Book about the Kelvin

A bit of a repost this but seeing as how I have so many new readers I think it is worth it. Here is a book dedicated to the Kelvin

The book is the first full-length account of the Kelvin.
From its source near Kilsyth to its confluence with the Clyde, the Kelvin is a river of startling contrasts. From meandering stream to the dramatic and picturesque river at the heart of Glasgow. This superb book tells the fascinating story of the river and its main tributaries-the Glazert, the Luggie and the Allander. It also looks in detail at the thriving and attractive communities along its banks: from Kirkintilloch to Kelvingrove, Kilsyth to Kelvinside, and Milngavie to Maryhill. Famous people abound:Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Red Comyn, Thomas Muir, Lord Lister and, of course,Lord Kelvin.The sweep of the book is impressive and it encompasses the widest possible range of subjects from history to architecture, geography to literature, and archaeology to ecology.

Glasgow\'s Other River: Exploring the Kelvin

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Rushed home for some serious humping!

So yesterday I had to come home from work early as I was struck down with a migraine hence no fishing. Today it is warm (in the 20s) and when I got home my beloved new wife wanted some serious humping done. Yes I had to hump large plastic bags full of stones from the local garden centre to the car and then from the car to my back garden…..behold a couple of hundred quid and hours of back breaking labour and it looks exactly the same !

I was going to finish it off tomorrow but bugger it….I want, nae I deserve an evening session down the Kelvin. In fact I am looking out my window just now and it still looks nice, but I am jiggy jiggered from hauling rubble so it had to be tomorrow.

I think it might be time to break out the Bamboo rod 

2nd heat of the Scottish rivers championship

So I was controlling today for the Scottish rivers championship on the River Tummel. A controller is essentially someone that tags along with the angler making sure that they start and stop when required, are fishing with the correct hook size and measure all fish caught. I also got to carry the spare rod.
In most competitions fish are measured for length then returned alive to the water, scores are given by awarding points for everycentimeter of each fish’s length plus points for each fish caught. Scores are then tallied up and the highest scores transferred into a possible place in the final. The day was split up into four sessions. A blank in any one session can effectively kill off any chance of winning; two would almost certainly put an angler out of qualifying.
pressure mounts

I was controlling for David Chalmers who scraped through although to be fair the fishing was hard and a few people blanked so a mighty fair play to him. I am also a little bit fitter as my tiny legs had to work twice as hard to keep up with Davy dashing from place to place.
Has it made me want to fish a competition? To be honest maybe just the one but a lot of these guys do it quite a lot and I don’t think I could put up with the stress of thinking that losing a fish would also mean I had lost the competition. However, if there is anyone out there that fishes the fly on the Kelvin and wants to give it a bash next year and represent the club let me know 

Translate the blog

Looking through my stats I noticed I was getting a lot of visitors from pretty far a field. Because of this I have added a little translation thingy down on the right hand side. Hopefully it will be in your language.
If it doesn’t get used I will take it off.

Obviously it will not translate my gibberish into sense!

Do you ever get days like this?

I want to know how on Monday I managed to blank in such spectacular style. Not on the Kelvin this time but at my other special little place.
Last week I at least hooked trout albeit they managed to get away, I had deceived the trout into taking my fly. That was satisfying, even though they skedaddled. On Monday I did not even connect with a trout. There was a few trout rising, both Emmanuel and Alex managed to hook trout, in fact they both caught nice trout. It was Alex’s first time here and it takes some getting used to- he managed just fine (maybe he stole my mojo?)

In my defence it was hard fishing and I was using a new rod that I was casting for the first time, but still I couldn’t help but feel I was not concentrating or something. My patience was wearing thin, I could blame my new rod but I felt the pressure was on to catch a trout. The more I worried about blanking the more likely it was going to happen- like a self fulfilling prophecy.

Do you ever get days like that? People around you are catching fish? Every fish you cast to stops rising or your fly is immediately affected by drag (or micro drag for that matter). You change flies but it still doesn’t work? I even changed to one of Emmanuel’s deer hair emergers- a fly that he was catching all his trout on- as soon as it was on my tippet it was shunned by all trout- they even stopped rising when it drifted over them
Of course what I should have done was stop thinking about catching fish and go and watch the other guys fishing- learn something new. Take a breather, a cigar, sit down have a drink of water and just think how nice it is to be sitting in the open instead of cooped up in some bar somewhere drinking pint after pint after pint and talking about women and football.
shunned me here
Lesson learned- do you ever get days like that?

Interesting weekend

So what a weekend!
Saturday I went to the other river that I sometimes fish, the same place that I went last eek with Mike and it happened again. What happened again? Well I lost another big trout, however this trout was by far the biggest trout I have ever hooked. It was across the other side of the river and by some rather nice casting on my part (an ordinary cast in anyone else’s book) I managed to tempt the trout with a parachute olive.
The trout was on for a few minutes and then managed to straighten my kamasan B100 hook. I have heard of these straightening in the past but I thought the Nickel ones were supposed to be a little stronger. Emmanuelle managed to lose a trout later and we left without landing a single fish even though we had risen and played trout.

