Hot Hot Hot !

Hot, very hot….not the fishing but the temperature. Some trout rising, didn’t have a clue what to. At this little spot there was around 4 trout going at it like crazy.
What the hell, they refused everything I tried. Additionally there was the insult of sipping flies around my artificial. Eventually I took a couple of trout on a tiny olive parachute.
Like I say….Hot Hot Hot !

Fancy a romantic evening by the river darling?

So I managed to wangle a lift to my other river under the guise of a romantic evening by the river. There is Claire over there to the right of that cow
Claire read a magazine whilst I fished. I had to coal carry her across a couple of burns (which she found fun although I swear she could have jumped them) but we got there in the end. Additionally she would not walk through a field of cows so we had to make a shortcut. We were told the farmer was not happy about this but once I explained the situation he was fine with it and in a good natured way said “Och, the coo’s will just lick yer face”
It was a funny night, by all accounts I should have done well but there was little fly life and no trout rising. It has been a hot day and I suppose if we had stayed a little longer there might have been more action but work in the morning beckons.
I managed to get this one as the sun was going down when a small amount of flies were on the water.
Claire even had a few casts as well!
A lovely way to spend an evening.

A bit of a walk up Beinn Dubh

A bit of a walk is an understatement actually.
As yesterday was for lots of food and drink as it was barbeque weather (no fishing as it was to hot) and today it was time to work a bit of that excess off with a bit of hill walking. We decided to tackle Beinn Dubh and the horseshoe which is about 692m (2270 feet). In the book it said it was a steady, but not difficult, climb but at one point I felt we were nearly vertical.
fale summit
However, we had plenty of stops to appreciate the view of Loch Lomond and also that little thrill each time we came upon a false summit kept us going.

I was elated to make it to the top…
…whilst Claire was a little more sedate
We then walked around the horseshoe curving to the left around Glen Striddle and round to an unnamed top (655m 2184 feet) and then a nice descent.
It was great walking along the horseshoe, it was almost as if this was the reward for all our hard work walking up the hill, which essentially it was as there is no way you could get views like this if you did not climb it (well possibly if you had a baloon)
ballon ?
It was then a nice walk along Glen Luss where I possibly burnt all the back of my legs and then back to my house for another barbeque.
If you are interested in finding good walks around Glasgow we use this book.
One Hundred Hill Walks Around Glasgow: Essential Guide to Hill Walking in Central Scotland (One Hundred Walks)
It has 100 walks (hill walks) with a little hand drawn map, with short cuts if it is raining or you are fatigued. It even gives you handy places to park.
Anyway, I have made plans to attack the Kelvin full force with a couple of pals tommorrow, I had my little bamboo rod out for the first time this season the other day but it was a little windy to get any fishing done. Should still be hot tommorrow but late afternoon should see trout rising…..lokking forward to it!

Pretty much anything in life….

can be fixed

A site watch out for !

You know, this just happens to be the longest running personal blog dedicated to fly fishing on the net. I remember when I started this I had a good hunt around and could not find any others. I mean, others spoke about fishing but also had a fair chunk of other stuff as well. Since I have started this blog I have had a fair few emails from people who have started up their own blogs because of the rubbish….. nonsense and occasionally the highly skilled advice that I give (generally that I have gained from other people).

So anyway, every now and then I check my links just to make sure people are still linking and to see if anyone new is linking to me and came up with this little blog. It is a guy in Wales called Gareth Lewis who takes some nice pictures and sometimes even falls in his river. A guy I would like to fish with!

Check it out! Fly Fishing in South Wales

Standing in a River Waving a Stick

Another fantastic book from the bamboo maestro himself:
Standing in a River Waving a Stick

A popular sportswriter returns to his first love, fly fishing, in this wryly crafted reflection on friendship, getting skunked, and other musings sketched against the backdrop of the Colorado foothills and British Columbia. Reprint.

The Synopsis is pretty poor, good fishing book with great stories, some of his books are kinda hit or miss first time around….this one is a hit!


So this evening was just one of those times it just didn’t happen. I walked for a good while and fished some pools I ordinarily just walk by. No trout rising, little fly life and a high temp. The water quality was ok, maybe a little murky but nothing that should have put the trout down. Strange!

