U-Boat Worx C-Quester

So you get to your local loch, you are thinking to yourself “I wish I could get in that water to see what kind of real features there are that I can fish to” (knowing that features are notorious trout holding areas) but of course the water is too choppy or you have left your manly Speedos at home so you are left using guesswork and heaven forbid a bit of watercraft.

Ha- suddenly you remember you have your trusty U-Boat Worx C-Quester handy!! (I am not an affiliate)

The C-Quester is based on the idea of and ‘underwater boat’. This means the craft is easily launched and operated in all waters, regardless of depth, and a support vessel is not required.

U boat

Yes, you are looking at a U Boat – fantastic. I was toying with the idea of getting one of those float tubes but this baby takes it to an all new level. All it needs is some torpedoes and I could take out some Jet Skis on Loch Lomond.


  1. James · February 10, 2007

    If we all chip in and buy one, the next James Bond movie could be filmed on the Kelvin…

  2. Alistair · February 10, 2007

    Count me in for £20 🙂


  3. Tom Chandler · February 10, 2007

    I love the torpedo idea.

    Jet ski extermination could easily become my second favorite pasttime (uh, sorry – third favorite).

    Anyone know the bag limit on noisy, intrusive, moronic jet skis?

  4. Alex · February 10, 2007


    A fitting follow-up to your ‘Kelvinator’ theme. Although I have to say the picture looks more like a gravy boat than a u-boat.


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