Tippet Recommendation

I am a sucker when it comes to a recommendation and last night I was given some advice that I might just take up. I was at the Milngavie Fly Tying night and Neil Sinclair (of Double Decker fame) was giving a little presentation on the types of flies he uses for competitions and in general river fishing. Anyway, the advice I am going to take was on tippet material. You might remember that I wrote about the problems I was having a while ago.

For those that do not know what a tippet is, it is the section you add on to you tapered leader which extends the life of your leader and also aids “turnover” which is a fancy way of saying your fly doesn’t land in a heap. It also means that when you change flies (or like me cast into trees) you are not shortening your leader.

The advice was to use a brand called “Stroft” which Mike uses as well. I must say when I was handling a sample it seemed to a have a very low diameter – Should be good for those spooky trout. Mike in my original post about my dodgy tippet stated:

Personally, I think you want you tippet material to be pretty limp. You get the turnover from the main leader length, but it’s much better to have a nice soft tippet (at least for dries) to reduce drag. This is especially true down our regular other river.

Our other regular river is one where the trout are very spooky and is part of the reason this season is being dedicated to stealth and minimal tackle. It has to me minimal if you are crawling along on your knees in 2 feet of water.


If we get the stealth thing right the last thing we want is messing up the drift of the fly with dodgy tippet material.

Well, Neil Sinclair essentially stated the above when discussing his own tippet material so that is good enough recommendation for me.

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