I see Trout Nut has had a makeover (not that Jason needed to do one). I remember when it arrived on the internet and the forums were a buzz about this new site with detailed pictures of insects. To be fair I am still amazed by the detail of the insects….

From Dusk Till Dawn

So I was planning to go for a full days fishing on Saturday, considering I am now a driver I knew I could wangle the car from Claire if needed it so I could go a little further afield than the Kelvin. One of my pals asked me if I thought people would be wondering why I have not fished the Kelvin in the last few weeks, I would hope you good readers realise I am still in that stage of wanting to drive to places I would not ordinarily have got to myself. Come next season and I will be hitting the Kelvin again full force. Anyway, work has been chock a block with things to do and I have not managed to spare a few hours to spend on the Kelvin. There is of course an additional problem of two spillages in the river that I have heard about which is pretty well wiped out the fishing (not the fish I hope) down my end of the river.

Anyway, On Saturday Alex asked if I wanted to spend a full day on our other favourite bit of water. When he said a full day I thought he was talking about maybe 10am to around 8 or 9. Possibly even a session from 12 to around 10. What I did not reckon on him meaning was a half past four pick up- being on the river at dawn and then fishing through to dusk. Nearly 14 hours of solid fishing, “Oh bugger” I thought “I am going to need sandwiches and coffee for this one”
Anyway, in the end up the day absolutely whizzed past, dawn was a quick affair with a few trout caught- Alex caught a belter using a nymph suspended under a dry fly.
Oh, seeing as how he was so chuffed, here you go….
extra fish porn
I was not to be out done and caught a beauty of a Grayling that gave an impressive fight even though I was trying to hussle it in so it was not tired out.
I had to spend a little longer than usuall cradling the fish in some slack water before it had recovered enough to swim off under its own steam- I had learned my lesson from the time I (stupidly) let go of a nice trout only to watch it go belly up in the current, it was only a stroke of luck that I captured it again.
One reason I think for this most great day was that the wind picked up. The last few years I have fished here it has always been windy and we always caught lots of trout- this season it has not been windy and we have still caught trout, big ones at that, but just not as many until the wind blows. Our theory is that there is always the same amount of flies on the water- ok sometimes more when there is a big hatch but it is usually quite consistent. When the wind blows hard the trout see the surface chopping up (my wordage) and expect to see a lot more fly life that has been blown on the water. While it was windy I was (and so was Alex) picking up a trout every other cast, I lost a fair few when they would dive into the weeds but the end result was usually a nice fat trout.
fat troot
Of course casting in the wind is a bit difficult but when it is all short range works it sure was fun. Mike noticed the wind phenomenon one day he was fishing as well.

Cant believe it is only a month until the end of the season- by the way, I have decided to keep the little competition going until the close season as some punters have decided to send pictures in late- for some people my RSS feed was not working and did not know about it- I will up the prizes and add a mug with a nice picture on it!

Grayling Galore ?

It is a funny old season right enough, last season I caught no grayling at all and this year every time I go to my other river I am picking them up. I must say though that I am not fishing for them intentionally (they are out of season) – they are coming freely to my dry fly when I am casting to rising brown trout. There is a theory that grayling move around a river, travelling a fair old distance which is why one year you mat find none and the next lots, I had never had any experience of this but now I think I am seeing it first hand.

I caught a few brownies too but on the whole it was a frustrating evening, there were small flies on the water, plenty of trout rising but alas the vast majority were ignoring my flies. I would have a trout on a black klink then the rest would ignore it, switch to an olive, get a fish then they would ignore it again. I even managed to foul hook a trout just above the tail with a sedge. I thought I was going to have to call Alex to take my photo as it felt huge but soon found it was around 8 inches :)

Yay, rain!!

So myself and a few friends have been hitting the Kelvin and our other favourite river quite a bit the last week. They have all been short notice trips which is a change from our usual begging lifts or getting the bus places. I went further upstream on the Kelvin a couple of weeks ago but alas did not get any joy, the river was crying out for some rain. The rain did come which in true Kelvin style has put it out of action. Yesterday I headed down to our other river seeing as how the Kelvin was out of action .We found it too was affected by the rain and was a good deal higher than normal with a colour of peat to it.
Alex picked up fish straight away to his dry fly whilst I took a while to get started. In fact I thought it was going to be a case of the angler’s curse- a common phenomenon where two anglers using the exact same technique and flies get totally different results. While I was covering water gloomily without a trout even looking at my fly Alex was hauling them in like a commercial trawler. It wasn’t long before I finally started to pick up fish by fishing the edges in the riffles- this stroke of enlightenment came after consulting a little guest.
On the way back walking through a field Alex stumbled upon his fly box lying in the side of a filed that he had lost last week- he was both happy and sad as he had just spent around 50 pounds on new flies!
Tonight I headed up to one of the Kelvin tributaries that I fish. A strange couple of hours with lots of smallish fish caught- in fact I think they were mostly par…

Anglers attacked by animal extremists

It was bound to happen eventually, I really have no sympathy for these people.

Anglers attacked by animal extremists

September issue of Fish Wild

I see the September issue of fish wild is now online.

Don’t give me any of that Zen crap

So with my new found freedom of car travel I have had a busy couple of days. Last night I went upstream on the Kelvin to a spot that Mike fishes regularly- and consistently pulls nice trout out of.
I however totally blanked, probably because the water was too low and I did not have that experience of fishing the water regularly to guide me to places that would get me a trout. I was not too bothered to be honest as it was just quite nice to explore another stretch. I think I will grab Mike next time he is in Glasgow and get him to show me around.

This evening it was a trip to my other fave bit of river.
There was a fair few olives coming off and there was trout rising so I managed to winkle out a few before I ran out of flies. I just love the colour of these trout.
I was with Charlie who consistently finds it a difficult place to fish and blanked once more, I think this was his fourth trip. To be fair at least this time he seen some action- hooking a nice rout that sadly got off, or was it two? I cannot remember. I gave him the nice thought that at least he had deceived the trout into taking his fly so in essence it did not matter that the trout was not landed- the purpose of fishing had been fulfilled. Charlie immediately retorted that I had not to give him any more of that zen crap as I would not be saying that if I had blanked four times in a row- Touché I thought!

I am now up North for a few days camping and possibly a little fishing, Ta Ta!!

Glasgow Angling Centre- now with ADDED water!!!

So many of you know my views of the Glasgow Angling Centre– the place has improved greatly since it opened- the place seems to be developing a bit of a nicer atmosphere and is now enjoyable to visit.
With my new found freedom with the car I went down to visit today and what do I find…..water in the casting pool? Now they called it a casting pool when they first opened and to be honest I thought they should have called it a casting area as there was not actually any water- this as I have mentioned has been rectified.
casting pool
I am sure it makes for a much nicer experience when trying out different rods. One of my pals thinks they should team up with the Chinese supermarket next door as they have big tanks with actual fish that people could catch- carp I think….now there would be a thing !

I am now mobile!

I passed my driving test today. I am now mobile- a full force attack of the Kelvin shall be happening, not just my usual haunts but some of the other tributaries as well.

Lake District

Greetings, I have done very little fishing so I have not had the time to update the blog. I have been away in the Lake District doing a spot of walking and hiking. We stayed at a reasonable campsite called Scotgate and did a few interesting walks around Keswick and beyond. Lots of lovely walks in the English countryside with stake n ale pie for dinner on the evenings we could not have a BBQ.
I have added the photos to my gallery for anyone that is interested.

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