A Cracking Hour and a Half Fly Fishing!!

So I had a very short session today down at one of the tributaries. I had to wait in for a phone call about a job so did not have much time. It was cold, so cold that I could see my breath. After I had caught my first trout….
…..my hands were pretty cold as well. And there was rain too, showery rain……cold rain. But hey, I had a good time anyway…
I was using my usual olive parachute which has been pretty much my fly of the season, if I had got there earlier today and stayed later I would have caught a lot more as there was plenty of trout rising. I also caught my largest brownie from this little stream…..here it is next to my little Tea Stick Bamboo Rod
The photee really doesnt do it justic really, I was farting about trying to make sure you could tell the size of it. All the fish I caught this afternoon did some pretty amazing acrobatics, jumping and diving and generally giving a good account of them.
There was a rather nice rainbow as well in the distance…