Nothing worse than the cold…

I stood outside today and noticed how cold it was – a cold lazy wind that goes right through you rather than around you. Brrrr
It reminds me (or rather not actually) of the other kind of cold you can get – during summer when at one point you have been roasting hot and then become freezing cold because something happens. Not explaining this very well – let me elaborate…

You might remember I took part in the Highland Wild Trout Challenge on loch Shin. The final day of the competition was warm with few clouds in the sky. By late afternoon it had got even warmer and the sun was fair old blazing down but by this point the competitors were weighing the fish so it did not really matter. Anyway, once all that was out the way Alex and I decided to go out on the loch again for an evening session – it was roasting hot by this point and I can distinctly remember making the decision not to take my rain jacket – I looked at the sky – looked at my jacket and then promptly put it in the bag of the car. This was precisely the point where I made the first mistake.

Rule: Always be prepared

About half an hour later travelling down the loch we noticed the clouds coming over the hills – cant be rain clouds we thought. I was wearing a particularly un waterproof “Hoodie” from Gap which I just knew was not going to give me much protection against moisture but by gawd we were there to fish an evening session and that is what we were going to do. To cut a long story short we caught lots of fish, and I became freezing cold as my top became saturated with water – cold water at that. My teeth were actually chattering. Chilled to the bone took on a whole new meaning. Iron man Alex meanwhile is made of sturdier stuff (plus he was wearing a fleece) and rather gallantly offered to head back or even give me his top but I decided that seeing as how I had made the mistake I should pay for it. We fished on and had a cracking night. I managed to moan as little as possible as we fished – a trait that I am unashamed of admitting…

Anyway, back at the car on the way home I made mistake number two. The heaters were on full in the car as it was so cold and I held my hands against them to heat up – this caused my hands to swell up the next day meaning I could not wear my wedding ring…. Good job there was no attractive ladies around as my ring acts as a shield against them (I seemed to have an invisible one when I was single as well funnily enough).

I slept most of the journey home, although kept trying to keep the conversation going with my eyes closed – “I am not sleeping” I promised between snores.

Back in Alex’s parents house (bugger camping two nights) I have never felt more comfy curled up in a cosy bed – the chill gradually edging away.

There is a lesson in there somewhere – something to do with jackets probably !


  1. Alex · October 24, 2007

    At least you (commendably) braved the elements, caught lots of nice trout, and learned a valuable lesson. Not bad for an impromptu evening afloat!

    The Highlands are a meteorological black sheep. Forecasters shun it, people avoid it. Trout revel in it! We should start planning our Highland adventure for next year.

    Bring a jacket!!


  2. Alistair · October 24, 2007

    I cannot beleive I was only out on a boat once this year – well twice – you know what I mean – next year we have to go back to Shin !!


  3. alan atkins · October 24, 2007

    Alex, Alistair,
    Just hadf one of the best day’s salmon fishing yesterday – 6 fish , 15lb, 12lb, 11lb, 9lb, 8lb, 5lb – all returned, marvelous stuff and a fitting end to a great season !

  4. Alex · October 24, 2007

    Alan – Crikey!!

    I think we need to have a celebratory dram when I return.

    Keep the fishing news coming!


  5. Alistair · October 24, 2007

    Lucky lucky man (we all know there is no skill in Salmon fishing) 😉

    Alas, I have been in bed for three days with a bug – managed another session on Saturday for Pike and once more blanked……still I have a new place to try out ….

    Alex, you been visiting fly fishing shops in Boston ?

  6. alan atkins · October 24, 2007

    Alex, Alistair,
    A few wee drams will be forthcoming on your return Alex. If you have time, find out the cost of rapalas for me, i’ve heard that they are much cheaper over there. Yes luck played a massive part in the day’s success, as it usually does when i have a good day !! However,it was interesting to note that after an hour of fishing the flee in the morning i just had an unexplicable realisation tnat they were not interested in the flee and turned to the rap. It proved to be the right choice, but what puzzled me was the number of fishers who just kept using the flee even when they had heard of my success with the rap, very odd. I find this kind of blinkered angling difficul to understand. I know there is more to fishing than catching fish, but in a river stuffed with salmon and obviously showing a preference to one particular lure, then surely a change of tactics and a fish on the bank would lead to a more enjoyable angling experience. Alistair, in am just recovering from a similar bug , but hope to get out for the pike in the next month, so i’ll give you a call.

  7. Paul · October 24, 2007

    Just noticed you’re listening to sheep on drugs,now theres a blast from the past!They were brilliant.Reminds of me of nights out at the TEC.I went to see them at king tuts years ago.

  8. Alex · October 24, 2007

    Hey dudes

    Alistair – I will give you a call over the next couple of days, can you email me your phone no’s as my mobile is buggered at the mo. Alan if you could do the same that would be sage.

    I’ve made myself well acquainted with the Orvis shop. Unfortunately their selection is pretty limited, but their prices are very good indeed. I’ll tell you over the phone what they have etc. (I can get you the best deer hair you’ve ever seen for a couple of quid!)

    Alan – there’s a complete dearth of outlets that sell spinning gear, however I may be paying one a visit soon on the outskirts of town so again will discuss on the blower.

    speak soon


  9. Alistair · October 24, 2007

    Hey Paul – Sheep on Drugs played in King Tuts ??? I bet that was great 🙂

    Alex, deer hair for comparaduns – quality – will mail you my phone number !

    You can put it on my tab !

  10. alan atkins · October 24, 2007

    Deer hair for me too !! What’s your e-mail address and i will mail you my numbers,

  11. Alex · October 24, 2007

    Yo dudes

    Alan, will do.
    Alistair could you forward my email address on to Alan? The deer hair they have is very fine in diamater and a nice blonde colour – it’s the ‘coastal deer hair’ – you know the stuff!!

    I also got a whiting silver grade quarter saddle for around ten quid. Maybe I will open up a store when I get back!!

    The most exciting purchase though was my new waterproof camera – it’s an Olympus Stylus 790SW, 7.1 megapixels of pure, shameless fish porn!! It’s tiny as well so perfect for taking snaps of all those huge fish that await us…

    speak soon


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