How many fish?

How many fish have i caught this season?
I was asked this today by another angler that stopped to chat. To be honest i was totally stumped. He pretty much knew that he had caught around 60. Looking back through this blog is a bad idea as i started making the site and doing the blog when the water was low and i was catching hee haw. A cruel space of about 3 weeks. i call it the bad time 😉

Anyway, even during the hot summer months , that was when i was catching the biggest fish even though they were far apart. Strange eh !!

After a mail i recieved the other night I decided to fish well past the vet school and fish in the dosholm park stretch…..
Well, the water was muddy and i could see that there has been a spate in the last couple of days. I got a coupl of bumps and lost a fish but that was that.

Hmmm actually Ill write more later……im going to have a nice red wine and pizza…….im feeling miserable..