February Reconnaissance (disguised as a “romantic walk darling” Classy move!!)

I was trying to work out why I have had such a massive jump in visitors to the main Kelvin website and to here over the weekend. Usually visitor numbers dip sat/sun as people are not at work browsing the net catching up on the fishing gossip.
I then noticed that the infamous “Trout n About” was on Discovery Channel on Friday night…..aha! It was actually an email I received from an old fishing buddy’s father that made me go and have a hunt and see where it was on. For anyone that does not know, I took part in that programme last year, here is a post about it. Someone just told me it should have been called “aboot n aboot” as you never actually see a Trout :)
Anyway, Claire and I decided to go for a walk along the Kelvin to the West End for a bit of romantic exercise. The river was looking pretty grim if the truth be told, still it was a nice day and I scoped out another few “getting into the river” places that I will keep in mind for when the season starts.

Speaking of which, I took receipt of some new tapered leaders, a tub of something that looks suspiciously like cocaine that will keep your fly floating all day and a little tub of weighted putty. I got the weighted putty as this year I am determined to try some deep down tactics, especially at the start of the season anyway!

Novice Fly Tying

I am a novice fly tier. I wish I was able to turn out those exquisite flies I see guys who have been tying for years effortlessly churn out. It takes me around 10 mins to tie a fly and even then there is no guarantee that it will turn out ok. So I sat tonight and tied up a few Klinks and little cdc olives. I have a little box I got free that I am slowly filling up and the idea is that when the season starts I will transfer them all over.

Its funny how some flies seem to last and others don’t. With Klinks I find that after a few fish that’s it jiggered although to be fair if it has caught one fish then it has done its job, anything else is a bonus. I find it difficult getting the motivation to tie during the close season as I do not have that urgency of “eak I need to tie up half a dozen of these for tomorrow” syndrome.
Saying that though, just a month till the season is underway, maybe half a dozen per sitting and try and have one sitting a week. Should be able to do it in time I reckon!

Access all Areas

You know, there are actually parts of the Kelvin I have not fished yet. Here is a nice little bit that I have not given a bash. This season I have made a deal with another of the Kelvin fishers that we will try and get to some of the more inaccessible areas.

trying to

The postman never knocks!

I see Bag of Bears came up with an interstening article. Speaking of postman I once knew one who went home after a heavy morming puting envelopes through letterboxes to find that it was going to be a roasting hot day. To take advantage of this and to catch up on some well needed Zeds he covered himself in olive oil and went to sleep in the sun. When he woke up in casualty later he was annoyed that he they would not ley him go clubbing with his new tan.

The River Home

Here is a good book. It is called The River Home by Jerry Dennis

From the Publisher
Join Jerry Dennis On A Journey Down THE RIVER HOME
“When you’re rooting around in the water or the woods, miles from the nearest strip mall and office complex, nobody is likely to judge you by your clothing or your skin color or your political orientation, and if they do you don’t give a damn anyway. Fishing frees you of such nonsense. If you want society, convention, comfort, and safety, stay home. If you want your life to be a joyous romp, get outside.” – Excerpt from “Eight Days of Hendricksons” in THE RIVER HOME

I have been reading it over the last month or so, it is very good!

Whet the appetite!

So a few weeks back, Mike, a guy who I have fished with a few times sent me some pictures of Grayling that he caught. Absolutely lovely looking fish and impressive sizes too.


I am afraid i have still to catch a grayling, but to be honest I have never really put any great effort into it. Saying that though, we have a trip planned for next month where instead of trying on the surface with dry flies we are actually going to try and catch them the proper way with nymphs.


Both fish were around the 3lb size!

I forgot to buy a Euro millions lottery ticket last night, Claire and I often talk about where we would stay and I always say somewhere near a river, nothing to extravagant though. I think this suits the bill nicely.

A rare opportunity of acquiring a most attractive substantial period country residence offering high quality residential accommodation with 4 /5 bedrooms plus separate self contained granny / holiday annexe, set within commodious gardens on the banks of the river Teifi with fishing.

Sounds and looks lovely!

A new season a new look !

Was not sure if this actually warrented a post but I have decided on a new theme for the blog. That is in fact theme and not topic, hell if you come here regular like you will know what I am on about.


Did you know?

The famous physicist William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin was created Baron Kelvin in honour of his achievements, he was named after the river that flowed passed Glasgow University.
The Kelvin temperature scale, was named after the little river that I catch trout out of, it was named after its creator Lord Kelvin.

That is what I call fishing in history :)

Harelaw-the second coming!

See that, that was a play on words that was!
It could have been good. We had planned this for a while…..well I suppose if I was to say fortnight then it wouldn’t be the same so I will say “a while” instead. At least we had been talking about doing a bit of fishery action anyway. The only fishery that Alex and I have fished is Harelaw and seeing as how it is easy to get to by public transport I found myself at Glasgow Central on Saturday morning at 0700.

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It’s funny, as the night before we noted that we have never actually fished together in good conditions, it’s either been too hot or raining or just plain wild weather. Now to add to our little collection of bizarre fishing trips it was too damn cold. We were optimistic, all the books tell you that rainbows are not bothered by the cold much more the heat, so we were both quietly optimistic (we were not going to settle for anything less than bloodlust/ killfest until our limit was reached). As it turned out Brian the owner of Harelaw did not have much to worry about from these two geniuses. His advice was traditional flies fished slow, traditional as in something small and black. After that didn’t work I decided on something big pink and sparkly, it still didn’t work.

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Too cut a long story short we caught bugger all and at some point I ended up half pished. I know swigging 10 year old whiskey is not enough to have you considered a “down and out” but when you are on a train dressed like you will be sleeping under copies of the Guardian I am pretty sure people did stop and think.

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I could go on about the beautiful setting, the fog in the morning, the weak sense of spring just trying to break through the bleak winter. Instead I will tell you we caught bugger all and freezed our nads off, busted the engine (again) and had to row up the loch.

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Looking forward to going back though!

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This is terrible!!

Somehow this really upset me. I was looking at those pictures thinking how lovely it looked. Claire regulary travels up to Dundee and I was thinking about her dropping me off for a couple of hours..Well, just read the whole thread to see what happened :/

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