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Greetings, people who have just read The Herald. I have not actually read the article regarding the Kelvin yet but just in case I came across like a trumpet I thought I would post this first.
Anyway,some background, I have been fly fishing on the Kelvin for a number of years now and call it my “home” river. That is not to say I don’t fish other rivers because I do, however I consider The Kelvin overlooked by serious anglers as it is classed as “a shite hole”. It is in fact a very nice little stream, full of trout with increasing runs of Salmon and Sea Trout. Nevertheless, this resource is in threat. It is in threat every day due to possible pollution and over fishing. I for instance never actually kill trout out of the Kelvin but adhere to a catch and release policy. A famous angler once said that a trout is too nice to be caught just once and when I realease a trout I reminded of David Seybold in “Waters Swift and Still”

” The boy reached into the net and cleared the hook and leader from the trout and lowered the net back into the water. ‘ Thank you’, said the boy. ‘Thank you very much. I hope you live forever. ”

I know people do kill trout from the Kelvin but I dont have to agree with it- always remember these are my own opinions 🙂
If this is your first time here go and make yourself a cup of tea and then come back and settle down for a wee read. This part of my website is called a blog, Wiki defines a blog as being:

…a website where regular entries are made (such as in a journal or diary) and presented in reverse chronological order. Blogs often offer commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. Most blogs are primarily textual although many focus on photographs, videos or audio.

It might interest you to know that this is the oldest personal blog dedicated to fly fishing on the net. It is also the most visited part of my site with visitors from as far away as Japan and the US. I have been overcome by the amount of visitors that my blog receives and just a wee bit proud of it. I do get the odd criticism (my grammar is appalling seemingly) but enjoy the banter
On the right hand side of this page at the top of the sidebar you will see a way to access my archives- they are split into months. There are a couple of years of entries; however I have compiled a small selection for you, picked for no other reason than I liked the photographs.

Trout:Awsome to the max

Actions Stations: Dry Fly Attacks

Hot Hot Hot

Not so much an attack more a leisurely stroll

Last fish caught?

A Cracking Hour and a Half Fly Fishing!!

A Perfect Storm (to fish in)

Awright Muckers!!

First fish on bamboo!!

I hope that has whetted your appetite. Fly fishing is really quite easy; to fish a river like the Kelvin you will need a suitable rod. A typical river rod should be about 8 feet long rated for a 4/5 weight line….that might seem confusing and it is kind of. Essentially a lighter line is for smaller fish and smaller flies and a high number is for big flies and big fish. 4/5 is nice and in the middle. In my mind there is little point in chucking out a worm as all that is going to happen is juvenile trout will get killed (there are good skillful ways of fishing bait but I prefer the fly). Anyway, fly fishing is not elitist these days as you can pick up rods reels and line dirt cheap, all it takes is a little effort.

Drop me a line over here is my contact page if you like


Flaming June ? Aye right enough !

Ah yes, Scottish weather, one minute it is roasting hot and the next it feels like it could snow. You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather stick around 5 mins it will be sure to change…

A nice bit….

A nice piece of music to tie flies by….

Glenn Gould: A State of Wonder - The Complete Goldberg Variations

Attack of the Fibre Optic Cables !!

So I fished for a few hours yesterday and caught nothing. I am beginning to think that the easy to get to sections of the river are gubbed, then again it might have been the conditions. I caught lots of those Sea Trout that were stocked, tiny little two inch long silvers but that was about it.
I have also found that for some reason several large rolls of fibre optic cables have found there way into the river. I noticed one down in the Maryhill area and found another 3 much further upstream, where the heck did they come from? Anyone know anything about them?
The effort that must have went into getting them in the river must have been great, unless they were swept in when th eriver was in spate. Whatever reason, they make the river look an eyesore.

My new wading boots are also gubbed, the sole is starting to come away at the sole. Grrrr

A nice evening session.

So it was a nice evening down at the other river I fish on Thursday evening. It was warm with plenty of flies on the water but the fish were taking there time responding, it was not until 10-11 that trout started to properly rise. It is funny that as this season on th erivers I fish it has not been a quick start, I have spoken to a couple of folk who think the rivers are still a month behind.
It was touch and go whether we went to this river as Alberto wanted to change the plan and go after Sea Trout somewhere else at the last minute. After some discussion, we decided to go after Sea Trout next trip out together, I have been promised 5lbers so I am looking forward to it.

