Clyde Style Flies

Aye anyway,
The guy that I was speaking to earlier recomended those “Clyde Style Flies” i will need to pick some of them up at some point, possibly for next season ….
Met some youngsters around 12 who did not have permits but were fishing the fly and seemed keen. I gave them a few flies and some pointers, Its good to see kids out on the river, hook em young i say 🙂

The Website
I was looking at the stats the other day, I have an embedded counter that tracks visitors and what country they come from … also tells me how many unique visitors i get.
On avarage I get 10 hits a day with around 5 being unique visitors, that is people who have not been to the site before.
The stats for the last 100 unique visitors are
(GB)United Kingdom 101

(DE)Germany 8

(US)United States 6

(CA)Canada 3

(DK)Denmark 2

(IE)Ireland 2

(BE)Belgium 2

(NL)Netherlands 1

Which i find pretty good.

Most of the links are coming from forums that i visit and a few are actually bookmarked.
A few people have mailed me, One guy in Ireland who used to live next to the River liked the blog.

All in all im happy 🙂