New Sites…new links…

When I first started this blog there was no other fly fishing site just like it – blogs that is – now every other week I am sifting through many sites that people have sent me to look at. They far surpass me in the old design stakes and the content aint half bad iether 😉

Fish Swami -Fish Swami was born in the minds of a few college pals as a place to remember the trips of yesteryear. He hopes to create a place for others to share their experiances as well – should build into a nice little community portal – all very web 2

Sierra Trout – Sierra Trout – damn that is a slick site – I like the understatement on October the 11th 2007 “another nice brown” That site is one too watch !!

The Trout Zone – This lovely little personal site from the US struck a cord – i started out many moons ago on blogger as well – however he seems to catch larger trout than me so that is where the similarity ends. I think its great

Jeremiah Quinn – Jeremiah Quinn’s site is not a blog as such but I think deserves a special mention as he likes urban fishing – he has fished a lot of urban rivers in the UK but not the Kelvin as he is not hard enough yet.. Saying that though, he also used to be a boxer and looks pretty crazy in some of his photos so I reckon by next year he will be able to join me for a little urban action.

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