Vice Chairman Perks!

I was thinking the other day about all the perks of being the Vice Chair of the River Kelvin Angling Association – I mean it is a big club with nearly 1000 members, we have a healthy bank balance, we have good trout fishing and great runs of Salmon. You would think there would be some perks to that little number eh? Anyway the more I thought about it I came to the conclusion there are none. Well, I suppose the only perk is that I can get away with doing next to bugger all – I am a back up guy to both the secretary and chairman (some people say I am a shady bastard who refuses to take responsibility for any decisions that are made however I just blank that stuff out)

The reason all this came to my mind is because I got a chance to watch Paul and Alan fish for the Salmon in the last week of the season – they were also fishing the new area that has been opened up for the Kelvin anglers – we promised we would do it and over the last couple of weeks there has been some serious chainsaw action taking place on various parts of the river – I was not fishing as I had a baby strapped to my chest..

Baby strapped to chest prohibits urban fishing...

For those that do not fish the Kelvin that still enjoy this blog, a lot of the river is unfishable due to access problems as well as trees that criss cross the river making casting impossible. We promised to open up more fishing – we had to wait until now because of nesting birds – the areas will really come into their own next season (hopefully the bushes will not grow back by then although we have a plan to combat those buggers as well)

Anyway, the access is still a nightmare …

Looking hopeful!

And you have got to traverse brick cliffs that are like cliffs – fall off that bad boy and you are dead!

Just a wee step to the left.....aaaaaaaaAAAAAGRH SPLASH!

Anyway – to cut a long story short they caught bugger all and it looks like only real men can actually fish the area..

Only real men fish in among the rubble...

On my walk along the river I also came across other areas that look as if they should fish well for trout..

Good Area?

Anyway, it is proper Autumn now (as you can tell from the pictures) and already I am thinking I should have done a lot more trout fishing than I actually did. At some point over the coming weeks I will provide an overview/summary of the season however at the moment I just cannot be assessed #smile#

Over the winter I intend to get out and about and do a spot of Stargazing if anyone is up for it – I am using a pair of 10×50 binoculars and may well be receiving a pair of 15×70 stargazing binos over the next few days. Over the last few days I have been gazing at Jupiter and its moons from my living room window – if that is what I can see with a street lamp outside my window what do you think we would see out Mugdock way – if anyone fancies joining me for a couple of hours to try and spot Andromeda give me a shout via email or in the comments.

Weekly water photo 42 of 52


Is it 42? 

I have no idea!

Anyway, I was down at Kelvingrove park and was struck by a couple of things one of which was my boys foot in my face and the other was how Autumn everything was looking including the river – it was big by the way!

It has that weird winter look about it that just makes it non inviting instead of fishy..

Bags of Shite!

Can I just point out that I do not mind dogs that much – I mean over the years I have been attacked by Rottweilers and have had to put up with my fair share of splashing dogs in my time however I do not hold anything against them (especially my crotch and on one memorable occasion my sons face).

Where were all the fishers?

However I was out for a walk along the Kelvin the other day and could not believe the amount of plastic bags full of shite that were discarded in the bushes next to the river.Dog owners picking up dog poo is a good thing – I cannot count the amount of times I have had to scrape the stuff off my shoe or even when climbing down the banks the stuff has got on my hands or something so when the new legislation came into force fining folk for not bagging and binning the stuff I was pretty happy. Problem is bagging the stuff does not seem to be a problem with some folk, taking it home and binning it is.

Bag o' shite

It appears what folk have now got into the habit of doing is taking there wee bag of shite and hanging it places out of reach of kids eyes (it makes them blind) – how thoughtful. It is obviously not just the odd person doing this as at one point on my wander I came across a mega shite bag..

Now that is what I call a bag of shite!

This was a bag which was filled with wee bags of shite – obviously this bag looks official enough that folk decided that it would be picked up by someone official – sadly I do not think Glasgow City Council employs an official shite bag picker upper.

Or do they?

I can feel a freedom of information request coming on!


I warned you all – remember that!

When the shit hits the fan and they start to take over the world like the monkeys in “Planet of the Apes” I want you to remember a guy that used to hate walking through a field of the buggers by himself – who will be laughing then eh?

Arm yourselves now brothers – and I do not mean with burger buns!

Weekly Water Photo has totally went fubar!

