So I really enjoyed Mikes post about his new “lanyard of power”. I met Mike down at the Glasgow Angling Centre when he was trying to get the materials together to actually start his lanyard project and he was looking forward to it then. Now that he has completed it (or at least went into beta testing phase) I am sure he is pretty chuffed.
Lanyards I think have everything going for them and nothing going for them. Wear one without anything else and you will usually find yourself in a situation where you just don’t have enough “stuff” and when you wear a more conventional waistcoat or chest pack you constantly feel as if you are loaded to the brim with “stuff” you don’t need. When I say “stuff” I am talking about the dozens of miscellaneous products that you seem to carry and only ever use now and again, for example – a priest, floating yarn, spare leaders, spare nylon, desiccant, another fly box, a small flash light, extra batteries for camera- you know just “stuff” like that. It could all be so much simpler if you could just put it all on a lanyard. I always think I get too stressed out about all this other “stuff” and have decided that I should only carry on the occasions I actually think I will need it. Ah- have a think about the logic of that for a moment. OK an explanation – I know that most of the “stuff” will only be needed now and again, so what I should do is wear my lanyard with minimal equipment when I am say – fishing a tiny stream (which is Mikes idea as well)
…and wear my waistcoat when fishing a river that I do not know or when conditions are variable. I suppose you only really need a fully quota of “stuff” if you know for a fact that conditions might change or it is inconvenient to go back to the car and pick it up. Aha- I suppose this is getting to the heart of the matter. Is it because I am now a driver? Before when I walked to the river or got the bus it was never a simple matter of toddling back to the house to pick up something that I needed it was a case of be snookered or improvise. I suppose now it is a case of I can be as minimalist as I want as I know I can just walk to the car to pick up what I need.
I obtained my lanyard last year- I would like to say that I was as dedicated as Mike and made it out of a couple of shoe laces and a bit of spare mono but I went the easy route and bought mine off of eBay. At least I did not buy one of the ones from C&F that cost around £25 – instead I bought a hippy beady one for around a £10 that included postage from the US. I have had it for around a year and never used it- I think I am going to break it in on the first day of the season if the conditions are right. If it is a nice enough day I am going to hit one of the tributaries of the Kelvin – a tiny stream where I just might pick up a tiny trout on a dry fly. I am looking forward to it !


Greetings from Urban Fly Fisher previously known as Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin 🙂

Pull up a chair, take your shoes off. Have a drink – I shall not be posting for a few days so why dont you have a flick through the archives. I am just waiting for everyone to catch up!
Maybe you would like to leave a comment regarding the new look – that would be nice. Perhaps you would like to complain as I have used your photo in my header without your permission- well that will teach you to go fishing without a camera 🙂


Kelvin AGM – tonight !!

Yes, ladies and gentleman – it is the event you have all been waiting for – it is the annual funtastic, arguemastic AGM of the River Kelvin Angling Association. It shall be featuring the usual mix of loveable miscreants from Glasgow’s underworld of fishing – full of opinions and ideas for the coming year or then again maybe even an awkward silence will ensue as everyone is only there for the raffle.

#sigh# good times good times.

