A letter in my inbox!

Well, it is nice that people are taking the time to use my little contact form. I had this little mail in my drawer (among others) when I arrived home from work today.

peter wrote: Tried to post this on your guestbook but unable to.Just a word of warning to anglers fishing the Glasgow […]

A Cracking Hour and a Half Fly Fishing!!

So I had a very short session today down at one of the tributaries. I had to wait in for a phone call about a job so did not have much time. It was cold, so cold that I could see my breath. After I had caught my first trout…. …..my hands were pretty cold […]

Poachers nabbed!!

So there was a crowd of poachers at the Junction pool of the Allander and the Kelvin. They were using nets seemingly to catch fish. A joint effort between two police forces nabbed them after a nearby resident raised the alarm when one of them attacked a young boy and beat him up.

Its […]

Contact me!!

I have added a little “contact me” widget in the pages section on the right hand side. Feel free to drop me a line if you have not already and we can talk fish!

Cash up for grabs!

There was a post on a forum I frequent from an organisation called Anglers Voice. There are giving away money::

Dear All,

If I asked you to nominate a deserving cause for a £50 cheque/voucher, who would you nominate?.

Are you personally organising clean-ups on a river? Are you donating time to help our […]

Dead Salmon on the Kelvin- an explanation?

So it appears that the dead salmon on the Kelvin was not just the result of the heat. There has been two fish deaths, the heat and a disease. At the moment there are large amounts of dead Salmon in the Clyde and no one really knows what to do about them. The thinking is […]


Dharma over at The Dharma Blog is just back from a road trip where he doubled the rivers he has fished and caught his first cutthroat!

eBay.co.uk: !!!!!!!!!STONEFLY FISH BAG, RIVER FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (item 7179744682 end time 09-Sep-05 19:13:56 BST)

eBay.co.uk: !!!!!!!!!STONEFLY FISH BAG, RIVER FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (item 7179744682 end time 09-Sep-05 19:13:56 BST)

I suppose it could be used for storing your potatos as well 😉

An Eight Legged FREAK!!

Aplogies to people who live places where the spiders actually try and kill you, unlike ours that sit about and make webs and eat flies but today I found three of these pretty impressive spiders in my house. Last night I caught one, in glass, took it out to my back garden and let it […]

Carbon Shortage…a follow up!!

A while ago I posted about david norwich who had to increase th ecost of his rods due to a shortage of carbon fibre.

Well as an update he now has a further messege on his website


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