100 things about me

Being of the shy persuasion I have updated the 100 things about me page as someone said I was cagey about my identity.
I hope it clears up any questions.

BBC NEWS Scotland Bird flu confirmed in dead swan

BBC- Bird Flu in Scotland

I am ok…last time I looked I aint a swan !

First outing- blanked (froze rocks off)

Alas, it did not go according to plan. After work another regular Kelvin fisher and I hit a tributary for some small stream action seeing as how the main river was out of action because of the rain. In the end we caught no fish and got cold into the bargain- which seems to be a bit of a tradition when I go fishing with Alex.

I think our optimism was slightly greater than our actual chances of catching a fish. Well, with hindsight that was the case anyway. What we should have done was head down to the river in the middle of the day- at this time last year I was taking trout on olives but now with working full time I have just got to take my fishing time when I can get it.
The usual first trip calamities- how a big thick thing likes fly line get into this mess is beyond me….
It was cold, I mean really cold. I felt as if my nuts were going to freeze off at one point if the truth be told. I was worried when Alex told me he was fucking freezing and wanted to head to a local pub for a pint- he is made of sturdier stuff than me. Once in the rather nice pub I think people were bemused at this couple of rockets sitting wearing waders having a pint…
We learned a valuable lesson- wait another couple of weeks….

Anything For Fishing Video on Metacafe

Anything For Fishing Video on Metacafe

Class, sheer class

Not bad at all looking!

So I am ill. If I was not ill I would be trying to catch a trout on the Kelvin. Instead I got Claire to drive me to a spot and have a look at it.
It actually looks ok considering it has been raining the last week. It is at a lovely height, wee bit dark but give it a couple of days with no rain and a little sunshine and we should be in business.

Actually, now that I look out the window I can see a bit of sunshine, so maybe there will be a hatch coming off at the moment. Stick to around late afternoon for dry flies.

Getting bitten!

Thankfully this does not happen wher I fish

Fishing for everyone – too commercial?

So I wondered who might broach this rather touchy subject and it finally happened in a forum I visit.
Lucy Bowden operates a website dedicated to getting women into the sport called Fishing for Everyone

She says on her site

Here at fishingforeveryone, we are dedicated to encouraging more people into the sport of angling and in particular to get more females out there and enjoying the sport!

Fishing is one of the few sports whereby everyone and anyone can become involved, no matter of your age, race, gender or ability, anyone can fish! Angling is a sport which gets you out there and at one with nature, where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings at your own leisure.

She has appeared on telly and has been mentioned in the angling press on occasion which is pretty good for a young lass just trying to get more women into the sport.

However, Lucy has started punting rods and reels as well as pink waistcoats on her site making people think that she has perhaps not got the sports best interests at heart but is in fact a capitalist money grabbing evil women angler just out to make a quick buck. I jest, I jest dear readers !!

Lucy responds to the accusation on this thread.

She states that:

…it is me who donates 5% from every sale of wellies to the charity, Casting For Recovery as well as promotes and enters the yearly fishing competitions to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The wellies are £45 (on special offer) so she donates £2.25 off every sale! I bet she sells a lot of those pink ones!

I shall let you make up your minds!

Yellow May’s & Half Hogs

So I set myself a wee challenge the other day. I was getting a bit bored with tying the same old flies- which I have got to admit does make sense as I only fish a few flies (which hardly anyone asks me about anyway) when I came across a fly called a half hog. It was devised by an Orkney angler, Norman Irvine whos original intention was to fish the fly as an emerger to imitate hatching midge.

Stan Headley on his website states

The newest pattern for wild trout and stockies. Versatile beyond belief. Fish it with ginked wing as a semi-immersed emerger, figure-8 as a nymph/midge pupa, or slow pull to represent fast nymphs e.g. Olive nymphs or shrimp.

It’s a funny thing, coming across a guide in Scotland as the expertise have never really taken off over here, I know there are a few but certainly not as common as ghillies.
So I tied up a few olive half hogs, I must say they turned out looking not too bad. No doubt they will sink like a stone when I cast em out but it will be fun trying them on my usual haunts.
half hogs

The last couple of days I have had Yellow Mays stuck in my head. Alex (a Kelvin fisher) seen a rather large hatch of them down on the Kelvin which made me remember that I have absolutely none in my box. Seeing as how I had absolutely nothing to make a traditional yellow may I decided on a little yellow cdc effort which I think look quite nice. It I simply yellow thread, bleached deer har and then yellow cdc as the wing. I used a size 16 Kamasan B100 hook.
yellow may

I am not sure how effective it will be without a tail as it does seem quite prominent in the picture. We will see!
may yellow

On Saturday I stood for a while at one of the tributaries at a place where the burn runs next to a supermarket. Not the trolley park on the right hadn side- is this the source of the trolley infestation?

After a while my eyes became adjusted to looking in the water and I could see a few small trout darting around chasing each other and taking nymphs. The water was crystal clear and would have been at a nice height the place I usually fish on this tributary. See Here…..Here and… Here

But alas, I thought I would wait until Sunday and it has not stopped raining since.

Gizoogle – Yo’ Bitches on the Kelvin

Gizoogle – Transizlatin’ Page – http://theriverkelvin.co.uk/blog/index.php



Off next two days, I am planning to do a whack of fly tying. I have found a couple of nice patterns on the net for olives so will be tying em up. I will post photos. Probably!

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