Guy fe Kirki

I recieved a rather nice mail from a guy today. We had been mailing each other for a while. He usually fishes up at towards Kirkintilloch and was finding it rather difficult. Anyway, this is part of the mail…..

…….just thought i’d let you know about my fishing exploits today. i managed to get a lift down to the vet school stretch this afternoon, and fished thereabouts until 7pm. it was really just a fantastic time. completely different from what i’m used to upstream near kirki. i caught more fish than i’ve ever done before in a single session fly fishing for trout, around ten or so, plus quite a few that got off. they all faught like the bananas. as soon as they got near me and i tried to lift them out to unhook off they would tear away again. great sport even on my 6 weight rod. the biggest today was also my biggest trout ever (says more about my past trout record really….) at between half a pound and three quarters of a pound. there was some real fight in that one..!

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

I think its great when people catch alot fish on the fly , especially when someones actually had a look at my site and got the idea to go to a stretch from myself.

Oh yea and i had to mail someone from Smoky Mountains On The Fly as i did not mail them to get permission to use the picture of the trout on the front page of the the site EAK

If it changes you know they said no !!!