Pouring with rain

Doubt I will manage down to the river today. It was my first day at placement for Uni and I’m cream crackered. Its pouring with rain outside , so even if the river is ok just now by tomorrow it will have risen a fair wee bit. May be good for the Worm actually as there should be Salmon in the system now.
One of the things that Douglas Brown told me was that there was a lot of Salmon killed during the hot weather, a lot of trout as well……..At least it wasn’t anything dodgy in the water I say!!!

Anyway, so the river will be too high tomorrow, so the chances are I will get down on Sunday, the only problem being that Sundays are particularly busy. BLAST

Damn Uni……..Interfering with my busy fishing life…….Just when it was getting good too.

I want a new jacket!!! One I can fit in my snazzy new bag if i get it!!!!!!!!

DAMN YOU William and Joseph……….get some Scottish Stockists NOW!!!!!!!!

!!or even better ……..send me one!!