Aye, so no fishing this weekend. It is like a fine wine I am saving in anticipation of something good. Which is probably why I do not want to go out too soon and blank utterly and freeze my rocks off?
Anyway, went for a wee trip down to Birmingham and then to Bath for the day. Seen the River Avon which looked rather nice and then a quick trip to Stonehenge for a quick prayer to the Gods of Troots.
Here I am with my sister who lives in Birmingham. We are holding up little handheld stick things with a commentary that comes out

And here is a picture of Stonehenge on this rather chilly but sunny day.

Will be making my first trip out this weekend no matter whether it is warm or not.

In Birmingham!

Spending a few days down here in Birmingham…..and what do you know- Spring has given this kneck of the woods a bypass as well. Good show- cheers me up no end!

Ta Ta

YouTube – A brown dog runs through it

A pretty good video on how to catch a dog on stillwaters…I am not usually one for watching videos on how to tie patterns but this one is prett good.

YouTube – A brown dog runs through it

ThE CrEeP- coming soon to a river near you!!!

So I suppose I had better post about fishing again soon. It has been a long winter so thanks to people who stick around in the close season. Come open season my visitors always jump up as they know I will start fishing again soon- or at least that thing I call fly fishing- I have now been told that I suffer from the creep. A fishing friend (Alberto) was watching how I cast (I always get nervous as he is very good) and states I suffer from a very bad case of the creep. He is one of those qualified casting instructors so knows what he is talking about. Although to be fair he could be making it all up, but we tend to trust him anyway as generally he comes up with the goods!
Here he is doing his stuff with Emmanuelle at the Tummel – none of me as I am the only one that ever takes a camera- a waterproof one at that!
Anyway, it turns out that the “creep” happens on my back cast, I move the rod forward a few inches (possibly more) before its time- this is bad seemingly. Once I was told that, everything went to pot, wrist breaks the lot. And don’t get me started on double hauling, how come I have got this far without doing it but now it seems imperative that I learn it. Turns out I am shite at that too!

To get us all in the mood, here is a nice picture of a summer thistle

And for the sheer hell of it a picture of me, as someone mailed me to say they dont know what I look like

Repeat after me :from day one I shall watch out for “the creep”

A Walk in the Snow!

Will I be fishing on opening day? Well considering Claire and I went for a walk along the banks of the Kelvin and we took a Sled I can with good confidence say no.
Most enjoyable though, never seen the Kelvin in snow before!
And here is where I will most probably cast my first fly on the Kelvin in a couple of weeks time, with a bit of luck it will be slightly better !


Up early and what do I find..
more snow
It is a few feet deep in places. Funny how we never seem to get snow like this anymore. I am sure it has got somethhing to do with global warming!

The darkest hour is just before dawn!

So it has been threatening snow for weeks now. It has finally happened, just a few days before the season starts, ah yes the darkest hour before spring is upon us all.
I was lying in my bed unable to sleep so thought I would get up for a wee while and browse the net. It is around 2am and the snow is coming down heavy.
I dare say if we had went grayling fishing today it would have been nice but what we did was possibly even nicer- we made plans for the coming season. We have plans to fish a remote hill loch which I have been sworn to secrecy with regards to the name and location. We have plans to fish another two local rivers – the Gryffe and the Avon. We will be having evening and days at our special place as well as our big plans of hitting the Kelvin commando style.
Tying up some flies tomorrow!

Just a few days till its here!

Yup, season starts on the 15th. The forecast is for cold and miserable. My first trip will probably be in two weeks !
Today was supposed to be for Grayling but seeing as how snow was forecast (but not materialised) we decided to just go for a little shopping trip instead :)

Holy Moly- Its a troot with two mouths!

I know there are genetically modified rainbows out there but this is just getting plain silly!

two mooths

Picture and story at

Let me be your Agony Fly Fishing Uncle anytime!

So I get a lot of emails from people. Especially now that the new season is approaching and people are thinking fishy thoughts. My visitor numbers have doubled as usual at this time and so have the emails. Usually they are the usual what flies, what rod variety with the possibility of meeting new people but some are different. I got an email a few weeks ago and I think my answer came across a bit strong or not subtle enough or something. Here it is, although the authors name not included.

I like your site alot as im irish and my fishing venues are identical to yours,I love flyfishing for the wild brownies.My fav. venue is this wee lough no one else fishes.the fishing on its unreal, i caught 6 browns on the last day of the season on a black pennel one of wich was a lovely golden 2 pounder.Is this kind of lough rare and should i tell anyone about it?


I thought long and hard about my answer, what advice I could give to this kindred soul who was so obviously moved by this little gem he had found that he had to reach out and tell me about it. My reply was thus.

I think you should share this burden of knowledge and tell me exactly
where it is, once done TELL NO ONE ELSE!

I look forward to precise directions.


Like I said, I think I came across to strong, I have not heard a reply.

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