Need an idea for a gift?

Guys,  I will make this a quick one. Does anyone ever ask you what you would like as a gift at Christmas and you have absolutely no idea what to tell them?

Can I just recommend the most useful wee tool known to man over at Craigdon Mountain Sports, it is the Gerber Butterfly Suspension Tool and is the handiest gadget I own.

Needlnose pliers, Wire cutter, Fine edge knife, Serrated edge knife, Saw, Scissors, Crosspoint screwdriver, Small and medium flatblade screwdrivers, Can opener, Bottle opener and lanyard hole. Yes, keep this bad boy in a handy drawer and you will not need to go hunting for a screwdriver when you need one.





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  1. Jim bennett.. · December 6, 2012

    Wow,how many anoraks did you say you had Alistair??

  2. Alistair · December 6, 2012

    Ha, you will be taking that back on xmas day when you are unable to insert new batteries in your dooda as you cannot unscrew the cover !