Action Stations: Dry Fly Attacks

So there was a definite three pronged approach to the Kelvin today. Alex was fishing his favourite stretch, Mike was fishing up at his end of the Kelvin and I decided to have a bash at one of the tributaries. It has been a windy, showery day and it has been raining on and off the last few days. The Kelvin itself is a bit higher than usual and has a slight colour to it. It did not stop Alex pulling out this monster to the dry fly.
My little tributary was at a nice height with just a touch of colour.
There were plenty of terrestrials getting blown onto the water but my little Klinkhammer did the damage as normal.
nice troot
I only fished for a couple of hours before the wind made it not much fun to cast any more. It suddenly struck me today whilst I was fishing that the season has well and truly started, it feels as if the Kelvin fishers have been waiting ages for it to get in full swing. It won’t be long until it shall be nice evenings with a spot of dry fly action.
Anyway, once I caught this lovely looking trout I decided to truly call it a day, there is no point in souring a nice session.

Not so much an attack more a leisurely stroll

So last weekend Alex, Mike and I headed up North for a little camping adventure.
Alex and I travelled by train through to Edinburgh where we met Mike and then shot up to the River Tummel for the first leg of the adventure. When we arrived at the Tummel an angler came up to us and told us to make way for guys fishing Salmon, he then proceeded to boast that he had caught a 1.5lb trout on his salmon spinner and decided to leave it on the bank for some of “you trout boys” Needless to say it was eaten by an otter. He seemed quite proud of this and we watched as he skillfully cast out his giant flashy lure seeking for a salmon, I vowed to keep out of his way although not for the reasons he thought.
We had a pretty good day on the river, we each caught a few trout, this is a picture of me looking like a gigantic bug (my other glasses make me look sexy, these make me look like a giant bee).

Conditions were pretty good and by the end of the day we were all ready to tackle 3.5lb wild brown trout on the Don. Towards the end of the day there were plenty of trout rising but we could not work out what they were rising to. Mike took this trout on the old faithfull a Dirty Duster..

We got kinda worried on the way up as it started to rain, and I mean real mans rain, pouring out the sky like someone pouring water out of a bucket. Good news though as when we got to Aberdeen it had not been raining. We went to be dreaming of stalking giant trout on the dry fly. In fact when Mike spoke of tactics it was all stalking with creeping up on giant lazy trout sipping down up winged flies. Half a bottle of single malt whiskey helped those thoughts along rather nicely if the truth be told.

Little did we know that the entire Don would offer up after a day of coldness (not to mention a sore head) was a scabby 6oz trout, and this was after trying small cdc F flies, parachutes, wet flies and finally Mike tried a woolly bugger fished down stream. We couldn’t believe we did not actually just fluke a trout. Well, we did in fact catch a lot of par…
At one point we came across a phone box which thinking back we all got overly exited about and happilly snapped pictures of it….
phone box

So then it was the mighty Tay on the Sunday, another cold day. It was a cold morning and Alex did not want to hatch from his nymph like sleeping bag, kind reminded me of the Don actually 🙂

When we arrived there was a really nice hatch going down but as I was so exited I somehow managed to mess everything up. Alex managed a few nice trout though. I almost blanked if it was not for a flukey nice brownie at almost home time that then decided to do a Long Distance Release, by this point I was not too bothered about catching fish. To be honest I think we were all just enjoying the fact that we were outside and not cooped up in some air conditioned building..

All in all a rather superb few days away, it just goes to show that you don’t actually have to catch lots of trout to have a great fishing trip. On our way back home Alex made a suggestion for a fly with a rather unusual ingredient. It makes pretty good sense and once I have harvested the necessary ingredient from a friend of a friend I shall post the results here.

Big River Bonanza

So I and a couple of pals (Mike & Alex) are going away for a few days fishing and camping. It is going to be a bit of a big river bonanza as on Friday we should be fishing the Tummel, Saturday the River Don and on Sunday the River Tay. Should be good fun!!.
When I told Claire she had the cheek to say “sounds all a bit Brokeback Mountain to me” the bloody cheek- there will actually be plenty of fishing and quite possibly whiskey as well. Alex has to share my tent so I sent him a text asking if he had one of those foam mattress things for under sleeping bags “those are for pussies” came the reply. If that bugger wasn’t in my tent I would be taking my self inflating double mattress with me, as it is we shall see who the pussy is when he is sleeping on a rock! Mwa ha ha!!

The weather is to be atrocious so wish us luck wherever you are!

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