Nice Mushrooms

Well, turned out a mighty fine day. There was a slight colour to the water but I decided to have a go with a dry fly at the place I had so much luck last time.Anyway I don’t know whether it is my imagination but the fish I am catching on the dry seem to […]

weather I defy you

Morning 7.10am

Who do you trust when it comes to the weather?The BBc say it will be nice and the telly says orrible……….bah im not lugging around my rain jacket again… taking my chances.

AND putting all my towels out to dry..

Mwa Ha Ha Ha

WEATHER I DEFY YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!


weather has been bad

Humph, no fishing the last couple of days, the weather has been bad. I was going to go today but I had the feeling that the river would be too high. Anyway, I took delivery of some rather nice dry flies today from a company called Flying Hooks whom I cant recommend highly enough. I’ve […]

phew, I wonder I really do

You know, I wonder sometimes whether people i meet are actually fishing the same River as i do. I ran into a bloke today , he asked me how many fish i had caught. I said i had caught a few and the biggest was just shy of half a pound …….he said nothing of […]

new bag

I want a new bag as University has stated back in full swing. Its a pain to transfer all my stuff from my trusty old rucksack …..My fishing gear and then my uni stuff. Plus my uni stuff now smells of fish.Instead what I want is one of these rather snazzy William Joseph bags…….They are […]

First bash at the dry fly


I was starting to get a little paranoid for a while there, perhaps the curse of the blog or something as I was not catching any fish. WELL today certainly made up for all that …..I caught over ten lovely trout all on a dry fly. To be honest I don’t fish […]

little spider

i would have liked to have thought that after a god couple of weeks without doing any serious fishing i would actually hav edone quite well yesterday. When i got to the river it had risen by a good couple of feet , which should have been good although the water was very murky.I spent […]

The Clyde!

My other half was taking part in the Glasgow half marathon and as i was walking from place to place to wave her on my path was taken along the banks of the Clyde right in the middle of glasgow. There was a heron sitting in the middle of the River and as i gazed […]


Oh Oh……incidentally……if you go to GOOGLE and type in fly fishing on the river kelvin GUESS what comes up first I have changed the font on the site, and added another stretch. i have bought some damsel nymphs and some worm flies so will be trying them out over the next few days.


I SPIN FOR TROUTNah not really but i did catch a trout the other day whilst spinning. Technically we were spinning for Pike. I had been talking about going for a walk with a pal for a while now from Milngavie and walking right down beside the allander to where it joins the kelvin and […]

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