BBC NEWS | UK | Extra fish planned for UK rivers

BBC NEWS | UK | Extra fish planned for UK rivers

I am a firm believer that young people should have a hobby and this just proves it. It is allso good to see they are highlinghting fishing as being one of the most popular leisure pursuits, helping sustain 20,000 jobs in the industry and local economies near rivers.

Sorry about the everything going wonky!

If you have been using IE you may have noticed that the sidebar went a bit wonkey around a week ago. The sidebar ended up away down on the page. This is because of a wonky bit of code somewhere that jiggered everything up. As I use firefox I did not notice, it was just on the offchance that I fired up IE to have a gander at something that I noticed. It just goes to show how clunky IE is as a browser and should be a lesson to you to get a proper one.
jeepers, someone could have left a comment about it as well 😉

The world NEEDS a bad day fishing!

A nice post over at Muskoka Outdoors Blog

If there is something I like, other than a bargain, it is good service. I have written about Riverkeeper before but thought I would again just in case you missed it. It is now nearly the start of the season and I am doing my usual getting my tackle sorted out, what I need new and what I can salvage from last year. What I cannot salvage are my tapered leaders. Anyway, rather than trek all the way to the GAC I remember that this nice little online shops sells lots of Fulling Mill stuff and therefore ordered up some Fulling Mill tapered leaders, some “Shake n Float” and some putty for nymphing. No order too large or small it all comes with free next day delivery. Startling service!
Next week I am going to start attaching my tapered leaders to my fly line, last year I used some dinky cast connectors but this year a friend is going to show me a trick using a needle and some glue.

Anyway, Riverkeeper sells lots of interesting fly fishing stuff including flies, reels, tapered leaders, rods etc . It is pretty much all Fulling Mill branded, but I reckon with them you cannot really go wrong!

You can visit the site here Riverkeeper

A Walk along the Leven

So I found myself taking a stoat along beside the River Leven today as it was on my journey.
I seen a couple of Salmon fly fishers out and a fair few bait and spin fishers too. I came up to the barrage gates and wondered whether this place was still hammered by bait fisherman. They used to line up and growl at anyone that was not in the “in crowd” who tried to fish there, I would swear they did it in shifts.
I could never see the fun in it myself !
I had a wee look at Robbies site and found my answer, looks like good news to me.

The barrage at Balloch, the top most pool, was in the past the most popular spot on the river because the fish had to slow down to pass it before entering the Loch. Illegal fishing, and anglers standing shoulder to shoulder, was the norm which led to the Bailiffs putting obstacles in the water to prevent fishing. This is a place that is rarely frequented now

Sounds good to me !

Its Grim up North!

I went for a wander along to the Vet School on Sunday. It was pretty grim, I hope it starts to heat up a little bit, I suppose a month can make all the difference though in fly fishing. I might add that if Bird Flu hits the UK then this stretch will be off limits to anglers just like during the foot and mouth outbreak.
vet school

February Reconnaissance (disguised as a “romantic walk darling” Classy move!!)

I was trying to work out why I have had such a massive jump in visitors to the main Kelvin website and to here over the weekend. Usually visitor numbers dip sat/sun as people are not at work browsing the net catching up on the fishing gossip.
I then noticed that the infamous “Trout n About” was on Discovery Channel on Friday night…..aha! It was actually an email I received from an old fishing buddy’s father that made me go and have a hunt and see where it was on. For anyone that does not know, I took part in that programme last year, here is a post about it. Someone just told me it should have been called “aboot n aboot” as you never actually see a Trout :)
Anyway, Claire and I decided to go for a walk along the Kelvin to the West End for a bit of romantic exercise. The river was looking pretty grim if the truth be told, still it was a nice day and I scoped out another few “getting into the river” places that I will keep in mind for when the season starts.

Speaking of which, I took receipt of some new tapered leaders, a tub of something that looks suspiciously like cocaine that will keep your fly floating all day and a little tub of weighted putty. I got the weighted putty as this year I am determined to try some deep down tactics, especially at the start of the season anyway!

Novice Fly Tying

I am a novice fly tier. I wish I was able to turn out those exquisite flies I see guys who have been tying for years effortlessly churn out. It takes me around 10 mins to tie a fly and even then there is no guarantee that it will turn out ok. So I sat tonight and tied up a few Klinks and little cdc olives. I have a little box I got free that I am slowly filling up and the idea is that when the season starts I will transfer them all over.

Its funny how some flies seem to last and others don’t. With Klinks I find that after a few fish that’s it jiggered although to be fair if it has caught one fish then it has done its job, anything else is a bonus. I find it difficult getting the motivation to tie during the close season as I do not have that urgency of “eak I need to tie up half a dozen of these for tomorrow” syndrome.
Saying that though, just a month till the season is underway, maybe half a dozen per sitting and try and have one sitting a week. Should be able to do it in time I reckon!

Access all Areas

You know, there are actually parts of the Kelvin I have not fished yet. Here is a nice little bit that I have not given a bash. This season I have made a deal with another of the Kelvin fishers that we will try and get to some of the more inaccessible areas.

trying to

The postman never knocks!

I see Bag of Bears came up with an interstening article. Speaking of postman I once knew one who went home after a heavy morming puting envelopes through letterboxes to find that it was going to be a roasting hot day. To take advantage of this and to catch up on some well needed Zeds he covered himself in olive oil and went to sleep in the sun. When he woke up in casualty later he was annoyed that he they would not ley him go clubbing with his new tan.

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