Five Things You Dont Know About Alistair Stewart

Tom Chandler over at Trout Underground in his business disguise decided to pass me the “Blog Tag” poison chalice where I get to share five things that you probably don’t know about me.
Considering I had a “100 things about me” page up for a year I don’t think there is anything left but for new readers or people who read through RSS here it is:

1.I am a Social Worker who “specialises” in the care management of people who have had brain injuries whether it is road traffic accidents, infections or assaults. I have a knack of forming relationships with people who ordinarily don’t engage well with people in authority.

2.I have dyslexia, not the kind that makes you read funny but the kind that makes you structure things strange. Yup, that is why on long posts you don’t have a clue what I am on about.

3.I love sci fi novels – my favorite author is Ian M Banks and his “Culture” novels, they are truly mind-blowing.

4.I built my last two computers, I get very obsessive about things- When I need to learn about something I suck up every bit of knowledge possible, this is probably why I like fishing so much, no matter how much you know you can still fluff it and mess things up.

5.I have a very eclectic music collection and taste- everything from techno to classical. Although I don’t like chart music much to be honest unless it is 80s chart music.

So there we have it !

Hmmmm, I now pass this on to…………..Looks around shiftily

Tom Jervis- A View From the Bridge
Jason Schildt- Ahoyhoy
Gareth- Fly Fishing in South Wales
Mike Newton- Tamanawis
Dan Bachman- tattered Fly

Rain, rain and a bit more rain (with some extas)

If you do not live in Scotland then I don’t have to tell you the weather has been bad. For my international readers I can tell you the Scotland is stuck with an area of low pressure that is causing wild winds, torrential rain, thunder n lightning (with hailstones) and generally making fishing impossible. When I was out working today (solving people’s problems) I passed by this little burn that is usually only a couple of feet wide.
wee burn
Yup, just by looking at it I can pretty much say that there will be no grayling fishing this side of Christmas in fact this side of the New Year if this rain does not shift soon. It has now been raining for most of November- all rivers are bursting their banks and some of the roads today were flooded – a lot of this water in Glasgow will be washing into the Kelvin – last time that happened it burst its banks pretty badly!
I am planning a little Pike fishing trip as all the brownies are all away humping. I have lost the will for stocky bashing – I feel like I am selling my soul to the devil. Hell if I am going to stand about in the cold I want to catch a proper fish, not a genetically modified, non indigenous, sexless fat beast using a fly that looks like a Christmas decoration.

Now where are those “little gems” and “Fat Dawgs”

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River Kelvin Trip Pt2 – YouTube

And here is part two of that nice little video

What is the script with my Tippet?

I have had a bit of a bad year with tippet material. At the start of the season I bought some “Frog Hair” and really liked it. It turned over well and had a good fine diameter. For some reason it started to deteriorate rapidly. About half way through the spool I noticed that when I was testing my knots it was snapping very easily. I put it down to a bad batch and bought another one. In fact if memory serves me right I bought two spools at this point, I bought some Rio tippet material as well. They were both in the 3-4lb mark. The exact same thing happened to those two spools of tippet material as well – what the monkeys is that all about? After the first batch I thought hard about it and decided that when taking tippet off the spool I would be careful to take the little band off just in case it was rubbing the line and weakening it or something, nope it did not work.
I have been racking my brains the whole season; I keep them in my top left hand waistcoat pocket, which is my tippet pocket so don’t keep anything else in there. I know that mono can deteriorate when left in sunlight but they very rarely see the light of day unless I am actually changing my leader. On closer inspection it is possible to actually see the deterioration – you can see where the tippet gets thicker and thinner when you examine it closely. I is just ordinary mono, I don’t like using fluorocarbon for two reasons. One- I find the stuff fiddly and prone to tangles even when fishing with a single fly and two- the stuff takes an age to degrade, much much longer than ordinary mono. In this day and age I don’t want to leave a massive “Fluoro” footprint behind me.
Anyone else had this problem with tippet material ?

River Kelvin Trip Pt1 – YouTube

Was wandering around youtube and came across this-Should give my international readers a little flavour of just how urban the Kelvin actually is 🙂

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Review: The Trout Bum Diaries, Volume I

I was intrigued when I got my hands on this film; I have been a watcher of the Angling Exploration Group for a while now and was keen to see just what kind of film they had churned out. It was clear from the beginning this was not going to be your usual fly fishing DVD. For starters this film was shot as a diary, and in diaries (a bit like my diary really) things go wrong and even though it is a diary about fly fishing there is also a nice little mix of other stuff to keep you interested. For other stuff think gorgeous women in bikinis on beaches. In fact it just so happened that my beloved wife walked into the room talking to me so I paused the film

– What, er, are you watching?
– It’s a fly fishing DVD, its pretty good so far!
– I bet it is (with a raised eyebrow)

Yes, frozen on the screen was a woman with a tiny bikini.