Henry’s Fork II Premium Wading Shoe- First Impressions

So I have a new pair of wading boots. I received them a few weeks ago (a late Christmas pressie) and I have been trying them on every now and then just to make sure that the fit is ok for the coming season. Ever since I bought breathable waders I have been on the lookout for a good pair of wading boots, mostly because my first three pairs decided to give up the ghost in annoying fashion. My first pair was Vision Extreme dual track boots whichgave up after two seasons- in fact just before giving up they decided to try and take the breathable waders with them. They managed to put a great big metal pointy rivet through the neoprene boots. My second pair was a pair of Snowbee boots which lasted a couple of months before the sole fell off. My third pair was a replacement pair of Snowbee identical to the first that disintegrated after a couple of sessions. Additionally as they were marketed as being good for hiking as well as non slip on rocks (they were funny rubber stuff not felt) I trusted them to look after me in a, well, we shall call it a non slip kind of way when up to your waist in water. Sadly this was not the case- while my fishing partners were striding on ahead with manly purposeful strides I was reduced to holding onto branches and rocks whilst trying to navigate what felt like a particularly jaggy ice rink.
So it is fair to say that I have either not been lucky with my boots or just another victim of the manufacturers wanting us to pay through the nose for equipment that we need for fishing. I suppose it is false economy for them to actually design something that will last for more than a couple of years. Maybe I am a pessimist- but I don’t think so!
The one company that I keep hearing about is Orvis and their lifetime guarantee on wading products. I have already decided to purchase a pair of Orvis Breathables when my current ones (Vision Endurance) finally become just one big patch as the customer service is from word of mouth excellent. This is why I decided to buy the Henrys Fork II Premium Wading Boot. When I got them out the box I was impressed, they feel sturdy and the sole is sealed with rubber onto the boot so no stitching to come away.
orvis boots- sexy
I particularly liked the insole- it is nice and thick and made of what feels like plastic. I cannot see it rubbing around like the other boots I have had. They feel nice and roomy as well- I like to wiggle my toes as well as wear big socks.

THis is what Orvis have to say about these Trout attracting boots:

With new, unique features designed to excel in the water and the internal structure of the latest long-distance hiking boots, this is the most highly evolved wading shoe weve ever tested. Everything about this improved design makes your fishing more enjoyable, from flow-through tongue, foot bed, and arch constructions that keep debris out and drain incredibly fast, a speed-lacing system with one-pull lace locks, and the most rugged, non-shrink materials, this is the best wading shoe money can buy.

# provides superior support, protection, and durability
# non-shrink, quick-dry synthetic Nubuck and heavy nylon mesh uppers
# speed-lace system with one-pull lace lock on the top maintains fit tension even if the lace knot comes untied
# unique honeycomb removable insole lets fine sand pass through, protecting wader soles from abrasion.

So I will wear this boot for the coming season, I will give a more thorough review at the end of the season- with regular updates as the year goes on. I suppose there is still a possibility that they will explode or something on contact with water but I hope not.

I will be looking forward to excelling in the water – those tiny troot have no idea what is going to hit em this year !

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Feb-March 2007 Fish Wild

A new edition of Fish Wild is now out…..I will be enjoying this at work 🙂

Mike – 5 years fae now

Mike is a little obsessed with casting… this what he shall become ?

You will notice the many tight loops but nae fish !!

To be fair i am probably a little jealous 🙂

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A trout of any size…

So more Salmon than ever are running the Kelvin – this means more fisherman will be going after them. With this news I am rubbing my hands in glee as Salmon are a fish I have no interest in catching. Well, when I say that, what I mean is I have no interest other than a few outings a year to actually target them seriously. I am rubbing my hands in glee as this means more people will stop targeting the trout that I like so much. Less trout pressure essentially means more trout fishing for me and other true trout addicts who care little for the size of fish but more about what you actually did to catch that trout. Thankfully my friends are of this opinion as well. We have a fairly accurate measurement of fish that goes thus: small one, nice one, big one; let’s have a photo and a trout with beautiful colours. This of course changes on each river that we fish – we know from experience what we expect from each other and I only ever made one faux paux and that was when Alex caught his beauty and I insisted on meeting him half way across the river to take a photo. Well, to be fair it was deep and I am the only one that carry’s a camera.
So, rather than size it is the experience of the thing…
Lets take this little chap here as an example.
a trout of any size
My story of catching this lovely trout probably started a few nights before. Probably when I realised that I had run out of olive klinks or even tiny cdc patterns. I then spend a couple of hours tying up a few patterns that I think I will need.
I get to the river and spot him rising, I then think about the best way to actually target him, knowing that if I get to close or come into his “window” I will spook him and the chance is lost. I look at the water and notice that Large Dark Olives are coming off in numbers-I tie on an imitation and immediately cast into a tree behind me. Rather sheepishly I then move to another spot and recast. This time my drift is all wrong as I have to spend time working out exactly where all that drag is coming from. Yegads – a speculative cast had him move 2 feet to intercept my fly and now he is landed – a quick photo opportunity (he is glad I get the hook out his lip pronto) and back in the water to go and tell his pals about the scary time he had with OLIVE THE DESTROYER.

