Kelvin AGM – tonight !!

Yes, ladies and gentleman – it is the event you have all been waiting for – it is the annual funtastic, arguemastic AGM of the River Kelvin Angling Association. It shall be featuring the usual mix of loveable miscreants from Glasgow’s underworld of fishing – full of opinions and ideas for the coming year or then again maybe even an awkward silence will ensue as everyone is only there for the raffle.

#sigh# good times good times.


  1. Charlie dunn · January 23, 2007

    Alistair-wont be at the meeting tonight,as it’s the wifes birthday.Look forward to meeting you at some other time in the future-and could you tell your mate Alan i will try to get hold of him when the season starts,and will definitely give the top stretches a try with him come may/july to hopefully encounter the sea trout-cheers,tight lines in coming season-charlie.

  2. Alistair · January 23, 2007

    Hi Charlie,

    I dont see what the problem is ? What women would not be overjoyed to spend a few hours in a room full of……what I can only describe as fine specimens of manhood.

    Frankly, I would think she was being ungratefull if she refused 😉

    Enjoy your night no matter what penance you have to pay for your fishing !

    Alistair S

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