Kelvin AGM- 23rd January TUESDAY 7pm

So members of the River Kelvin Angling Club will soon be receiving the annual reports and accounts of the club. It is also the notice of when the AGM will be taking place. Last week I received a letter stating the AGM would be taking place on Thursday 25th January at 7 pm in Partck Burgh Hall. I duly put this date in my diary. After spending around 45 mins putting over 400 leaflets in envelopes and then sticking on stamps we found that the date is in fact wrong in the newsletter (and on the letter sent out to the committee). It states in the newsletter that AGM will be on Thursday the 23rd of January. This in fact is a Tuesday. The Tuesday is the correct date for the AGM. We spoke about how to rectify this, it was suggested that we could write on the envelopes the correct date, however considering the joke names and addresses that were found amongst the member list we decided that it might just confuse people further. A notice will be placed in the newspaper and a signs put up in Angling shops. Dougie stated that people don’t go into angling shops in the close season as they are not fishing however considering some unscrupulous members were still catching Salmon a full month after the season ended I would imagine they might still be stocking up on prawns or such like.

You gotta love it- the one thing that had to be right…..was wrong. 🙂

Fly Tying – Milngavie Update (North Glasgow Fly Dressers)

This is a repost!!

Ok, I have now been sent the program for the Milngavie fly tying night. The club is now up and running, the first night is January 11th at 7pm in Milngavie Library and the cost will be £3 per visit.
The following flies will be demonstrated which will give a good grounding of the basics of flytying and then you can go and pillage your piggy banks tp tie up dozens of each.

11th Black Pennell
18th Grey Duster
25th Kate McLaren

1st PVC Olive Nymph
8th Speaker Neil Sinclair – river competition flies
22nd Kevins White Cat & Compara Dun

1st Speaker Dave Downie- competition flies for the Lake
8th Gryffe Olive
22nd Silver Butcher
29th Greenwell Glory & Muddler Hopper

5th Silver Doctor – Trout / Davie McPhail – hair wing salmon flies TBC
12th Silver Doctor – Trout / Davie McPhail – hair wing salmon flies TBC

As you can see the first speaker will be Neil Sinclair on competition river flies, Neil has fished for Scotland on a number of occassions and currently is a member of their World team for 2007.
Davie Downie March 1st- notable stillwater fisher has fished for Scotland on a number of occassions and catcher of big fish at Leven and now Menteith 17lb +
David McPhail 5th or 12th April TBA- an unbelievable fly dresser who will demonstrate Salmon flies and trout flies

Any questions contact me or view this thread for more details.

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Speeding in Denmark

Now that I can drive to my fishing I think about travelling abroad to places i would not have thought of before. I suppose I will have to learn a lot of new signs and things……oh well, here is one I should get straight away !

Experts Predict A Scorcher

Experts Predict A Scorcher

People around the world will experience the warmest year on record in 2007, it has been predicted.

Climate change experts say global temperatures are expected to be 0.54C above the long-term average of 14C.

There is a 60% probability that 2007 will be as warm or warmer than the current warmest year, they said.

That was 1998, when temperatures were 0.52C above the long-term average.

The forecast comes from the Met Office, which joins forces with the University of East Anglia each January to issue predictions for the global surface temperature for the coming year.
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Celebrity Big Brother- Dirk Benedict

In case you did not know – Celebrity Big Brother is once more gracing our screens in th UK and there is an angler in there- a fly fisherman no less. Yup, it is Dirk Benedict of the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica fame. He has even wrote a few fly fishing books
If your wife or other appropriate ball n chain is watching I suggest you convince her to vote for him to win.
He entered the house smoking a rather large cigar….not that I was….er…watching.

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The Poacher’s Handbook

I recieved this book as a christmas present…

The Poacher\'s Handbook

Took me a couple of days to read it and I must say that it is simply a lovely read. It made me want to get up in the wee small hours to set up a long net to catch some Hares and then use my stoat to flush out some more rabbits.


72 days and counting

Oh, aye…Happy New Year!!.
So a nice quiet time was had on Hogmanay. I think it was at around 2pm on the first that I suddenly realised that I had not caught a fish all year. Alex has been making a killing with the Pike and is considering buying a nine weight whilst I have been looking at my local canal with gloom. On my run today along the canal and then the Kelvin I noticed that the rain we have had has once again put everything out of action. The Kelvin is a raging torrent meaning my others rivers will be a waste of time and the canal is looking very dirty.
Went out for a drive along to Loch Lomond, it was very pleasant watching the sky change colour as the sun set.
The Highland cows also wished us a Happy New Year.

Kamasan b100

I was visiting the Glasgow Angling Centre the other day with Mike and we got around to discussing hooks as you do when you meet up with any angler in the close season. Discussions in the close season all come around to fishing eventually, usually a lot more in-depth conversations are to be had during the close season as you cant talk about how nice the trees are or what interesting bugs you noticed down at the river the other day. So after discussing how desperate you are to feel the sun on your face and to see a rising trout to cast to you thrash out the intricateness of flies.
I use Kamasan b100 hooks for most of my flies, parachutes to CDC emergers and really like them as they give the fly a good old buggy profile. It also means the butt of the fly is hanging below the surface which is seemingly a good trigger point for a trout. Mike likes them too for I think the same reason. They come in three flavours: Gold, Nickel and Bronze. Last year I lost a good trout as the hook straitened, that was in fact the only time it had happened to me but I have since read on various forums that other people have found the same problem. I was talking to a fellow fisherman in work and he stated he had just thrown out a few boxes of them as he did not trust them anymore. The common complaint is that the Bronze ones are the worst out of the lot and consequently I only buy the Gold or Nickel. Mike thinks this is a lot of old rubbish and in fact went as far as to say the Gold or Nickel might actually put a trout off the fly as it’s an unnatural colour to be hanging down from am insects butt (he conveniently left out the tapered leader which is trailing away but I am not even going to get into that discussion). He has also had no experience of the hook giving out when playing a large trout (which immediately makes me question his tales of big trout) which leaves me with the same problem- should you risk it all on possibly dodgy hooks ? Of course there can be other reasons why the hook straightens – too much side strain and possibly even just “one of those things”.
So my thinking is made up of part experience, part conjecture and part hearsay- is that not possibly the best way to come up with an opinion? I will wait and see what happens this season I think; although what if I was to lose the fish of the season because of a dodgy hook that I knew was suspect?

Happy Christmas, Winterfest etc !



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