I owe you like 6 pictures – next year I am going to do a weekly wanker photo as I seem to run in to them more than I do water.

I am going to totally cheat and use pics from over the years I have taken and then not attached to any posts..







39 (this is North Country Angler from the rear)



This week - week 41

Kelvinography – The Kelvin-Helmholtz Wave Cloud

The Kelvin-Helmholtz wave cloud looks like crashing ocean waves. These beautiful clouds are named after German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz and British physicist Lord Kelvin, because they form when two different layers of air are moving past each other at different speeds. The above layer is faster. Some parts of the boundary – a shearing layer – move down, and others move up.

Read more:


Interestingly there has not been the usual crowd of guys fishing the Kelvin this year for Salmon and the word on the street is the fishing for Salmon on the Kelvin has been = “total shite this year” (according to the chap in Dumbarton who owns the food shop and served me my roll n’ bacon with potato scone doubler)

You need a big net!

Personally I have not noticed that much of a difference – every time I have been at the river I have seen fish and guys I meet are catching Salmon, again I met a guy who bought his permit on the Saturday drove to the river and caught a Salmon on the “Snakes” (not set lining I must add, rather trotting his worms). My pal Atkins has had his usual amount and Paul Reid lost a 20lb fish up at Torrance. I am happy at the rumours of no fish as it means there is more space for the guys that do manage to get out. Sadly I met one guy who was chucking the trout he had caught “accidentally” back into the river – not returning but chucking – he had also killed a couple of trout one for his dog and one for his cat at home. And you wonder why paid bailiffs do not get voted through at the AGM eh?

Fishing the Rapala - Paul Reid

I suppose we will know when the catch returns come in – speaking of catch returns I was interested to read that the Mid Clyde Angling Association have admitted in the Scotsman they knowingly lie to the Crown Estates each year to keep their rent down – that was kinda brave I thought!

Anyway, I am currently trying to find some time to fit some fishing in between baby duties – wish me luck!


Last Days….

The Summer is now into its old age and heading towards its grave – the leaves are falling off the trees and I had been hoping to have one final cast before the winter (and close season hit) – I also had a plan to clean the grime from my Salmon fishing exploits off my waders..

I have no idea - liquid evil possibly?

 When I gazed at my chosen stream from a bridge it looked perfect – problem is I have never fished this part so was not sure what it should actually look like. It looks nice though – pools, riffles,runs etc.

Good from a distance…

Problem was when I drove up the river for this stolen hour I was to find the fishing not quite impossible but certainly not enjoyable..

Running Brown...

It was also raining and blowy – I decided that I would rather chill and watch the birds for a bit instead of frantically getting myself set up. The good news for next year is that I have found another couple of trout streams (small uns’) that I intend to have a bash on next year.

Over the next week or so I will start to dissect the season and we can have a chat about it – for now I am going to start getting my fly tying gear out and start planning!



In Birmingham!


Out for a walk – wish I had my pike gear!

Consumer Lust…

I love gadgets and new “stuff” that I can use to get shit done. There are a few other things I am interested in apart from fishing and a few things I would like to get more interested in which I just do not seem to have time for.

Now that the leaves are well and truly being blown off the trees and the nights are fair drawing in I start to look up at the stars and want to get a bit closer to those bad boys.

(pics are Amazon links)

Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars 15x70

These bad boys are Celestron SkyMaster Binoculars 15×70 and should allow me to get up and personal with some of those planets that I seek out. Of course I also quite fancy a telescope however seemingly a good quality pair of binos are good for starters seemingly.

Talking of telescopes…

Celestron Astromaster 114EQ

This bad boy should have me gazing at the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn in no time – I also quite fancy joining Glasgow’s Astronomical Society.

Closer to the planet earth you may have noticed my photos vary in quality – I too have noticed this and therefore I have eyes on new cameras.

Canon PowerShot SX130

Seemingly it takes good photos and is a pretty good price too. Unlike the waterproof camera I covet..

Panasonic Lumix FT3 Waterproof and Shockproof Digital Camera - Blue (12.1MP, 4.6x Optical Zoom with GPS)

Also for those winter nights I quite fancy getting one of those fancy Kindle things..

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Saying that, I also hear that Amazon is releasing a tablet – I quite fancy that as well. Of course there is a lot more gadgets etc I fancy and I keep em’ all on my Amazon Wishlist.

Like I say – I am filled with consumer lust!


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