I have been tying up some of those JG Emerger’s that were in Trout n Salmon magazine, I remain sceptical however as the way it was raved about in the magazine made you think they put on a different fly every now and then as they got bored catching so many trout, big ones too.
Both Emmanuelle and I took our trout on black Klinkhammers whilst Alberto took this on some little olive imitation (meaning I forget what it was).

The caption competition is hotting up with a fair few entries, dont forget any picture as long as I have not stolen it from another site is fair game for a caption.

OutdoorsBest Forums

A hook through your foot!

Hook through foot

Not for me thanks !!

Competition time !

So today is the start of the Urban Fly fishing on the Kelvin caption competition! The competition is open to anyone, in any country whether I know them or not. It is a simple little caption contest, nothing too difficult I am sure.
It is however a caption contest with a twist. YOU choose the picture, there is only one rule, it must have been taken by me and not a picture from another blog, so for example the picture on this post would be great; however upon reading the post you find that it is in fact a picture from another website. Have a hunt through the archives on the right to find something you like ! Oh, and you CAN merge pictures together !

You can jazz it up as much as you like, you can even use the very nice Flikr tools from here and here.

Yes yes, all very simple. I suppose I had better talk about prizes. Well, two lucky winners will get a rather snazzy Buff. And what is a Buff I hear you say, well seeing as how the hot weather is coming in I am giving away 2 rather nifty Visor Buffs to keep the sun out of your eyes whilst reeling in those giant trout. If you don’t know what they are I suggest you nip over to the Buff website and check them out.

(note:sexy women not included)

Visor Buff is the latest innovation. Its made out of the original Buff tubular garment combined with a neoprene visor (peak) to bring together all the features of a traditional cap. The result is a very light, high-quality, comfortable, and useful piece of garment that can be worn in many versatile styles (open visor, cap, sahariane, pirate, foulard and many more).

Anyway, I suppose that all seems rather straightforward, the competition will be open for one month , so lets say the closing date for entries is on the 15th July.

Claire will be the judge; so keep that in mind I suppose 🙂 Send all entries to

Oh and you can use all parts of the website, not just the blog 😉

Celebrating Maryhill

A lovely site about peoples memories of Maryhill.


Fancy a picnic with some friends dear ?

So today was a nice day out with my wife, my niece, my fishing buddy Emmanuelle, his partner and his 6 month old baby.
It was planned last week at my little barbeque, we were supposed to go to the Tummel but at the last minute decided to go to New Lanark instead. We went for a nice walk looking at all the wildlife and took some nice pictures of the Falls of Clyde.
falsl of clyde
We also walked past the twin pipes of the Lanark Hydro Electric Scheme.
twin pipes
The hydro stations were built in 1926 and fully commissioned in 1927; they are also believed to be the oldest hydro-electric power stations in Scotland
We then settled down for some nice food, both couples had prepared some nice edibles and it was most enjoyable. Claire noticed that we were eating a little fast, ho ho we chortled only because the food is so nice.
After the picnic (after a quick see ya, love ya) Emmanuelle and I dashed to the car and drove to somewhere we could fish for a couple of hours. It was far too windy but we both caught a couple of smaller trout. I also found this rather nice toad.
Fishing in the main current was pointless so we stuck to the pocket water where we saw the odd rise now and then.
None of the big trout were showing and after what seemed like 5 mins it was time to bolt back to the women. We bumped into Mike and his brother who were just starting an evening session. Rather enviously we left them; I am looking forward to hear how he faired.

Made that trout all the sweeter!

Yesterday was roasting hot and last night was warm. It was so hot that I thought I was going to blank at one point. As it was I managed a nice plump trout from a tiny bit of pocket water. It was beautifully spotted, hundreds of them tightly packed along its body. Not the typical Kelvin trout I thought. I never got a picture as by the time I got my camera out I just felt it was that little bit too long, then it jerked and was in the water.
I must have covered the trout around 20 times before it took the fly. When it did, it took it aggressively. Whilst I was fishing I heard different guys on the road near me who were obviously worse for wear after watching the football. Here is a selection of what I heard…

“I have NEVER seen anyone catch a fish out of the Kelvin”

“Look at that fanny, thinks he will catch a fish…..hey mate you are a fanny”

“You’ll catch nothing but sunstroke” (note: it was 11pm)

Made that trout all the sweeter!

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