On Sunday I was up early shovelling large amounts of stones out my garden, desperately trying to get it done for 1pm as I knew the Kelvin would be back in action. I met another couple of Kelvin fishers, Charlie and Alex. Charlie is supposed to be a bit of a novice when it comes to rivers but still managed to catch a couple of nice trout. I managed around 4 around the ¼ mark and Alex managed to blank somehow.
I found a nice little pool with rising fish so sent Alex in as he had not caught any- we were going to give him marks out of ten. Seeing as how he did not catch the fish but did not fall in I think we awarded him 3.
The Vet school was very busy with anglers, I think at the weekends I will be seeking quieter waters on the river.

As we were getting packed up- I noticed Alex was putting all his gear into plastic bags. Hey– I asked- why did you not just wear your gear on the bus? He gave some excuse about not being as cool as me but secretly we both know that I look not just cool but sexy as well. Anyway, I got him to half promise to wear his chest waders on Glasgow Underground. Now that will be a photo for the blog 

Coarse fish on the Fly

I have had a devasting weekend with big fish lost. I have been telling all and sundry that will listen.
Be prepared for a mammoth groaning session wher I tell you blow by blow how I lost the biggest trout on the dry fly……with the bent kamasan B100 to prove it !

Meanwhile- here is an interseting book that I forgot to put on my wishlist (my birthday is on the 25th). Funny that- I was having a conversation with soemone today about catching roach and carp on the fly in the canal.

Check it out…

The Adaptable Fly Fisher: Wild Trout and Coarse Fish on Fly

How accurate are the weather forecasts?

I am planning to go fishing on Saturday. My pal Emmanuelle stated that the weather was going to be crap according to the BBC and that we should maybe think about fishing somewhere a little closer to home. This made me scout around for other weather forecasts and I am surprised at how different they all are. Here is a selection

BBC Weather
Weather Underground

Look at the five day forecasts- unless they have changed (which I doubt) they are all completely different. This made me think that they are all talking crap. It turns out that I am not the only one as I found this highly informative link.

How accurate are the weather forecasts?

Essentially the BBC are only accurate 40% of the time. Good gried I could predict the Weather better than that.Yes, when asked I would say- it will be variable.

Warming up a little- trout rising

So today was not bad, a couple of nice trout for my efforts. The Kelvin was at a good height and the colour was fine. I got to the river at around 1230 when it was still a little cool. It started to heat up at around 2pm and this sparked a pretty big hatch of Large Dark Olives. The two trout I caught were nice little Kelvin trout, none of this stocked rainbow palaver that people seem keen on these days. I had a big chat about it to a guy called Chris who fishes down the Vet School quite a lot.
As I have mentioned before Chris fishes bait, uses a little float and trots the worms or docken grubs down pools- he always practices catch and release. Its skills like that that people just don’t seem to have that fish rivers after fishing fisheries. It’s got to be 2lb trout and if it’s smaller it’s a tiddler.
Give me a couple this size instead of a 2lb stocked rainbow any day.
Anyway, I then managed to spook a fair few trout so moved to smaller little F flies in this slow deep section
I then managed to prick the remaining rising fish so had a wander about and then went home. My beloved wife had decided to go to the cinema so we went to see “An American Haunting” which was disappointing as there was absolutely no fishing in it. It was not as disappointing as “Brokeback Mountain” which was sold to me as being about “two guys going fishing”. Believe you me, those guys go fishing but there is little fish caught.

Lots of flies- however trout not looking up yet !

So, on Saturday I and Mike headed down to another river that we fish. It was a strange day all round. There were large amounts of Large Dark Olives on the water but very few trout were actually rising. In fact if the truth be told I only saw a few trout rising the whole day. One of them I caught and another that sadly got away. I was wrapped up nice and warm with my polar buff and my giant Willy Wonka Polaroid’s.

Here is a picture of me although the top half of my body has been cut off. This is because I am far too sexy in my fishing gear and I do like a bit of piece and quiet when I fish…
Not being one to go on about the one that got away but it was by far my largest wild brown trout from this river I have ever had. It was rising just beyond a rock. I floated my Klinkhammer over it but it was ignored. I then heard Emmanuelle’s voice in my head “try something smaller” (which is his answer to just about all problems with fish, to be fair he does catch approx 10 times the amount I do so it is good advice) so putting on a little F fly I cast and it was taken the first drift. The trout managed to get below me, after bumping into my legs on the way and then into some choppy water where it then did a runner. Ahh, well at least I actually seen it.
Later we moved to nymphs as the trout were being particularly dour.
I had one little pull but Mike got this beauty of a trout (not as sexy and therefore with part of his head showing)

The river was a good bit higher creating many little pools and pockets water bits that are usually not there- here is me creeping up on what we thought was a rising fish- it was in fact just Large Dark Olives coming the the surface and hatching

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