Sunday at the Salmon Ladder…

The clocks went back on Saturday night meaning I was up even earlier on Sunday – I was instructed to leave the house with the boy so decided that a trip to the Salmon ladder in Milngavie was in order – let me stop you right there before you get all excited n’ stuff – I never seen any Salmon!

A distinct lack of the silver stuff!

I mean – you would have thought I would have, the burn was high and had a good amount of water coming over the falls – it was only when I walked down the burn did I notice that even though it was at a good height it was not in spate or anything – more “just a good height”

No expense spared - thanks East Dunbartonshire Council...

It was weird – I mean there was a fair amount of water coming down but when I walked down the burn (I was actually headed to a play park) I reckoned it was up a foot..

Up a foot - what is that white stuff?

The extra water created some lovely deep looking pools and long dry fly ripples – the water was gin clear as well. It reminded me of when I first fished the Allander when I was about 12 or 13 – my Mother and Father had took me down to fish it – I was using a worm and the river was in full spate – I got talking to another boy who got a take and it took him under the bank – I was amazed – I think at this point I had till never actually caught anything – it was probably one of my fist times out fishing with an outfit that had been bought from a catalogue – it came with a swim feeder!

Anyway – after the park I headed back to the fish pass to not see any fish again..

They could have been sly Ninja fish...

The boy dropped his balloon in the river and I pretended to try and catch it in case anyone was watching – secretly I wanted to see it go down the falls but the damn thing bobbed about at the top – we threw stones at it however it refused to burst – we cruised off to a local DIY store and I spent the afternoon putting a new roof on my shed.

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  • Attending a Kelvin committee meeting .. I hope stuffing envelopes is not on the agenda! #

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It is actually a nice day ….

Some more photos – why not!


Tenuous fishing photos 43/52

The last day of the season is upon us – not the proper trout one – the funky salmon one!
Today was kinda planned out a week or so ago – a few pals and I were supposed to go fishing and then retire to a house for some bevy ! As the date got closer this plan started to change due to the enormous rain cloud heading our way which was going to ensure the river was out of action.
The rain came last night and it poured down – there appeared to be a new tributary running down great western road and the byres road was totally flooded – I was on a night out and was soaked by a bus driver and then a learner driver!
Shoes are now still drying off!
So today I have came out for a walk with the boy – as usual picture quality not great as it has been taken with my HTC hero but hey it means I get to send this from the river bank !
This is the mighty slush in full force !


Tenuous fishing photos 42/52

Just ten weeks to go until the new year – aye, from these on in it will be an uphill struggle until the new season is upon us!
The picture is actually one sent to me by Paul Reid – is is supposed to be used on the official Kelvin site but I have like majorly decide to own it … and consequently him!


Tenuous fishing photos 41/52

Continuing my (ahem) weekly tenuous fishing photo should actually be a bit easier now that the trout season has finished.
Pretty much every photo will be tenuous now!
Looking upstream of the bonhill bridge pool on the leven… as you can see – motorcycles can’t do stunts!


Fly Fishing for Dummies?

I hear lots of people complaining they do not know how to fly fish – here is a recent addition to the dummies collection – finally one dedicated to fly fishing.

You can click the book to buy from Amazon.

Saturday Salmon..

Long story short I caught feck all and had my picture taken holding a spinning rod – is this what I have been reduced to?

Paul Reid - not floundering - honest!

I jest – I jest – it was a nice being on the river when ordinarily I would be waiting some 150 days (give or take) before I get another chance to fish – the trout season slipped by largely unnoticed a few days ago – that was a bit sneaky I thought today as I realised I could not actually go trout fishing instead of might not – that make sense? I will tell you what else is sneaky – Autumn! One minute we have full lovely trees looking all green and the sun is warm on your face and next day the leaves are all brown and their is a distinct feeling of cold creeping in.

Even the Giant Hogweed is dying fast...

So where does that leave us…and by us I mean me as at this precise moment I am wondering what my options are – Pike I suppose and I have promised some pals I would drag on my thermal underwear and brave a few Grayling trips.

On the non fishing front it is now time to properly get the old JVice out and start tying flees for the next season – it crept up on me this year and I do not want to let it happen again.  I have some lovely Fly Rite dubbing that will cover every shade of upwing and I am gagging to properly fill up my fly box.

The Botanics..

I have a sneaky feeling that winter walks are about to fill up my weekends – plenty of walks through the Botanics will be in order – boy in tow.

Close season fun also involves the annual madfest that is the River Kelvin Angling Association EGM and AGM. The EGM will have a set agenda to discuss changes to the constitution and a few other bits n’ bobs while the AGM is usually in the New Year to set out further plans for the future.

What fun – tally-ho !

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

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Tenuous fishing photos 34,35,36,37,38, 39 & 40/52

How crap am I at keeping to my own schedule of a photo a week? Answers on a postcard…

The irony is that people who follow me on Twitter do actually get a photo per week (usually) – so what I should do is just try and combine the two and post the photos from twitter over here.

So lets do that shall we!

34/52 Sitting on the john in work looking at Salmon

35/52 The boy is a natural..

36/52 The spiders were out looking for some sex

37/52 A really cool snail

38/52 a tiny snail...

39/52 I had a take from a fair Jack here

40/52 Some guy I met by the river..

Phew – and that is me up to date.

I swear to the wee man I am actually going to be on time for the last 12 weeks!

If I am not someone poke me or something!

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