After Grayling comes warmth

So last weekend I went for a spot of Grayling fishing. I will call it fishing but what I should really call it was a nice drive and then an opportunity to get a freezing cold left leg. Yup, the old waders are playing up once more and a leak has developed which gave me a good reason to pack up early and bolt back up the road.
another river

Still, it was a nice day out 🙂

I know go to patch my waders !

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  1. Charlie dunn · February 1, 2007

    One word,two syllables -wetlands.I purchased a pair of these in 2002,and these waders lasted four years-considerably longer than any other pair i have ever owned.They are noeprene INSIDE,and have a tough rubberised outside layer,but…..-cosmetic they are not.However,there is no catwalk on rivers-no need for vanity-just practicality.

  2. Charlie dunn · February 1, 2007

    P.S-i got them in a sale in cafaros for 50 quid.

  3. Alistair · February 1, 2007

    Sounds good – do they not get pretty hot in the summer though ?


  4. Charlie dunn · February 1, 2007

    AYE, they’re murder! but thankfully they are not worn much in the summer,because of the normally very low flows in the river,the fish are EXTREMELY spooky,so wading would hammer my chance of a fish-but they do a very good turn in the cooler months.

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