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I fish because…

A pal lent me a book a while ago and a paragraph came back into my mind as I have been analysing exactly why I enjoy fly fishing for trout so much. Robert Traver was a man I would have liked to fish with I think

I fish because I love to; because I love the environs where trout are found, which are invariably beautiful, and hate the environs where crowds of people are found, which are invariably ugly; because of all the television commercials, cocktail parties, and assorted social posturing I thus escape; because, in a world where most men seem to spend their lives doing things they hate, my fishing is at once an endless source of delight and an act of small rebellion; because trout do not lie or cheat and cannot be bought or bribed or impressed by power, but respond only to quietude and humility and endless patience; because I suspect that men are going along this way for the last time, and I for one don’t want to waste the trip; because mercifully there are no telephones on trout waters; because only in the woods can I find solitude without loneliness; because bourbon out of an old tin cup always tastes better out there; because maybe one day I will catch a mermaid; and, finally, not because I regard fishing as being so terribly important but because I suspect that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant – and not nearly so much fun.

-Robert Traver (From The Anatomy of a Fisherman)

Trout Madness

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A reply to a comment…

So I received this interesting comment today in an old post….My numbering is in bold so that I can add comments appropriately

Comment by icatchkelvinsalmon

10/1/2007 @ 4:55 pm

“18031 Comment by kevin

26/4/2006 @ 10:44 am

you said the river at the Vet School was busy?…was it busy with salmon anglers? are the salmon in the kelvin yet?

18037 Comment by Alistair

26/4/2006 @ 5:02 pm

How do you tell what a Salmon angler looks like? If it was fly I would know but some of the guys that fish bait just chuck it out and leave it.
Salmon are rarerly caught in the vet school ….in fact I have never heard of one being caught there!

Alistair ”

In all fairness to Alistair you are asking the wrong guy for any information on Salmon in the Kelvin. 1

It is folly to expect a confessed trout addict to understand the movements of the migratory fish in the kelvin when, going by his own catch reports in the blog, he is concentrating on fish under the pound mark. 2

Unless the large trout in the river are being targeted the chances of covering salmon water are slim.
The small trout, which Alistair enjoys catching so much, do not generally inhabit the same pieces of water as the salmon therefore He does not come across either the salmon nor the anglers that catch a good number of salmon and grilse every season. 3

An obvious exception which can again be explained by Alistairs naivity of the salmon in the Kelvin is the fact that not only did I catch grilse(1sea winter salmon)in various stretches of the Kelvin last season I also managed to catch not one but three grilse in the in Garscube Estate(vet college) last season in only two visits also losing yet another.
These Garscube fish were small fish of up to four and three quarter pounds.
One of them was the smallest escapee farmed salmon to be caught last season.A tiddler of four and a quarter pounds.(for the record my wild fish didn’t get much over five pound this season) 4

How Alistaiar has failed to know of “any” salmon being caught in what has been a fairly consistent area for catching salmon for over a decade defies beleif.
How long have you been fishing down through Garscube? 5

On the subject of “How do you tell what a Salmon angler looks like?”

Alistair,come on now.
Surley even a small trout perturber like yourself can use your eyes to look at other anglers baits,rigs,reels line and rods and coupled with thier methodology be able to say with some degree of certainty what thier intended quarry is.

The long and the short of this “reply” is to ask you,Alistair,would you please add a paragraph on your home page letting viewers know that Salmon in the River Kelvin is not your forte. 6
This way novices seeking help and advice in catching some of the large numbers of Salmon caught from the river each season know that you are only “good” for passing your take on fly fishing for the smaller trout. 7

You should try and learn a little of the salmon fishings throughout the river Kelvin.
It is not always easy but with experience you can place yourself in the right spots at the right times and expect sport from a good number of salmon. 8

How do you know I am not just “full of it”?
Obviously if you understand my points you will not think that but incase you still doubt I can target and catch fish……
I am an extremely experienced angler.
I have fished for trout,salmon and all manner of coarse fish throughout Scotland since I was pre-teens.
I caught my first Kelvin Salmon in 1992,back in the days when the kelvin was so polluted that I couldn’t get a partner to fish with.
I have since caught over the years,in the Kelvin, a good number of Salmon to over ten pounds.
Sea trout up to two and three quarter pounds and Brown trout to nearly three pounds. 9

The Kelvin,nowadays,is a great Salmon river for the ticket price and I now no longer pay for expensive fishings as every season the number of fish running the Kelvin increases and so does my catch rate.

