And Now For Some Great Scottish Muzic!

Ok – I am away on holidays for a bit – hopefully catching Bass, Mackeral and Sea Trout off the Cornish Coast or quite possibly catching Carp, Roach and Tench in a stocked pond.

So, no posts for a bit however I thought I would push you to buy some Scottish […]

Dean the Diving Decorator

Thanks to Stuart B in the forum for finding this little gem from the BBC I Player

Wildlife documentary. Dean is a painter and decorator by trade, but he dreams of being a wildlife cameraman. He’s spent the past few years filming in a freezing flooded quarry in Leicester. Although he’s an amateur, Dean’s footage […]

Picky Pike!

Two sessions of Pike fishing since we last spoke – both strange for different reasons – both occasions I have been using my Loop Pike Booster with a floating 9WF line, 3 foot 30lb leader and a bizarre EP fibre monstrosity.

The First Session (overcast, warm – lasted 3 hours)

Scanning with Polaroids


Cookshill Interview

Steve Cooper of Cookshill Fly Tying is “the man” when it comes to natural fly tying materials – I once telephoned him about getting some cdc, he picked up the telephone (a mobile) and said “wait a moment” BANG BANG “I am just out shooting some ducks just now”

Quality […]

A Contemplative Man

So Sunday evening I had a big family meal – full of fajitas I decided I wanted to go and catch some fish – problem was I could not be bothered getting my shit together to catch some trout – I stringed up my Loop Pike Booster and “ahem” boosted a few hundred yards from […]

The last time I fished…

Bemused at lack of trout action…

Sea Lamprey’s in the Kelvin (Sex Show)

I was given this lovely video of Sea Lamprey’s in the Kelvin last night by Charlie Dunn – he braved the “Heebie Jeebies” to follow them and film them having sex on his mobile phone.

More info on Sea Lampreys can be found here.

This has got to be a good sign for the […]

What could have been!

Thursday – hot – roasting hot – Glasgow was boiling – overcast and oppressive – Kelvin has no water so we headed to the big sister/brother The Clyde in search of some kind of evening rise – it was even hotter out that way with the added problem of there being no clouds – we […]