Dramatic Entrances and Dramatic Exits

bus stop
We had lots of thunder and lightening yesterday morning with lots of rain. I was not sure if the Kelvin was going to be out of action but met Alex down there anyway. Turned out the water did have a colour to it, certainly could not see the bottom, possibly just a little higher than usual. I did not realise we were about to have a great session.
I tackled up and started fishing before Alex made his rather dramatic arrival of climbing over a fence, giving a cheery wave and then falling head over heels down the bank amongst the vegetation. Next time he arrives I will have my camera poised just in case, probably win 10 bucks in the local rag for a picture like that.
We did ok during the day picking up that odd fish here and there, not too hot. I picked up a nice trout from some pocket water after missing a trout at sanitary towel pool (so called because….oh never mind).
The real action started as soon as it got a little darker, we were both considering going home, Alex had lost his mobile phone and was going to look for it before it got too dark and I was thinking that nothing was going to happen because the conditions were poor. As we were walking up to where we cross the river I noticed a trout on the other side, we decided I would go after that trout and Alex would walk up the river. What followed was the most enjoyable dry fly session in a good while on the Kelvin.

At the far bank trout were sipping down flies, I decided they were taking Yellow Mays emergers as they were splashing at them dancing on the surface before breaking free. In a deep very slow run of around 30 yards I must have picked up around 5-6 nice trout. Every now and then I looked up to See Alex at the head of the pool into another trout as well, good looking ones too. I was a little envious as he was at some faster water which would make it a little easier as the trout would not have as long to inspect his fly. Turned out he was getting all his trout on a nymph.
at last
As we packed up we spoke about how good a session it had been, by this point I was now wounded after banging by shin against a boulder so was doing it whilst limping around saying ow a lot.

Oh and Alex’s mobile turned up, it was in his net attached to his back. It must have fallen in there when he was taking a leak. I wonder what he would have done if he had caught a trout of a few pounds and then seen the mobile dangling just above the water, the trout about to be lost due to trying to get the phone out the net – probably let the insurance kick in I would imagine- its only a phone.


  1. Olli · July 3, 2006

    Very nice story. 🙂 Yet, it makes me wonder when will I be able to go to fishing next time… (sigh)

  2. Alistair · July 3, 2006

    No excuses- go now !!!

  3. Olli · July 3, 2006

    Tuesday evenings are my free evenings (we have two small children), but my father-in-law asked me to come and help him with some manual labor (sawing wood actually). And I said yes. Oh well… Maybe thursday morning before work…

  4. david holland · July 3, 2006

    This is the Kelvin we’re talking about, right?
    When I was at college in Glasgow 1968/71 the Kelvin was a polluted stream with absolutely no trout at all.
    When did it recover?

    BTW – I’m delighted!

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