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Off next two days, I am planning to do a whack of fly tying. I have found a couple of nice patterns on the net for olives so will be tying em up. I will post photos. Probably!

Purists- thats what we are!

So BBC weather said it was going to be sleeting today, ha that is a laugh: considering as how my first trip of the season was cancelled because of this. At around 1430 today it was actually quite warm with a little sun on the water. I could certainly imagine large dark olives hatching in weather like this. In fact I pretty much know they will. Tomorrow come hail (likely) or shine (unlikely) I will be venturing forth to try and catch my first trout of the season on a dry fly.

If that does not work I have a bunch of heavily weighted nymphs with lead and Alex says he is bringing worms and pink prawns for Salmon.

Oh purists where are you now!

Bob Wyatt- Trout Hunting

I am going to be good to Bob Wyatt and plug his book. I am sure I did so in the past but as these plugs go around in full circle as new readers get picked up I felt it was worth it again. For my American readers this is one of those books you should read without question !

Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness

S1gn my guestb00k !

So I finally had to close my guestbook and start again. The type of guestbook I used was getting hit with a couple of hundred spam entries a week, this was making me annoyed. Unfortunately I have now lost all the entries that were real. In fact at the last count I had well over 100 hundred entries which is not bad for a wee site aboot a guy fishing a muddy river with a bamboo rod.
Anyway, I now have a nice shiny new guestbook with funny colours. I would appreciate if people would shine my ego and head over and sign it….roll up roll up , don’t be shy !

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Aye, so no fishing this weekend. It is like a fine wine I am saving in anticipation of something good. Which is probably why I do not want to go out too soon and blank utterly and freeze my rocks off?
Anyway, went for a wee trip down to Birmingham and then to Bath for the day. Seen the River Avon which looked rather nice and then a quick trip to Stonehenge for a quick prayer to the Gods of Troots.
Here I am with my sister who lives in Birmingham. We are holding up little handheld stick things with a commentary that comes out

And here is a picture of Stonehenge on this rather chilly but sunny day.

Will be making my first trip out this weekend no matter whether it is warm or not.

In Birmingham!

Spending a few days down here in Birmingham…..and what do you know- Spring has given this kneck of the woods a bypass as well. Good show- cheers me up no end!

Ta Ta

YouTube – A brown dog runs through it

A pretty good video on how to catch a dog on stillwaters…I am not usually one for watching videos on how to tie patterns but this one is prett good.

YouTube – A brown dog runs through it

ThE CrEeP- coming soon to a river near you!!!

So I suppose I had better post about fishing again soon. It has been a long winter so thanks to people who stick around in the close season. Come open season my visitors always jump up as they know I will start fishing again soon- or at least that thing I call fly fishing- I have now been told that I suffer from the creep. A fishing friend (Alberto) was watching how I cast (I always get nervous as he is very good) and states I suffer from a very bad case of the creep. He is one of those qualified casting instructors so knows what he is talking about. Although to be fair he could be making it all up, but we tend to trust him anyway as generally he comes up with the goods!
Here he is doing his stuff with Emmanuelle at the Tummel – none of me as I am the only one that ever takes a camera- a waterproof one at that!
Anyway, it turns out that the “creep” happens on my back cast, I move the rod forward a few inches (possibly more) before its time- this is bad seemingly. Once I was told that, everything went to pot, wrist breaks the lot. And don’t get me started on double hauling, how come I have got this far without doing it but now it seems imperative that I learn it. Turns out I am shite at that too!

To get us all in the mood, here is a nice picture of a summer thistle

And for the sheer hell of it a picture of me, as someone mailed me to say they dont know what I look like

Repeat after me :from day one I shall watch out for “the creep”

A Walk in the Snow!

Will I be fishing on opening day? Well considering Claire and I went for a walk along the banks of the Kelvin and we took a Sled I can with good confidence say no.
Most enjoyable though, never seen the Kelvin in snow before!
And here is where I will most probably cast my first fly on the Kelvin in a couple of weeks time, with a bit of luck it will be slightly better !

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