Pike Flies..

I was starting to think my recent unsuccessful attempts at Pike were to do with pure technique and possibly choice of flies. I was glad then to hear other people have been struggling down on the Forth n Clyde as well – a recent commenter (Scott) has been struggling as well.

Still the tide (as they say) must turn at some point and maybe this weekend is just the time for massive toothy critters. You see that is the thing with Pike fishing – and the thing that makes it the opposite of trout fishing – size does in fact matter with Pike, and the bigger the better for that matter. A trout of 3lb is a monster of a trout – a trout you would remember, a pike of 3lb is a “jack” a nice fish but you know it is lunch to some of those massive lady beasts cruising around.

Anyway, because I missed my fly tying evening tonight (I am writing an essay) I decided to tie up some Pike flies for the coming weekend (I am cramming in a few hours on Saturday morning for Pike). The good thing about Pike flies is that you can be as creative as you like – well, I think you can anyway – I have certainly seen a huge variety of Pike flies and mine do not seem far off the mark.

You start with a bare hook…..

bare hook
Add a bit of body, sometimes tinsel, sometimes some chenille, a hackle at the front (or back) if you like and then something long and flashy to give it a bit of bulk so it looks like a fish.


Now, you know I am no tying expert but that my friends is around twenty quids worth of fly in that picture – I could go into business with that lot. I mean have you actually seen the cost of shop bought Pike flies? The ones I have seen cost around a fiver. I reckon with the materials I have bought I can make up a couple of dozen flies – all for around a ten spot.

Bloody hands here I come!



  1. alan atkins · November 8, 2007

    Are eyes not a good idea for your pike flies, providing a good trigger point. Also, i’ve heard that oranges / reds and browns combined with some silver flashy stuff will create more innovative patterns, ie roach / rudd

  2. Pete · November 8, 2007

    I have success here in the States fishing baitfish patterns with epoxy heads and big eyes that seem to really key strikes. What’s the number one forage fish for your pike? Where I go it’s yellow perch so we use bigger flies tied with green and white, and flashes of orange and chartreuse. When I tie my own (which is rare these days) I use a lot of synthetic super hair b/c it holds up better to the teeth.
    But I also by puglisi perch patterns at ridiculous prices b/c the pike crush them where I go. Good luck, I’m looking forward to your post where you’re holding up a 36-inch fish.

  3. Alistair · November 8, 2007

    Hi Alan, yes – I have put some eyes on a few of my flies – funny sticky on ones 🙂

    Pete – I think the bait fish are mostly roach, perch and of course smaller Pike 🙂

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