Nb:to all that read this,Alistair sems to have genuine enthusiasm for his beloved kelvin trout fishing but in reality he does not even scratch the surface of the real fishing to be had on this fine city river.10

1.This is a fair comment, I have never and probably will never fish for salmon in the Kelvin- so yup I am completely the wrong person to ask for advice on salmon fishing in the Kelvin.
2.The majority of trout I catch are under the pound mark, which is why I post lots of pictures of them. I don’t actually target them. Any fish I catch over a pound I generally am so elated that I forget to take a picture, plus the fact that none of my fishing buddies have cameras make big trout shots difficult.
3.Got to correct you there, Salmon do not inhabit the same water as Trout. Trout inhabit areas giving them current, cover and a good supply of food. A pool might be a suitable holding pool for salmon but could be totally inadequate for trout. All you have got to do is think about popular salmon rivers like the North Esk- fantastic for Salmon and Sea Trout- terrible for trout.
4.Good for you, well done. However I note that you did not write your catch returns in the log book provided at the main entrance. Signing the log book is a rule insisted upon by the Club and Glasgow University. Sadly it is my understanding that Grilse sizes are falling so if I were you I would stop calling 4/5 pound grilse tiddlers. Give it a couple of years and you may be wishing the tiddlers were back again.
5.Please see note above regarding log book, very few salmon have been recorded in log book. I know fine well where large amounts of Salmon are being caught but due to incidents where individuals were actually netting the river I prefer not to publicize it.
6.The thing is- this is my diary which I want to share. This is not a one stop shop for info on the Kelvin. Most people realize this- I do get a lot of emails asking about the Salmon and I simply tell them I know nothing about it. Simple eh? If I were to go around putting information on my blog and website about things I don’t know then next thing we know I will have to add something about perch 
7.Give me your name and full email address- I will be happy to pass it on to anyone that contacts me. In fact I will even put a page up with useful contacts and include your name in it.
8.I much prefer trout- no matter what the size.
9.Well done you!
10.Do any of us really scratch the surface of the river that we fish together? Will you ever really know the secrets that a river you fish holds? Do you really think that I put ALL my secrets in this blog for just anyone to read? As soon as I know everything there is to learn I shall be moving on to another river, however I know that it will never happen, there is always something to learn and some new pool not tried with a certain technique.

I am willing to accept and post fishing reports from anyone regarding the Kelvin- go for it, send me pictures and write a short report on how you went about it. I am pretty sure my readers will enjoy it. I am pretty sure they get bored about the amount I moan about things anyway!

Open to comments !

Kelvin AGM- 23rd January TUESDAY 7pm

So members of the River Kelvin Angling Club will soon be receiving the annual reports and accounts of the club. It is also the notice of when the AGM will be taking place. Last week I received a letter stating the AGM would be taking place on Thursday 25th January at 7 pm in Partck Burgh Hall. I duly put this date in my diary. After spending around 45 mins putting over 400 leaflets in envelopes and then sticking on stamps we found that the date is in fact wrong in the newsletter (and on the letter sent out to the committee). It states in the newsletter that AGM will be on Thursday the 23rd of January. This in fact is a Tuesday. The Tuesday is the correct date for the AGM. We spoke about how to rectify this, it was suggested that we could write on the envelopes the correct date, however considering the joke names and addresses that were found amongst the member list we decided that it might just confuse people further. A notice will be placed in the newspaper and a signs put up in Angling shops. Dougie stated that people don’t go into angling shops in the close season as they are not fishing however considering some unscrupulous members were still catching Salmon a full month after the season ended I would imagine they might still be stocking up on prawns or such like.

You gotta love it- the one thing that had to be right…..was wrong. 🙂

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