Celebrity Big Brother- Dirk Benedict

In case you did not know – Celebrity Big Brother is once more gracing our screens in th UK and there is an angler in there- a fly fisherman no less. Yup, it is Dirk Benedict of the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica fame. He has even wrote a few fly fishing books
If your wife or other appropriate ball n chain is watching I suggest you convince her to vote for him to win.
He entered the house smoking a rather large cigar….not that I was….er…watching.

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The Poacher’s Handbook

I recieved this book as a christmas present…

The Poacher\'s Handbook

Took me a couple of days to read it and I must say that it is simply a lovely read. It made me want to get up in the wee small hours to set up a long net to catch some Hares and then use my stoat to flush out some more rabbits.


72 days and counting

Oh, aye…Happy New Year!!.
So a nice quiet time was had on Hogmanay. I think it was at around 2pm on the first that I suddenly realised that I had not caught a fish all year. Alex has been making a killing with the Pike and is considering buying a nine weight whilst I have been looking at my local canal with gloom. On my run today along the canal and then the Kelvin I noticed that the rain we have had has once again put everything out of action. The Kelvin is a raging torrent meaning my others rivers will be a waste of time and the canal is looking very dirty.
Went out for a drive along to Loch Lomond, it was very pleasant watching the sky change colour as the sun set.
The Highland cows also wished us a Happy New Year.

Kamasan b100

I was visiting the Glasgow Angling Centre the other day with Mike and we got around to discussing hooks as you do when you meet up with any angler in the close season. Discussions in the close season all come around to fishing eventually, usually a lot more in-depth conversations are to be had during the close season as you cant talk about how nice the trees are or what interesting bugs you noticed down at the river the other day. So after discussing how desperate you are to feel the sun on your face and to see a rising trout to cast to you thrash out the intricateness of flies.
I use Kamasan b100 hooks for most of my flies, parachutes to CDC emergers and really like them as they give the fly a good old buggy profile. It also means the butt of the fly is hanging below the surface which is seemingly a good trigger point for a trout. Mike likes them too for I think the same reason. They come in three flavours: Gold, Nickel and Bronze. Last year I lost a good trout as the hook straitened, that was in fact the only time it had happened to me but I have since read on various forums that other people have found the same problem. I was talking to a fellow fisherman in work and he stated he had just thrown out a few boxes of them as he did not trust them anymore. The common complaint is that the Bronze ones are the worst out of the lot and consequently I only buy the Gold or Nickel. Mike thinks this is a lot of old rubbish and in fact went as far as to say the Gold or Nickel might actually put a trout off the fly as it’s an unnatural colour to be hanging down from am insects butt (he conveniently left out the tapered leader which is trailing away but I am not even going to get into that discussion). He has also had no experience of the hook giving out when playing a large trout (which immediately makes me question his tales of big trout) which leaves me with the same problem- should you risk it all on possibly dodgy hooks ? Of course there can be other reasons why the hook straightens – too much side strain and possibly even just “one of those things”.
So my thinking is made up of part experience, part conjecture and part hearsay- is that not possibly the best way to come up with an opinion? I will wait and see what happens this season I think; although what if I was to lose the fish of the season because of a dodgy hook that I knew was suspect?

Happy Christmas, Winterfest etc !



