Fish wanting sex!!

Up early feeling like shite.
Freezing cold morning, and the water was very brown and dark. Was up possibly around half a foot.
There was no fish rising at all at that little run where I have been getting fish on the dry fly so I moved to the area with the reeds….

I trundled a little Butcher through the weeds and managed to get 2 fish, This was the smaller one….As you can see my amazing photographic abilities have not improved any. For the size of it this fish fought like the devil…….Possibly through its little mind it was thinking …SEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEXSEX

I fished down a little and thought I would have a bash at this spot here.#

In the middle it is around a foot deep with lots of weeds. If you look across the other side of the river you can see a little rocky outcrop. There are fish in front of the rocks. I hooked two but lost them.

I was talking to a guy called Chris for a good while. He fishes bait , wasp grubs and maggot mostly. He always does well, and attends his rod at all times, is carefully the way he unhooks them and is generally a fine angler. If only all the guys fishing bait were like that!!!!!