Angling Shops

I loathe going into angling shops.

Whenever I can I buy my stuff online although today I went into the “Glasgow angling centre”.

It was horrible, like a fishing stuff tesco. The people behind the counter are not very friendly and when I tried to start a conversation the guy just looked at me.

Possibly its me as I was in another of Glasgows angling shops, this time Cafaro Brothers when in the middle of a conversation the guy actually walked away as i was talking. Now im not exactly a mumbler and we had been speaking for a few minutes………..bloody rude i thought!!!!

Anyway so im running out of angling shops that are friendly….if you know of one mail me at…….all I ask is that they are pleasant and helpfull.

So I have all this cash to buy…….a bag, a new jacket and countless other pieces of angling stuff and noone wants me as a regular customer!!!!!!

More later possibly!!