Needless to say it is not all soft porn there are some actual fishing moments, and boy, what fishing moments- there are some films that make you say to yourself “I have GOT to fish there” and this without a doubt is one of them (also muttering under your breath what lucky bXXXXX they are). It must be stressed that this video is not out to teach anything other than possibly to ensure you never have a significant other or at least one that is very understanding as it can be classed as possibly every fly anglers dream trip. It also happens to be the best fish porn I have seen on disc
The enthusiasm of the guys is impressive although to be fair, can you get bored of waking up to a beautiful trout stream and within an hour catching a rather large trout ?, somehow I don’t think so.

There are some little bonus bits at the end of the film. I would say my only criticism is that there are a couple that deserve to be in the main film, there was one shot showing a dry fly drifting down a stream….well, I should really let you get the DVD.
You can buy from Amazon or direct from the boys


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Dawsholm Park under threat

Dawsholm Park is under threat, this time from a school.

A PRIVATE school in Glasgow is in talks with the council to buy one of the city’s public parks.

Dawsholm Park, between Kelvindale and Bearsden, is up for sale and Glasgow City Council is in “discussions” with St Aloysius College.

The Jesuit independent school, for boys and girls aged 3-18, is based in Hill Street, Garnethill. The park buy-up move has provoked “outrage”.

The park has sparrow hawks and squirrels and is popular with bird watchers and walkers.

There were proposals six years ago to see the site become a business park, but they never got off the ground because of strong opposition.

Tom Ralph, former bursar and now a consultant for the college, confirmed the school was considering Dawsholm Park, along with a “number of options”, to expand its sports facilities.

However, Steve Inch, the council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “We have had early discussions with St Aloysius.

“Other options include economic development of the site and retaining it for recreational use.

“The problem with the site is it used to be a coal mine, as well as tar and chemical works, so it is expensive to prepare for development.”

However, mother of two Caroline Johnston, who stays in Balcarres Avenue, Kelvindale, and runs Neil’s Wheels, an organisation committed to getting disabled people into sport, slammed the bid to sell the park.

She said: “The park has been left to go downhill for the last six or seven years and the

cynical side of me has to think the council is doing it deliberately so it can sell off the land.

“It would seem the council is trying to get this through the back door. Everyone I talk to is outraged about it.”

Another critic was Stephen Prince, secretary of Broomhill Sports Club, a community organisation run by West End parents which has 463 members.

He said the club asked the council a year ago if it could use Dawsholm Park as a permanent base for a community sports club with upgraded pitches and changing facilities but the council refused.

Mr Prince said: “Our request was to use the park and develop it because the blaes pitches were disused and changing facilities had been demolished.

“However, we got a reply this summer that the council would not consider this option. It said it had other plans for the park.”


Other plans for the park ? As usual Glasgow City Council are thinking of raping what is left of the green in our city and selling it off to the highest bidder. I wouldnt be suprised if they proposed sticking the Kelvin through a concrete tube.

Will keep you updated.

Original link after a text from Charlie

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First Wedding Anniversary

So today is my first wedding anniversary. How a year flashes past when you are having fun 😉

I am not in the Sage club

So I am not in the Sage club.
Emmanuelle has got a Sage rod; Alex recently bought one of those Sage Launch rods and finally Mike has went and bought himself a Sage XP- a 9 foot 5 weight. I am still plugging away with my old school entry level Greys rod (that everyone loves when they fish with it) Oh sure I still have my 7 foot 4 weight bamboo rod that outclasses their Sage rods but on the bigger rivers that I fish I often have to use my 5 weight and the extra length is handy.
I recently bought a Fulling Mill rod in a rather hasty move and have only fished with it a few times (for that take once- and even then it was only for an hour). My thoughts went along the lines of: I want a good rod, so should I either buy the budget range of a top end manufacturer or the top of the line of another less popular manufacturer. I went for the top of the line of the less popular and it has left me unfulfilled.
Alberto – casting instructor extraordinaire says that you should never buy a rod for 500 quid as you will only want a new one in a couple of years anyway, which is a good reason to buy cheap rods and often. However I am one of those people that when I get something I like I stick with it no matter what- I get stuck in a groove and refuse to get out. I am ever faithful to the end. I was that dog that sat at the grave.
On the other hand I know I need to get my hands on a 5 weight 9 foot 4 piece rod for , err, travelling and convenience purposes – it is the truth though as I intend to go a little further afar over the next couple of years. So if I bought an expensive rod I can pretty much guarantee I will still be using it in 20 years time.
You would think that some carbon rod manufacturer would maybe cotton on to the fact that I am up for it to receive any goods but alas I only get emails from pharmaceutical companies questioning the stiffness of my erections or Nigerians wanting me to assist them in the movement of large sums of money- it hardly seems worth it.
Now that Sage have brought out another super duper ultra sexy rod their last super duper ultra sexy rod is getting sold cheap (which is why Mike bought one, however he will continue to be an old hippy at heart by sticking a 20 buck reel on it) and this is why I may well succumb to the lure of sexy expensive rods.

Or have I just fallen for the marketing hype?

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Bill Dance

This one has been doing the rounds for a while…

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