the blog and I had to assure him that no way would I name it. You see the thing is, if I go giving directions to every sweet spot on my blog then readers will stop asking me to go fishing with them to their own sweet spots. I would have certainly shot myself in the foot (more like a kick in the nuts)


  1. Alan Atkins · July 6, 2006

    Stick to your guns Alistair.People must learn and discover their own hotspots, and then info can be exchanged. Nothing in life is much fun or a challenge if you get it on a plate. Why do we go fishing afetr all , to discover, to learn and to experience new sights , sounds etc., getting all deep now, bye !!

  2. Murdock · July 6, 2006


    There is a long and well documented tradition of anglers keeping their fishing sites secret. It is sort of like telling your fishing buddies what fly the fish are taking. You are only required to do so after you have a five fish lead.


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