Tying Flees

So when do you have enough flies ?

I have been trying to tie up a plenty of olives for the start of the season. Usually at this time you find the trout are not that picky and are willing to take fairly big olives. This is quite good if you are a clumsy fly tier and can only tie up large flies.

I like to use yellow thread as most of the olives around this way seem to have a yellow sheen to them.My fly box is filling up fast. I have a good selection of CDC and Elks, Klinhammers, lots of dry olives and a few nymphs.
olive comparaun

I will keep this box for newly tied flies and then transfer them over to a more portable box for streamside use. I am thinking of taking advantage of the exchange rate in New York and pick myself up a bargain.

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  1. Jim Burns · February 14, 2007

    Also tying flys for this season but your making me jealous with your trip to New York. Sister-in-law lives in Point Pleasant beach NY and when we visit we often go to New York for a couple of days. Last trip we were down at Battery Park when we saw young man fishing. Just then his line tighten , ah whats he caught then. Up comes the line and somebody says ” SHARK ” and so it was ,mind you it was only about 18 “t0 24” long but it caused quit a bit of excitement and lots of photos taken. Next trip will have to check out Urban Anglers place when wife is shopping. Lively city and freindly people. Hope you both enjoy your trip States side.

  2. Alistair · February 14, 2007

    Next time you go you should check out some of that great fishing over in New York state. IT is possible to get the train to a trout river, or so I was told.
    Not long till the season starts Jim 🙂

  3. George · February 14, 2007

    Hiya :o) Yea me too, I’ll have to get a number of damsels, boobies and lures done. I will have to get into the wets and dries .. I’ve been watching the ” Fishing School” series in ITV1 and have been inspired to try the ” daddies” .. program makes it look easy :o)
    Laters Alistair .. :o)

  4. Alistair · February 14, 2007

    Funny that- Daddies are the one fly that I have never had much success with 🙁

  5. George · February 14, 2007

    Hi .. Mr New York ! :o)
    Got to be honest here, I’ve never actually fished the ” daddy” From watching ” fishing school” in gave me the notion to try .. as I understand, its more a late summer to September fly .. going to give it a go .. flies of choice will be the usual earlies .. well it is almost the start of season … no point in giving the fish a fright !

    Laters .. George :o)

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