Flies for the new season- klinkhammer special….part 1

This time around I do not want to start the season with around 4 trout attacked flies that I need to struggle along with until I can be bothered tying up some more. My idea is that I will build up a little stock of essential flies so that I do not have to panic and start tying up flies at 6am for that days fishing, considering the time it takes for me to tie up a parachute I usually only get enough time to tie up a few before I have to leave anyway. I suppose that is one reason that actually drives me to tie up flies- absolute necessity. If I know I am going fishing in the morning and I have no flies then I am forced to tie some up. There is a certain enjoyment factor to this as well; as you are tying you just know that they will be in the water in a couple of hours and catching fish. The fact that I am usually in a hurry tying flys means no one would ever say my flies are the prettiest, in fact no one in there right mind would ever buy them in a shop. I am under no illusions that I will ever be one of these people that can turn out exquisite looking flies time after time. All I can really hope for is that I can master a few basic techniques and tie flies that the trout actually like. This cunning ploy seems to work.
So it is fair to say that in the winter, which is the traditional time for fly fishers to tie flies, I can never be bothered to get the vice out as I feel I have no real need. This year however I vowed that I would get a little stock of flies together so that the aforementioned panic would not set in.
I started by making a list of flies that I normally use- and flies that I would like to use. This list came to around 5 flies that are my main go for it full on attack force. In various colours of course!
The first fly I went for was a klinkhammer – I tied a fair few in size 12, all olive as that is the main go to fly that seems to do the business consistently. My problem last year was that the just seemed a little too bulky, the body was a bit on the fat side. I solved that little problem this year by…..wait for it…halving the amount of poly yarn that I usually use for the wing post. I don’t think this should affect the floatability factor but it does look a bit prettier. I remember reading somewhere that the tight binding of the wing post helps the fly to float as air gets trapped under the thread wrappings. Consequently I used to make my wing post a little thicker than usual by using a full strand of poly yarn.
We will see the results in the new season of the effects of using less. I strongly suspect it will be for the better for two reasons. Firstly, the actual fly is thinner and more tapered than before meaning that it is now more in proportion with an emerging insect and secondly I suspect that the whole air getting trapped theory is a lot of bloody nonsense.

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Fishing hats off to the Accidental Angler

Windknotter does a lovely write up on the Accidental Angler

Fishing hats off to the Accidental Angler

You can now buy the book from Amazon

The Accidental Angler

Five Things You Dont Know About Alistair Stewart

Tom Chandler over at Trout Underground in his business disguise decided to pass me the “Blog Tag” poison chalice where I get to share five things that you probably don’t know about me.
Considering I had a “100 things about me” page up for a year I don’t think there is anything left but for new readers or people who read through RSS here it is:

1.I am a Social Worker who “specialises” in the care management of people who have had brain injuries whether it is road traffic accidents, infections or assaults. I have a knack of forming relationships with people who ordinarily don’t engage well with people in authority.

2.I have dyslexia, not the kind that makes you read funny but the kind that makes you structure things strange. Yup, that is why on long posts you don’t have a clue what I am on about.

3.I love sci fi novels – my favorite author is Ian M Banks and his “Culture” novels, they are truly mind-blowing.

4.I built my last two computers, I get very obsessive about things- When I need to learn about something I suck up every bit of knowledge possible, this is probably why I like fishing so much, no matter how much you know you can still fluff it and mess things up.

5.I have a very eclectic music collection and taste- everything from techno to classical. Although I don’t like chart music much to be honest unless it is 80s chart music.

So there we have it !

Hmmmm, I now pass this on to…………..Looks around shiftily

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Rain, rain and a bit more rain (with some extas)

If you do not live in Scotland then I don’t have to tell you the weather has been bad. For my international readers I can tell you the Scotland is stuck with an area of low pressure that is causing wild winds, torrential rain, thunder n lightning (with hailstones) and generally making fishing impossible. When I was out working today (solving people’s problems) I passed by this little burn that is usually only a couple of feet wide.
wee burn
Yup, just by looking at it I can pretty much say that there will be no grayling fishing this side of Christmas in fact this side of the New Year if this rain does not shift soon. It has now been raining for most of November- all rivers are bursting their banks and some of the roads today were flooded – a lot of this water in Glasgow will be washing into the Kelvin – last time that happened it burst its banks pretty badly!
I am planning a little Pike fishing trip as all the brownies are all away humping. I have lost the will for stocky bashing – I feel like I am selling my soul to the devil. Hell if I am going to stand about in the cold I want to catch a proper fish, not a genetically modified, non indigenous, sexless fat beast using a fly that looks like a Christmas decoration.

Now where are those “little gems” and “Fat Dawgs”

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